One Man Army Chapter 37. The First Visitor (2)

The Fusion Card, Dark Flame Dragon was like a double-edged blade.
However, Sanghyuk had to walk on a tightrope to defeat the Sky Giant.
No matter how expensive ogre’s blood and orc berserker’s heart were; even though he might be instantly killed by just the brush of a punch while ‘Dark Flame Dragon’s Berserk’ was active, he had to take that risk.
One misstep would result in his death.
However, if he could do this mission, the rewards waiting for him was beyond his imagination.


The Sky Giant used Thunderous Roar continuously in an attempt to survive. However, Sanghyuk knew that this was its last struggle, so he pushed himself even further.
*Fwoooosh! Clack!*
Sanghyuk wrapped the Sky Giant’s neck with the Ten Millennia Goldbone Whip. Since the neck was so thick, it was quite hard to wrap the whip around, but this was the decisive moment, so he had to make it succeed.
‘Let’s end it here!’
There wasn’t even one minute left until the Sky Giant’s Wrath would activate. Instead, the number of veins on its forehead was also 10. This meant that it really didn’t have much HP remaining.
If the Sky Giant endured Sanghyuk’s final attack, then the enraged Sky Giant would instantly crush Sanghyuk and if it couldn’t then Sanghyuk would succeed the raid in his 14th try.
*Crunch, pi~ing! Pa-pah!*
Sanghyuk pulled on the whip hard and jumped high using the rebound.
The Sky Giant kept using Thunderous Roar towards the surroundings. Thunderous Roar was an attack that caused a strong shockwave using sound so he may become tattered if he was caught up in it.
So, Sanghyuk moved to the safest place from the shockwave. It was on top of the Sky Giant’s head.
The vast subterranean clearing shook as though it would collapse soon. Of course, no matter how violent the Sky Giant acted, the clearing wouldn’t actually collapse, but in any case, the last struggle from the Sky Giant was very strong.
However, that strong shockwave would only go downwards from the Sky Giant. Since Sanghyuk was already on the top of its head, he could completely escape the range of the roar.
‘I need to finish it here!’
*Flash, pzzzzzzzzt! Bbbbooooomo!*
Sanghyuk threw the last Spear of Zeus card to the giant’s head.
The Spear of Zeus struck directly between its eyes and exploded, and at that moment the Sky Giant’s head was snapped backward, and its body swayed. However, just this wasn’t enough.
And Sanghyuk knew that very well.
‘This is the final strike!’
*Griiiip, crrrrunch!*
In midair, Sanghyuk had pulled on the Ten Millennia Goldbone whip on his right hand at the same time he threw the Spear of Zeus to pull himself forward.
And he unsheathed the Traveler’s Treasure Sword!
Sanghyuk extended the Traveler’s Treasure Sword forward and flew towards the head of the Sky Giant like an arrow.
*Fwoooosh! Crrrrrunch!*
The Traveler’s Treasure Sword struck directly between the eyes of the Sky Giant. The weakened sky Giant couldn’t block the Traveler’s Treasure Sword, and the sword eventually pierced through its skull and deep into its head.
It was a full-power sword strike from Sanghyuk who had the ‘strength of the knight’, so the power behind it was actually much stronger than what it seemed like.
When the Traveler’s Treasure Sword actually pierced its head, the Sky Giant roared out loudly, and its body shook.
Then, it slowly collapsed forward.
“Wow, holy sh*t……I’ve done it! I’ve actually done it!”
The moment the Sky Giant fell, the first words he spoke was a swear word. He had thrown his precious karma away for the last few days and failed 13 entire times.
Honestly, if he failed a few more times, he may risk a level down.
In such a situation, he succeeded in the raid just about 15 seconds before the Sky Giant entered its wrath stage, so it was hard for him to hold back his joy.

You have defeated the special named monster ‘Sky Giant’.
You have hunted the first named giant monster and achieved something that no other Dimensional Traveler has yet to do. This will become your achievement and be remembered for eternity.
You have acquired the unique-grade title [First Giant Hunter].
As you have defeated the first Sky Giant, the first kill bonus will be applied, and you have acquired all 41 types of items that could be gotten from the Sky Giant.
Congratulations, the gathered karma has broken through the limit, and you have leveled up.

Sanghyuk was notified of the successful raid from the system as well.
And since he monopolized the large quantity of karma which would normally be shared among 7 people, his karma filled back up again, and his level became 46.

You have defeated the Sky Giant and have opened a gate to a new world! Enter the fissure that appeared behind the Sky Giant!

The shock from the Sky Giant’s fall created a fissure in the subterranean clearing, and it was the exit to the Land of Dusk and a gateway to a new world.
Sanghyuk quickly swept all the loot on the floor and jumped into the fissure.
Inside the fissure, a stream was flowing and Sanghyuk moved along the twists of the pathway as if riding a waterslide.
This, also known as the ‘waterslide to the mainland’, was quite fun.
When he slid down for around a minute, he was ejected off a cliff and could escape the Land of Dusk. The cliff wasn’t that high, and there was a lake below, so there was no danger.
Just as he was about to feel joyous about entering the new world…… a system message appeared in front of Sanghyuk’s eyes.

Congratulations. You are the first Dimensional Traveler to visit the new continent. This record will remain in the world for eternity.
You have acquired the legendary-grade title ‘The First Visitor’.

“Whoa! L, legendary! *Cough*!”
Although he did expect something, never did he imagine that it was a legendary-grade title and was surprised into coughing. He drank some water.
He exited the water quickly and checked on the legendary-grade title first.

Title – ‘The First Visitor’
Grade – Legendary
Description – You are the first Dimensional Traveler to visit the new continent. The first is always special.
Effects – [Prefix: Critical hit rate increases by 25% and critical damage increases by 40% when fighting in the new continents(Hellfire Desert, Heroic Lands, Solar Continent.)] [Suffix: the amount of karma acquired in the new continents increase by 20%.] [Constant effect: 〉No.1(S) : All stats increase by 10%.〈, 〉Run at the speed of light!(A) : Movement speed increases by 20%.〈]

“So OP.”
The moment he checked the effects of the title, he subconsciously shouted out OP. If this wasn’t overpowered, what was?
Sanghyuk had the chance to see one legendary-grade title in detail in his previous life, but this looked several times than that one.
‘Who got this title in my previous life? Well, if it’s this good, then it’s no wonder that it wasn’t revealed.’
Normally, the greater the treasure, the greater the extent of hiding it in secrecy.
There wasn’t anything bad. Just the constant effect superseded most other legendary-grade titles, and the prefix and suffix effect were all optimized for battle.
Since he was here, Sanghyuk also checked the ‘First Giant Hunter’ title.

Title – ‘First Giant Hunter’
Grade – Unique
Description – You have defeated the first named giant monster and proved your might to the world.
Effects – [Prefix: Attack power increases against named monsters] [Suffix: Critical hit rate increases against named monsters] [Constant effect: >Is the air up there different?(A) : Halve the effect of ‘Giant’s Endurance’ against giant-type monsters.<]

‘This isn’t half-bad.’
The First Giant Hunter title had decent options. It didn’t look like much since The First Visitor title was much better, but this was considerably good as well, strictly speaking.
‘But what I want is something else.’
Having checked the two titles, Sanghyuk put his hand in the spatial expansion bag with a very expectant expression.
What he took out was a large crystal that emitted a red glow.
‘Giant Blood! This will become the core of my one man army project.’
Sanghyuk smiled and checked the information on Giant Blood once again.

Sanguine Knowledge ‘Giant Blood’ [Unused]
: You may succeed the strong power contained in the blood of giants. You can become a little giant, transcending the limits of humans through the blood of giants.
Effects : Giant’s Endurance(S)[All damage received decreases by 30%, and 15% of the decreased damage recovers as HP.], Giant’s Strength(A)[Strength increase by 20%.], Giant’s Health(A)[Maximum HP increases by 20%.], Giant’s Resistance(A)[Resistance to all attributes increases by 10%.]
Bloodline skill : Enlarge!(S)[Momentarily increase body size by 2 times and strength increases by 100%. It will be maintained for 2 minutes, and the effect of all recovery skills will halve in the enlarged state. Cooldown time : 20 minutes]
Bonus effect : All stats increase by 3 against opponents even the slightest larger than yourself.

“This is it!”
Sanghyuk gripped his fist and nodded his head.
This was the Sanguine Knowledge he wanted.
Sanguine Knowledge was very rare, but there were at least 100 types.
And Giant Blood was one of the top three among those 100.
‘I think this is the single best one, but other people’s opinions do vary after all…….’
Sanghyuk personally thought that Giant Blood was the single best Sanguine Knowledge.
Some called the Dragon Blood, Demon Blood or Phoenix Blood the best, but in Sanghyuk’s view, Giant Blood had many better aspects about it.
The Dragon Blood was almost par, but in Sanghyuk’s drawing, Giant Blood suited him much better than Dragon Blood.
‘And honestly, even I would take a long time to get a Dragon Blood…… Meanwhile, Giant Blood is almost guaranteed to me thanks to the Sky Giant.’
Sanghyuk judged that the Sanguine Knowledge he had to choose was Giant Blood after considering many elements.
While Dragon Blood might be better in terms of offensive power, but the Dragon Blood couldn’t match Giant Blood thanks to the insane passive ability ‘Giant’s Endurance’ in terms of defense.

Your preparations to succeed the Giant Blood was finished.
You may acquire immense strength of the giants through Giant Blood.
Will you absorb the Sanguine knowledge ‘Giant Blood’ into your fourth Soul Hole? Please decide within 5 minutes.

The system message appeared before Sanghyuk’s expectant eyes.
And naturally, his choice was……
A ‘YES’.

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