One Man Army Chapter 41. Start of Streaming (2)


[A freak appeared on Pu TV!]
[@everyone, stop doing what you’re doing now. A user started soloing the Cave of Giants on Pu TV.]
[BJ Gale! Go watch, nau!]
[I’m watching right now, and I’m f*cking speechless. The main room is full with 1,000, people and there are commentary rooms being created so go watch.]
[Is this really the same Cave of Giants that we know of? Isn’t someone scamming us all?]
[Did someone hack EL? I don’t think you can explain this without hacks.]
[The thing Raonsoft cares the most about is the hack. Do you think it can be? If it’s a hack, then they will say something later.]
[Wow, he broke through the 2nd floor instantly too.]
[Huh? He stopped streaming on the 3rd floor.]
[What the hell? He just said that he’d start at the same time tomorrow and left.]
[So he’s keeping the mystery concept until the end without talking?]
[Wow, I really do wonder if he’s using a hack or not. If it’s not a hack……I wonder if this even makes sense.]
[I already reported this to Raonsoft.]
[I did too, lol. There were loads of people who reported. Anyway, it looks like we’ll get the results tomorrow.]

“Two hours a day…… Let’s start with two hours and increase it to four when the bus business is fully on.”
Having finished streaming, Sanghyuk muttered in a small voice while nodding.
The third floor could be considered a business secret, so it was right to not reveal it now, and the Sky Giant on the 4th floor wasn’t something even he could kill with his main weapon and 30% of his stats sealed.
‘Well, then. Should I start the business?’
Sanghyuk logged out of the game and went to InGamez. Then, he put up a post.

[BJ Gale is starting bus service to the 4th floor of the Giant’s Cave. I’ll accept 6 per day, and those will be decided through auction. The starting price is 10,000 gold. You don’t need to do anything and just watch from the back. The estimated time is around 2 hours with leeway. Your privacy will be protected and…… (omitted)]

What Sanghyuk wrote was the start of the marking bus business. Although not now, other users would start it soon…… Sanghyuk was planning to earn a lot of money by starting it first.
The basic price Sanghyuk had put up was very high, but that wasn’t the fixed price, but an auction price that put users up in a competition, so the price would definitely climb.
The users who were currently on the 4th floor of the Cave of Giants were commonly known as the top rankers. However, Sanghyuk had just said that he would take complete newbies there with money, so the users with a lot of money but no skills could only be interested.
Also, the reason Sanghyuk started this marking bus business was not to just accept bus fees.
The more users crossed over to Hellfire Desert, the more his maps would sell.
Truly two birds with one stone.


“So it’s nothing like a hack?”
Seo Wontae asked again to confirm.
“Yes. We’ve gone through the gameplay many times, but there was no sign of any usage of hacking tools.”
“Then he actually soloed the Cave of Giants with pure skills?”
“Yes, that seems to be the case. Checking with Chaos, he is indeed the first user to clear the Cave of Giants and soloed it at the time as well. There were no problems reported during this process.”
“I know from the report, but I still can’t understand…… is such a thing possible?”
“Honestly…… we are very confused as well.”
“What did Chaos say?”
“It said that there is no reason to report since it’s within the range of normal gameplay. In fact, it even replied that it can’t tell us some things because of the DN Privacy Policy Laws when we tried asking some more about the user. It seems like there was no report since Chaos runs on the basic principle that it takes care of everything unless there is something especially strange.”
“Hmm, I can understand that because I made it like that, but…… I guess this is the weakness of the unlimited freedom system. It definitely is hard to find the right balance. And it’s not like I can change the settings of Chaos right now…….”
Chaos was the ‘God’ of the world of EL. As such, the operation team or the development team had to ask for Chaos for help if they wanted any kind of information.
Chaos took care of everything inside the game by itself and only reported very specific things to the operation team or the development team.
In Chaos’s view, solo clearing the Cave of Giants wasn’t something worthy of note and did not do anything about it.
“If you think about it, didn’t we not make any achievements about soloing named monsters because we thought that no one would be able to? I think Chaos is running on the same logic and is not differentiating team play and solo play.”
“This is an absurd error due to the appearance of a user completely beyond our imaginations. However, just because we add solo play achievements right now, it’s not like Chaos would understand the difference between team play and solo play…… I guess I can’t help it. In the future, the operation team will watch that user from the outside and report it to me.”
Seo Wontae came to a decision. Even though a groundbreaking user had appeared, changing the settings of Chaos just to observe that specific user may affect the stability of Chaos. That was something that Seo Wontae hated to do.
“Understood. Then I’ll proceed that way.”
The team leader of the operation team understood what he meant. He also considered the unlimited freedom system of Chaos very importantly and thought that this was the best option.


“BJ Gale, huh…… so there’s such a user.”
The guild master of the Redline guild, Red Sun, closed the internet window he was watching right now and muttered in a small voice.
“Not everything has been revealed, but I think his abilities are tremendous. I should take him in if it’s possible, right?”
Red Sun’s longtime friend and vice-master of the Redline guild, Tough, also nodded his head as he spoke.
“But the problem is that he’s a user we haven’t seen before. Normally, we should have seen him at least once if he’s one of the top-ranking users, but…… I feel like this guy just dropped outta nowhere.”
“I also find that strange.”
“Well, let’s look for him. If we do, we can try to recruit him…… but my intuition tells me that it won’t be easy.”
“Okay, I’ll try looking for him. Oh! By the way, what are you going to do about Rose Knights? They keep ignoring orders and act however they want…… are you just going to watch them?”
The Redline guild was the master guild of one of the five major guildlines in EL ‘Red’. And below them were Rose Knights.
It was true that the Redline guild was the master guild, but recently, Rose Knights had grown explosively and was slowly trying to escape their control.
“Hmm…… Oh yeah, did they really kill the Sky Giant Solo?”
“Looking at the time they uploaded the screenshots and videos of the Hellfire Desert, it seems very likely…….”
“But when I probed them last time, they didn’t seem to know anything about the first kill bonus, though.”
“Huh? Really?”
“Not only that, they didn’t seem to know what ‘first’ titles are.”
“Huh…… what the hell…….”
“Actually, as you know, the only ones that know about the first kill bonus and the first title are us and Terrícŭlum guild. The only named monsters that gave out those titles were Harkan from the sewer dungeon and Anathan from the ancient forest dungeon. So, I thought that those Rose Knights guys would have noticed the secret since they were the first ones to kill the Sky Giant. Honestly, they helped us out a lot when he defeated Harkan. But we gulped the first kill bonus in secret…… so I was worried that they might mention it in one way or the other once they found out, but there was nothing like that……. Actually, I even asked them about it but they didn’t react at all. It’s so strange.”
The secret about the first kill was something that Red Sun from Redline and Kun from Terrícŭlum had decided to keep a secret as long as possible. And that promise between the two was well kept until now.
“That’s really strange. Perhaps the first kill bonus doesn’t appear from the Sky Giant?”
“That doesn’t make sense. Even Harkan and Anathan has it but the Sky Giant doesn’t? No way.”
“That’s true. Then what the hell is happening?”
“Perhaps…… they might not be the first…….”
Red Sun stood up from his seat with a strange expression.
“Let the Rose Knights be for the time being. I think they’re going overboard since they conquered the Sky Giant four days earlier than us…… but we’ll show them why we’re the master guild.”
Just because two guilds were from the same line, the alliance couldn’t be maintained forever. Red Sun was someone who had maintained large-scale alliances in games prior to EL so he knew this very well.
However, he knew a few tricks to maintaining alliances for a long time.
Competition between guilds.
The more the information was revealed about the new continent, the fiercer the competition became.


[So? How much is the bus fee?]
[I don’t know exactly since BJ Gale didn’t reveal anything, but one of my friends didn’t make it even with 20,000 gold.]
[One of my friends didn’t make it with 25,000 gold.]
[Whoa, just how much did the ones that make it actually pay?]
[Like insane amounts. There are loads of people with a lot of money but no skills. Those probably all flocked there.]
[Ah, I wish he starts quickly. When’s the streaming?]
[According to him, every day from 7 in the evening till 9.]
[Uu, it’s so hard waiting.]
[Rather than that, I heard that Raonsoft confirmed that he’s no hack user, right? Where did that come from?]
[All answers to the reports from yesterday.]
[It’s not a hack and he still soloed it…… that’s a freak right there.]
[I heard he doesn’t belong to a guild either. It looks like all the top guilds are in an uproar trying to recruit this guy.]

Even though there was over an hour until 7 p.m., InGamez was being flooded with talks about BJ Gale.
However, BJ Gale himself, no, Sanghyuk, was gathering enhancement stones by hunting scorpions in the red scorpion zone in Hellfire Desert.
Sanghyuk started moving around 6:50.
‘It’s about time they’ve arrived at the entrance.’
Having checked the time, Sanghyuk immediately finished his hunt and recalled himself to the entrance of the Cave of Giants.
Along with a white light, Sanghyuk appeared and the six users waiting for him at the entrance greeted him with very nice expressions.
“I’ll collect the fee before the stream starts. And also, I’m planning to do a stream as I said before. Of course, all of you will be hidden through the privacy filter. You all just need to watch from the back, so there won’t be any leaks of personal information.”
Sanghyuk warned them once again and collected the bus fees.
The bus fees differed for all 6 people; the one who paid the most paid 44,000 gold while the one who paid the least paid 32,000 gold.
It was an insane price, but Sanghyuk collected those fees so naturally.
“I’ll create a party. Well, we don’t need each other’s names, so I’ll set identities and levels to secret.”
Sanghyuk created the party himself. Of course, the identities of the members of the party was set to secret. Since Sanghyuk was currently in ‘Gale’ appearance, it would be foolish of him to reveal his real username, Immortal.
Sanghyuk created a 7-man party with the 6 people in a moment and started streaming after warning them of a few more things.
7 p.m. When BJ Gale’s stream started, viewers started flooding in like a violent wave.
The main room became full in an instant and hundreds of commentary rooms were created. The number of commentary rooms was increasing even now.
And Sanghyuk started conquering the Cave of Giants without speaking at all, just like he did the day before.
Of course, he put his customers, or ‘passengers’, safely at the back and charged at the ogres alone.

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