One Man Army Chapter 64. First Broadcast (2)

[Is this for real? Did you really…… pass that place?]
“You don’t think I’ll be scamming on TV, do you? It is real. I just barely passed a few days ago.”
[Wow, that’s amazing! Just what kind of members does the One guild have? How many of you passed through together? The bit you pass through is cut into slides so there is too much information missing. If you show a little bit more, it will be awesome…….]
“Unfortunately, some of my guild members do not want their identities to be revealed so I cannot help it.”
[Haa… now I’m even more curious.]
“Well, the important part is the introduction of the Heroic Lands that comes after it. That video should be enough for it to be a hit.
[You’re right. Even if the other guilds are preparing for a strong blow with a livestream, they can’t win against the introduction of the Heroic Lands since it’s still shrouded in mystery.]
“Well, I’m planning to put the video on and even accept questions in real time so whatever the others do, people will flock my way.”
[That’s for sure. Even I would definitely watch. But do you really have to put on a mask? From what I see, your appearance is very decent and your body is very fit, so I think you’ll attract quite a lot of attention from the female audience if you just put on a little makeup……]
“Well, it’s a bit of a mystery concept and a bit of my hate of revealing my private life. Please understand.”
[Okay. We already talked about that so I won’t say anything more. But, you must fill the entire 3 hours okay? I had a hard time winning over this golden period.]
“Don’t worry about that. The first two hours will be split into part 1 and part 2 and for part one I will talk about the Path to Death still cuts and for part 2 I will introduce the Heroic Lands and receive questions live. For the final hour, I will just clear a dungeon in the Heroic Lands. That should be fine right?”
[Just hearing about it makes me want to watch. That’s good. I will also plan as best I can like you said. The broadcasting devices will be set in your room the day before just as you wished. But like I said last time, I think it will be better for you to get an office as soon as possible.]
“Okay, I’ll work at home for only a short while and look for an office as soon as possible.”
[Yes, then please call me later. Oh! Can’t you tell just me about what kind of people there are in the One guild?]
“I’m sorry, but that’s not up for me to decide.”
[Phew, that’s a pity.]
Lee Mirae finished the call with a disappointed voice. She was a passionate gamer of EL at the same time she was a producer of LGN, so she was curious about the true identity of One guild.
Having finished the call, Sanghyuk started checking the video he edited once again. Although the completeness of the video was one thing he was looking for, he was also looking for any bits that might lead to a leak of his identity.
He checked this dozens of times already, but he still didn’t let his guard down. It would be a headache if his identity was leaked, so he had to be careful here.

LGN was already teasing the release of Live Channels for EL since 2 weeks ago.
When 30 live channels, as well as the large scale guilds that occupied it, were revealed to the public, the public actually became excited about it.
And now, four days prior to the broadcast, LGN indiscreetly created teaser videos and uploaded them to video websites and even physical ads.
Thanks to their offensive marketing, the expectations of live channels only rose and the users of EL were talking about live channels as well.

[Wow, did you see those live channel teasers? They were awesome!]
[I heard Rising guild was going to do a live raid of the Sphinx.]
[I heard Crusader was about to start a large-scale guild war.]
[Rising? Crusader? Do you think they are what’s hot? Didn’t you guys see One guild? They are going to reveal the new continent. They are playing on a completely different level.]
[For real? Where did you see that?]
[On the last part of the teaser. Although there was no mention of any names, the new continent is obviously going to be the Heroic Lands!]
[Don’t speak BS. No matter how great they are, it’s impossible to break through the Path to Death right now. They probably found some big secret dungeon or something.]
[He’s right, there’s no way they got through the Path to Death when their skills are so bloated. It’s about time the rumors about their skills died down, but why isn’t it going down?]
[BJ Gale’s deeds were too big. I also personally think that they’re blown out of scale and can’t believe that they broke through the Path to Death.]
[There are still people who worship One guild? They are long since dead Stop your actions.]
[You know shit. Do you know that the highest-ranking users pick One guild whenever they are asked to pick top 10 guilds?]
[They just have an inferiority complex. One guild is just relatively unknown, their power is strong.]
[What power. They’re just lead around by the nose by a scammer streamer.]
[Then LGN got also scammed by a streamer? Make some sense please.]
[Yup, LGN got scammed too.]
[Whew, idiots everywhere.]

The various forums and communities became incredibly bustling with those teasers. People were all talking about live channels, and most of the time, they looked forward to it.
Live Channels were a big hit in Sanghyuk’s previous life as well.
It was to the point that the term ‘watching users’ who only watched and didn’t play at all, was coined later.
Sanghyuk checked the video one last time had a look at the tiger mask and the clean clothes he would be wearing for the broadcast. He was planning to switch between different animal masks to hide his identity.
The people would be watching gameplay and not his face anyway, so it wouldn’t really matter even if he wore a mask.
Though, like what Lee Mirae said, not wearing the mask may bring more popularity, but he didn’t want to compromise between popularity and the losses he would make by revealing his face.
‘The preparation is over…… and all that is left is to let the bomb explode.’
Sanghyuk put the clothes and the mask to one side and opened the capsule again. He was naturally going to spend the remaining time within EL.


Sanghyuk focused on the Swordking’s Tomb until the first broadcast for the Live Channel and gathered spiritual pills.
According to his experience, the drop rate for these pills was around 20%.
Actually 20% wasn’t that low.
Normally, users would have to divide that by the number of members in their party, so the chances of earning one for themselves would be even lower.
Right now, Sanghyuk had cleared the tomb 121 times, and got 28 pills.
6 for strength, 5 agility, 3 health, and 4 intelligence, 5 wisdom, 4 vitality, and 1 charm.
The first pill he got, which was a strength pill, was a double plus and after that only one agility and one vitality pill had a single plus.
A plus would naturally increase the effects of the pill.
A double plus strength pill would permanently raise strength by +3. Compared to +1 for a pill with no plusses, it was a big difference.
By that same logic, the single plus agility and vitality pills gave +2 each.
The rest of the pills only gave a single stat.
In any case, Sanghyuk consumed all the 28 pills.
There was no need to hold back, neither was there a need to sell them. Although it varied by stat, nothing bad would come out of eating a non-main stat.
Sanghyuk was planning to consume all the pills he was going to get anyway.
‘I should probably get ready.’
Sanghyuk checked the time and returned to the village before logging out. The first broadcast for the Live Channel was going to begin in 3 hours.

It was the first day, and there were various things to notify, so Lee Mirae was currently at Sanghyuk’s house. Broadcasting devices nowadays not only became smaller, but they were much more automated as well, so Lee Mirae could install the entire set by herself.
Actually, she wanted to watch the first broadcast of the Live Channel ‘One’ that may become a future legend.
‘This is going to be a jackpot. I can bet my life on it!
Lee Mirae watched Sanghyuk that was dozing off on the seat with the mask off after preparing everything for the broadcast.
Even though this was his first broadcast, he didn’t seem nervous at all.
He even proficiently handled equipment as well. Even though broadcasting equipment became much easier for newcomers to use, the things installed in Sanghyuk’s room were professional-grade.
However, Sanghyuk acted as though he had experience in handling those as well. Lee Mirae didn’t even have to do anything.
It was as though he had experience in this field before. Right now too, an average person would be trying to shake off their nervousness and not dozing off.
‘He’s really peculiar……’
Lee Mirae knew that Sanghyuk was 7 years younger than her, but strangely felt like she was talking to a senior or a superior at work when she talked with him.
Like that, Lee Mirae thought about various things while watching Sanghyuk without waking him up. There was nothing to do right now anyway.
After around an hour or so later, Sanghyuk woke up by himself. Having woken up, Sanghyuk naturally proceeded to put on his tiger mask and got ready to stream.
Lee Mirae didn’t need to help out here either.
Actually, in Sanghyuk’s shoes, this was much more natural. In his previous life, the Live Channel for Team SKY was under Sanghyuk’s management. Not to mention getting reading to stream, he would even appear and do commentary.
He did that for more than 5 years, so there was no way he would have anything like nervousness.
“3, 2, 1, live!”
Sanghyuk counted and played the video he had prepared beforehand.
The video started with a few slideshows. Surprisingly, the slideshow was about the Sphinx collapsing. Above the slideshow were the letters……

“One Guild, Their Legend Begins Now.”

That was written in clear text and the video stopped. Then, a small screen appeared at the bottom with Sanghyuk in it.
“Hello, it’s Gale.”
With no nervousness at all, he continued with his words naturally.
“I meet you again through LGN’s Live Channel this time. And before I start…… I’ll introduce myself as well as my channel.”
The reason Sanghyuk stopped the video was to wait for enough viewers to gather.
If he played the video when there weren’t that many viewers, then the efficiency wouldn’t be so good. Like how it required some time for fruits to mature and become delicious, the live broadcast would also be better with more viewers.
Sanghyuk introduced his Live Channel as the ‘One channel’. And told the audience that this would be the official channel for One guild, and that the audience could check the users of One guild through the channel.
The audience the comments from the viewers were mostly ‘why are you wearing a mask?’, ‘you have a good voice’, ‘take off your mask’, ‘where do I apply for One guild?’, ‘where is the new continent?’ and such things, but Sanghyuk answered what he thought was necessary and ignored the rest.
After around 15 minutes, Sanghyuk judged that there were enough viewers.
Lee Mirae at the front also nodded and signaled that he should start.
“Well, then. You must be curious about a lot of things, and I’ll answer your questions after watching this video.”
Sanghyuk resumed the video as soon as he finished talking.
The slideshows continued. However, the slides weren’t like the rest. The Path to Death, or so the users called it.
The slide showed the entrance to it.
Then, a series of letters appeared on top of it again.


As soon as that word appeared, slides started changing at rapid speed. Those slides were all from inside the Path to Death.
From the ‘Red Eyed Orc’ that were being massacred to the shadow-series monsters. Although the video was technically a slideshow, the video was edited well and felt like a person was breaking through.
After a series of slides, it suddenly turned dark.
But the surprising thing came after. Darkness Knights popped out from everywhere.
This was like the climax part of a zombie apocalypse movie.
The photos (not videos) were so life-like and even the audience twitched a little. However, the real deal had yet to come.
A road was being made. Amazingly, dozens and then hundreds of fallen Darkness Knights were seen and it felt as though a path was being created.
And then the final scene arrived.
The new continent that could be seen amidst the light.
Although it was a few slides, the Heroic Lands were finally revealed to the normal users.

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