One Man Army Chapter 74. Aura System (2)

‘Yes, this is it.’
Sanghyuk took the Golden Lion Aura Crystal with a satisfied smile. The reason he gathered all these cube fragments was precisely in order to make combination cubes.
Combination cubes, unlike normal cubes, required trial and error in most cases. There were even cases where a combination of lowest, low and mid-grade fragments completed a cbe.
It wasn’t for no reason that the cube combination formulae were traded at expensive prices.
‘Well, let’s see. What can I make next?’
Sanghyuk had a look through the cube fragments and started picking out the ones that were used in cube combinations that he knew of.
Other people weren’t even making a single ordinary aura crystal right now, while Sanghyuk was skipping that entire step altogether and was making special aura crystals.
The unique auras gained from aura crystals were like giving a tiger (Sanghyuk) a pair of wings.
He had once again widened the gap between himself and the other users. However, he was not planning to stay satisfied with his current situation.

Title – Aura Master
Grade – Unique
Description – What is aura? You, who have discovered the secret of aura the first time, should be the one who knows what true aura is.
Effects – [Prefix: N/A] [Postfix: N/A] [Constant effect: Aura amplification: The effect of all aura effects get amplified and the duration increases by 30%, while the usage number doubles.]

Aura master was something that Sanghyuk had never heard of before, but the effects were simply incredible.
Leaving aside the increase in duration, doubling the number of uses was like using the same aura crystal twice with one item.
‘Who took this in my previous life? I don’t know who it is, but he must have profited a lot.’
Sanghyuk remembered back to his previous life, but his previous life was no different from a no longer changeable past. What was important now was his current life.
Sanghyuk made a few more unique aura crystals and put the cube fragments in his warehouse.
Although he wasn’t able to make mid-grade or high-grade unique aura crystals, he did make a few decent aura crystals out of lowest and low-grade cube fragments.
Since the Golden Mountain merchant guild was set to collect more cube fragments, he was going to make a lot more unique aura-crystals anyway.


Just as Sanghyuk had expected, there was a new article in InGamez titled ‘The secret that the large guilds are hiding’ came out that night. That article was talking about the truth behind the cube fragments, and also criticized the large-scale guilds for hiding the truth.
The community naturally went into an uproar, and numerous users became enraged. However, despite their struggles, the large-scale guilds didn’t budge even a little.
There was no concrete evidence, but just circumstantial ones, so they only needed to deny it.
If they acknowledged it half-heartedly, they may also get accused of hoarding the auction, so they could not do so.
Of course, the true criminal behind this act was leisurely going on hunting even now.
He was massacring stone giants as always.
‘Stone Giant hunting has too little impact…… I set up a good atmosphere with Blake’s guild war video, so I need to make them stay.’
While others were in uproar about the aura system, Sanghyuk had pretty much finished his business with it, and was rather concerning himself with the next broadcast that would happen in a few days.
‘A one man-raid should be the best, right?’
Since he had shown pre-recorded footages all this time, he was planning to do a real-time one this time.
‘It’s still too early to reveal Immortal, so I should look for the highest-difficulty raid dungeon that Gale can do.’
Immortal was One guild’s secret weapon, so he couldn’t show them to the masses so easily.
After hunting a few more stone giants, Sanghyuk logged out for a little.
Due to the unexpected aura system update, he hadn’t had a proper rest for a few days, and since he got a message that his car had arrived, he logged out immediately.
He felt good now since the car came far quicker than he had expected, and immediately took the car for a spin around Paju. Since he had focused on the game for nearly 1 year without doing anything else, he was getting a little stuffy.
No matter how good his concentration was, and how good he was at the game, resting for some time like this was important.
The Benz S-class was much more to Sanghyuk’s liking than he had thought.
It was incomparable to the E-class of his previous life.
Sanghyuk pressed hard on the accel pedal and roamed about freely.
He even looked up on the internet for a good restaurant and had a meal there. Then, he stopped the car at a place called “He-i-ri(town)”, which was called the “Art Town”, and took a stroll.
‘Since it came to this, let’s rest deeply for today.’
Originally, he was just going to take the car for a spin, but now that he came out, he felt as though he was being energized with all this rest.
At times like these, resting deeply was the best.
But at that time, an augmented reality window appeared in front of his eyes with the name “Kang Mirae” on it. (T/N: I swear, her original surname is “Lee”)
He had bought the latest-model Compound Experience Device some time before, and since he had bought much advanced devices than the one he was wearing in his previous life, he proficiently touched in the air to receive the call. (T/N: I’m thinking Google Glass/Hololens)
When Sanghyuk received the call, Kang Mirae skipped with the greetings and immediately went into topic.
Considering her calm personality, Sanghyuk was able to see that she was in a hurry.
“So to sum things up, the guest for a TV program that was going to be recorded today ditched on you, so you contacted me since you couldn’t get any replacements?”
[Yes. Honestly, we are in a very urgent situation, but we can’t invite someone that isn’t related to intention of the program. As I see it, if we can invite you as the guest, then it should be better than any other guest we had so far…… that is why I contacted you even though you may think I’m rude.]
Kang Mirae was very hurried, but was still very polite as she was trying to liaise Sanghyuk.
“Hmm…… it is rather sudden.”
There was no reason he couldn’t appear on TV. Since Kang Mirae looked as though she would accept any of his conditions, he thought that putting on a mask like he did on the live channel would work as well.
And since Sanghyuk was very experienced with going on TV in his previous life, he didn’t feel that much rejection towards it.
It was just that this offer was too sudden.
“Oh! What’s the show called?”
[It’s LGN Weekly Game Information Channel’s ‘This week’s Invitation’ corner. it’s a simple interview, so it shouldn’t be that difficult.]
‘LGN Weekly Game Information? This Week’s Invitation? Wait, what year is it now?’
Listening to Kang Mirae’s story, Sanghyuk suddenly remembered something. He forgot about this person after he travelled to the past, no, it would be more correct to say that he didn’t try to think about this person…….
‘Chun Hyeyoung.’
There was a time she popped up on his mind after he travelled to the past. However, since he had finished up any of his emotions towards her in his previous life, he did no try to search for her, nor did he think about her.
‘Right now, she should be the interviewer for that corner.’
[Is it too much? But as I said last time, it should help out with the live channel’s views. Even though it sounds like that, it’s one of the longest-running programs of LGN.]
When Sanghyuk stayed silent, Kang Mirae also became very careful with her words.
“Oh, it’s not that. It’s just…… okay. I’ll do it. But can I wear a mask like I do on my live channels?”
[Sure. Is there anything else you need? Since we’re asking you to do something difficult, we’ll listen to your needs as much as possible.]
“No, I don’t need anything else.”
There were two reasons why Sanghyuk decided to accept this proposal. One was that, as Kang Mirae had said, this would help out with the views on his live channel.
Recording for an hour or two wasn’t something hard to do, so getting help with the views while the channel is growing rapidly was a decent bonus.
However, his real reason lay in the second reason.
‘Once, I thought she was my everything…… it shouldn’t be bad to meet her for once in this life.’
Sanghyuk was curious. He wanted to know how he would feel if he met someone that heavily hurt him in his previous life.
At this point in time, that incident had not happened, nor would it ever occur. However, Sanghyuk still remembered the cruel feelings from back then.
So, he wanted to confirm how his heart would react when he saw her again.


“Hello, my name is Chun Hyeyoung.”
A lady extended her hand towards him with a blinding smile. The moment he saw her, Sanghyuk felt as though the horns of heaven were sounding out and the angels were descending onto the Earth…… was about his previous life, and right now, Sanghyuk barely held himself in from swearing on her face.
‘You goddamn bitch.’
At the same time, his curiosity was sated.
The feeling of when Chun Hyeyoung betrayed him was still there. Perhaps Chun Hyeyoung’s intentions are pure right now.
However, Sanghyuk couldn’t care less about her circumstances. Whatever happened, Chun Hyeyoung was just a ‘goddamn bitch’ to him. Nothing changed just because his previous life disappeared and now he lived a different life.
Sanghyuk, as promised, was wearing a mask, and did not reveal his true name.
“Wow, so I finally get to see the living legend of EL.”
Chun Hyeyoung spat out her usual overreactions and started the interview. Sanghyuk, while doing the interview, thought up of one individual related to her in his previous life.
‘Hazaad! Yeah, that’s it. The info this bitch got from me, she offered it all to Hazaad.’
Hazaad wasn’t someone Sanghyuk was directly related to. Sanghyuk only found out after a long time that the one Chun Hyeyoung went to after betraying Sanghyuk was the ‘market master’ Hazaad.
At that time, he could only vent his frustration on the inside. Market master Hazaad wasn’t someone he could dare to touch. Not only in real life, but in game as well.
That made him more frustrated.
‘Hazaad…… now that I think about it. It’s about time he started pouring money into this.’
When Sanghyuk’s thoughts reached there, he also remembered what kinds of deeds he did in his previous life.
“Can you really not tell us what kind of people there are in One guild?”
Chun Hyeyoung then started to ask questions that weren’t on the script. Sanghyuk was able to notice that this wasn’t something she did of her own accord, and that the main producer had ordered her to do this.
Of course, he wasn’t an amateur, so he didn’t stutter or anything.
“I must apologize. That’s the one biggest secret that our guild has……. But instead, I’ll tell you one very important fact.”
Sanghyuk knew what the main producer wanted, so he decided to grant his wish a little.”
“Oh, what could that be?”
“First, I think many people are mistaken about this, but I am not the guildmaster of One guild.”
“What? Really?”
“Yes. The guild master is someone else. And he is the true strongest of our guild.”
“Wow…… the strongest out of the monsters known as One guild…… I’m really speechless.”
Chun Hyeyoung exaggerated both her voice and her actions as she looked at Sanghyuk. She seemed to want additional information from him.
“Well, any more than that should be revealed through the channel one by one. I’ll have to ask you to watch.”
Sanghyuk was very proficient in this.
Some people even thought that they brought a masked professional celebrity rather than Gale himself.
After the recording, Chun Hyeyoung indiscreetly approached Sanghyuk. She also approached him in this manner in his previous life. An ordinary man might be allured by her.
A skinny girl with a pretty face was approaching a man, so no ordinary man would hate it.
However, Sanghyuk felt that his insults were rising again in his mouth.
Barely holding himself in, Sanghyuk approached Chun Hyeyoung and spoke in a small voice so that only she could hear it.
“Can you please f*ck off?”
There was nothing else to say.
He could finally say the words he wanted to say to her in his previous life. Although the current Chun Hyeyoung might be innocent since she did or knew nothing…… Sanghyuk wasn’t going to be considerate of her circumstances.

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