Chapter 99 [Episode 51] Flash of the Black Eye 2




At the moment the ring was completed, Diamond looked surprised. Diamond was surprised because of the good news for Sang Hyuk.


“One plus? Two plus?”

Sang Hyuk did not ask to avoid breaking Diamond’s concentration. He was curious, but he was better off waiting for it.


“Since the atmosphere is good, I will continue to make a necklace and a pair of earrings.”

Diamond made the necklace and the earrings all at once, right after his words.

Sang Hyuk quietly watched the whole process for almost 30 minutes. The good news was that the facial expression of Diamond, who was making the ornaments, was very bright.


“I think all of them are plus items at least.”

Sang Hyuk thought that all four ornaments seem to be more than one plus. That was enough.

In fact, it was right to be satisfied with just a single plus.


“Fiuh, I think it’s been a long time since I’ve totally concentrated like this. Fortunately, the result is as good as my concentration.”

Diamond laughed pleasantly and after he applied for transaction with Sang Hyuk, he handed over the ring of Flash, necklace of Flash, and earrings of Flash.


“Thank you.”

Sang Hyuk gratefully bowed his head lightly to Diamond after he had received the goods.


“You’ll probably like it. You can check it out. I’ve been concentrating too much after a long time so my eyes hurt. I need to get offline and get some rest.”


“Yes, rest fully.”

Diamond was very tired, so he ended the connection right away.

After he disappeared, the detail information of the 4 items that Sang Hyuk put in his virtual bag, has appeared.


Ring of Flash [Unique Set ++]


– the ring crafted from the Flash of the Black Eye with extreme precision. This ring that contains a powerful force seems special even at a glance. It is more special because inside it dwells Master Diamond’s soul.


[Basic Ability] All Ability +20(+4)


[Special Ability] Magical Resistance +5 (+1)%


[Set Effect] 2 sets? Item skill [double jump (A)]


3 sets? Agility +50

4 sets? Item Skill [Blink (S)]


[Special Effect] <Flash-Like(A): Movement Speed +10%>


[Bonus Effect] Agility +10, Strength +15 Necklace of Flash [Unique set +]


– the necklace crafted from the Flash of the Black Eye with extreme precision. This necklace that contains a powerful force seems special even at a glance. It is more special because inside it dwells Master Diamond’s soul.


[Basic Ability] All ability +20 (+20)


[Special Ability] Magical Resistance +5(+0.5)%


[Set Effect] 2 sets? Item Skill [Double Jump(A)]


3 sets? Agility +50

4 sets? Item Skill [Blink (S)]


[Special Effect] <Darkness-Like(A): Concealment ability +10%>


[Bonus Effect] Energizing +10


Earrings of Flash [Unique set +++]


– the earrings crafted from the Flash of the Black Eye with extreme precision. These earrings that contains a powerful force seems special even at a glance. They are more special because inside them dwells Master Diamond’s soul.


[Basic Ability] All Abilities +20 (+6)


[Special Ability] Magical Resistance +5 (+1.5)%


[Set Effect] 2 sets? Item Skill [Double Jump(A)]


3 sets? Agility +50

4 sets? Item Skill [Blink(S)]


[Special Effect] <Darkness-Like(A): Concealment Ability +10%>


[Bonus Effect] Intelligence +10, Wisdom +15, Agility +20



The moment he checked the item, the shout automatically came out. The ring was double plus, the necklace was a single plus. And the earrings were both triple plus.

Sang Hyuk had expected that there would be at most one or two pluses. But his expectation was pleasantly off.


“Diamond…. this man seems to have better talent than I thought. But, why didn’t I remember if there was any user named Diamond in my previous life? Perhaps this man also has his life changed because of me?”

It was a story with plenty of possibility.

Without Sang Hyuk’s intervention, Diamond could have fallen out of talent and folded the game.

Anyway, he met a good acquaintance and obtained daebak (amazing) item, so he could not feel better than this.

Especially, the true power of the flash set were the two item skills that were attached to the 2 sets effect and 4 sets effect.


“Double Jump (A): Jumping up one more time in the air. This effect can only be used once every 20 seconds.”


This ability seemed nothing but it could be utilized in various forms. In fact, with this ability only, he doesn’t have to worry about death from falling, no matter how high.

He just need to matched the timing to do the double jump just before he hit the ground then the kinetic energy could be almost completely erased.

During battle, it was possible to show off the movement that is far beyond the opponent’s expectation and for escaping, he could go up to a position where the opponent can not follow and run away.

Double jump that can be applied in lots of various situation.

It was an unbelievable skill.

But the daebak(amazing) one was the effect of 4 sets.


“Blink(S): Moving to the place in your vision that you are focusing in a second. However, you can only move to a perfectly empty space that you can see up to 10 meters. Cooldown time of 25 seconds.”



Blink that will be called as the best utility skill of EL in the future.

It was an upgrade version of double jump.

The way to get this skill is to complete the four sets of the flash like Sang Hyuk, or to master the ancient magic knowledge specialized in ‘movement’.

However, users who learned the ancient magic knowledge specialized in movement were often called ‘shuttles’ and performed the role of sending people to specific area through magical gates.

It was not ancient knowledge that was so popular in the first place and would be learned by those who want to make money.

Therefore, it was extremely rare for a user to learn blink to the ultimate.

Moreover, Blink obtained by the effect of 4 sets of flash did not consume ‘mana’.


“Blink! Finally I got it.”

Sang Hyuk, who got Blink is almost the same level as the tiger with wings, no, a tiger combined with dragon.

When Sang Hyuk, who has high movement speed, started to use Blink and double jump actively, then his opponent would experience the real hell.

Sang Hyuk wore all four ornaments straight out and then moved out to a place where no one was around.

He then used the double jump and blink repeatedly to make a quick setup.*

In fact, double jump and blink were techniques that could never be utilized if a user had too little game sense.

Both of them had a quick set, necessary for this technique to show 100% power, but because quick setting is a tricky technique so most users didn’t even think about it.

So, if those who are not capable in Sang Hyuk’s previous life have the flash set then there will be a lot of people saying this was a pearl necklace around a pig’s neck. (*something that is too valuable for people who do not have value.)

But Sang Hyuk was not a pig.

He was a person who able to use double jump and blink more perfectly than anyone else.

Actually, Sang Hyuk finished the quick setup of double jump and blink in just five minutes. The quick setup was quite complicated that took even the good professional gamers a few hours, but Sang Hyuk made it look easy.

Tatak, tatak!

Sang Hyuk, who jumped into the air, rose again to the air again with only a slight bounce motion.

In a flash, Sang Hyuk soaring to a height of almost 7 meters, turned his head and in a second looked up on the fallen rock about 9 meters away.


Then his body disappeared and suddenly appeared above that rock.

When double jump and Blink were coordinated together, Sang Hyuk was able to move beautifully.

Actually, the most complicated thing when using Blink was the sense of distance. The limit of Blink was 10 meters, but when he looked over 10 meters away, he could not use blink even though he focused for a second.

Especially, when he gazed at the air, it was more difficult.

So, even in Sang Hyuk’s previous life, most of the users who practice blink do not think 10 meters as the limit distance, but think about 6 – 7 meters as the limit distance and use blink freely.

However, Sang Hyuk moved freely around 10 meters with the almost-perfect sense of distance.  After practicing his sense of distance it was time to blink mid-air.

Normally, the users were more careful when they blink mid-air, but Sang Hyuk moved using blink to a distance of almost 9.8 – 10 meters.


“This good skill, why didn’t I even try to use it before in the previous life….”

Even after finishing the quick setup, Sang Hyuk kept practicing double jump and blink for about 20 minutes, then he muttered with a very satisfied expression.

The skills that he wanted to try once in the past were blink and double jump. But he could not try to use them in his past life.

When he was able to use it, he could not get it and when he was able to get it, he could not use it.

In another word, it was not his destiny. But now is different.

He was able to use it and he had the ability to get it. And he actually got these skills earlier than anyone else.


“Now, should I go to the Shadow Line and finish my business?”

Since he obtained the Flash of the Black Eye with a satisfying result, all that remains is to find the body of the Shadow Line that exists in the Heroic Lands.

Making the Shadow Line submit was a later thing.


* * * *


The linked quest really endlessly continued.

There were no easy quests. Most of the difficulty was more than level A, so if he make even a simple mistake, the quest failed.

It was supposed to end when he passed the 20th linked quest, but he passed over the 30th and was close to the 40th quest, that’s when Sang Hyuk started to get annoyed.

But, because he could not give up here, so he had to endure it.

In the end, the linked quests lasted to the 40th and 50th.

And finally, when he finished the 50th, the one that Sang Hyuk searched for, appeared.

So, Sang Hyuk did not do anything during the last half month and only hung on the quest and finally he found the body of the Shadow Line.

The shadow line of the Heroes.

Surprisingly, they were hiding in ‘Proof of Glory’, a religious group that emerged from Heroic Lands.

Proof of Glory was a very widespread religious organization among the NPCs in Heroic Lands. Sang Hyuk did not think that the body of Shadow Line would be a religious organization.

Especially, this was a surprise because in the Heroic Lands Proof of Glory was believed by almost every NPC.


[Quest] ‘Apostle of Glory’ <Connected number 50>

: Finally, you found out how the hero’s shadow line and Proof of Glory are related. But there are still many walls to overcome. Especially, the four apostles in Proof of Glory must be overcome no matter what.  You can not touch the hero’s shadow line who is hiding deep within the Proof of Glory without defeating them.

Status on Progress

– The warrior of Glory ‘Crepo’. (0 attack) – The magician of Glory ‘Egray’ (0 attack) – The priest of Glory ‘Pokin’ (0 attack) – The Knight of Glory ‘Tamia’ (0 attack) rating: hiden (S+++)



The linked quest has been added to the shadow line quest, a hidden quest connected to the quest Sang Hyuk already had. Sang Hyuk has been wondering how to approach this quest by opening the quest window.


“All checked were the four legendary NPCs. The level was at least 80 to 90. Although it was not as the same level as Knight Commander Parayan, but they are guys with the ability close to master.” *

If considering that Sang Hyuk’s level now is only 55, he could see how strong were the four Apostles.


“To attack these guys…… Hmmmm……”

Was hidden (S+++) grade that kind of quest? The detail explanation of the quest was not friendly. In this case, in the end the users had to find the answer themselves.

Sang Hyuk is now worried about how to find the answer.

The thing for sure was he could ‘connect’ to the shadow line of the Heroic Lands if he crossed this wall.



Chapter 99 [Episode 51] Flash of the Black Eye 2 – End


*Editor’s Notes: Quick Setting is using skills through the natural movements of the body.  This is covered in chapter 10.


*Editor’s Notes: Knight Commander Parayan of Falcon city.  Covered in chapter 34. 😀


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