Chapter 97 (1)

Part 2



Sanghyuk felt sorry that he hadn’t paid attention to this beforehand, it was a mistake to think she wouldn’t want to go out anywhere since she was such a global celebrity. He should have been more considerate of a beautiful lady.


“Then I should make sure to find a place with Dual Play.”


Dual Play was a set up where two capsules were connected so two people can be connected to DN together – it was a system exclusive to capsule game cafes. (EN: Dream Network)


It was mainly used by friends and couples but DN also had many games exclusively for dual play.


“Oh and I’d like a place where there’s an ‘EX-1’ system.”


EX-1 was a special system that was recently being pushed by several premium capsule game cafes.


Complex technology aside, according to the advertisements, using the system could increase VRA by least 10 to a maximum of 30.(EN: Virtual Reality Ability)


“I heard it’s just hype, people who are compatible go up by about 10 and most people only go up by 1 or 2 so it’s almost useless.”


“But I want to experience what it is and since they don’t sell it for personal capsules, we have no choice but to go to a capsule game cafe to experience it.” Leah seemed eager to try it out.


“That’s true. Okay then, I’ll look for a game room that allows Dual Play and has the EX-1 system.”




(T/N – Bold = things Leah says in english)


Leah smiled brightly, raising her thumb at Sanghyuk.


Finding a Capsule game cafe where Leah’s identity could be hidden, that is offering a private room, while at the same time satisfying her conditions was harder than he thought.


Even so, since Sanghyuk felt he had been inattentive towards Leah, he searched the internet thoroughly and eventually was able to find the right capsule game cafe within two hours.


One problem was that it was in Yongin, not Ilsan, where Sanghyuk and Leah were located but he was more than willing to deal with that much inconvenience.


(T/N – Its about a 2 hour journey max)


As soon as Sanghyuk found the capsule game cafe, he was on his way to Yongin with Leah. Fortunately, there wasn’t much congestion since it was past 11pm.


“Even if it’s a little suffocating, stay like this until we get inside the capsule. And if someone recognises you, just ignore them.”


Leah was wearing a hat and big sunglasses but that alone couldn’t fully cover her beauty.


“I don’t really care if they recognise me…”


“Well, let’s not make it crowded on purpose. If they recognise you and it gets packed full of people and loud, we’d have to leave.  Management may kick us out without even letting us play in the capsule game room we were only just able to find.”


No, no. I can’t do that, okay, I’ll wrap myself up.”


Leah wasn’t afraid of getting recognised, but she was afraid not being able to use the capsule game room.


“Okay, lets go,”


Sanghyuk arrived at the parking lot and stepped out of the mercedes-benz, looking around. There weren’t many passers-by since it was late.


‘Well, if it’s like this, then there shouldn’t be anyone around who could recognise Leah.’


Neither the time nor place was bad.


The capsule game cafe took up all four floors of the building, so they were able to go in safely. Fortunately, they also didn’t check IDs or anything like that.


A part-timer sitting at the counter did peek curiously at Leah, wearing a hat and sunglasses at night, but that was it. (EN: ^_^ )


After safely entering the game room, Leah and Sanghyuk had already booked a premium couples game over the phone, so they were able to immediately enter a room equipped with a dual play capsule exclusive to the capsule game cafe that Leah wanted to visit so much.


Wow! Good, good!


Leah, who saw the dual capsule, smiled with a pleased look, like a child who had just received an amazing toy as a present.


“Do you like it that much?”




Leah, who had lived an ascetic life of training for a long time, was able to feel great happiness even for such small pleasures.


“Huu, looks like I really haven’t been taking care of you much. From now on, I’ll take you to places like these often and if there’s anywhere else you want to go or anything you want to eat, tell me right away.”


“Wow! Are you going to do everything I want?”


“I might not be as amazing as you, but at the very least, I can still buy you as much as you want to eat.”


“Just hearing that feels reliable. Alright, from now on, I won’t refuse the special services of ‘My Sanghyuk.’”


Leah, who had taken off her hat and sunglasses, replied with a bright smile. Seeing her radiant smile, Sanghyuk felt a thump to his heart, and it felt like his soul was escaping his body for a moment.


“Hmm, how do I use this?” Feeling embarrassed, Sanghyuk touched the control panel of the dual capsules and quickly changed the subject.


“Haha! I knew it would be like this, so I studied how to use dual capsules on the internet.”


Leah smiled confidently,  and manipulated the keyboard on the right side of the dial capsules.


Clunk, psshhh!


With that sound, the lids of both capsules opened at the same time.


“The basics aren’t much different from the capsules we use. We’re just going to use a space where the two of us are connected. If we go in like this, you can share a ‘D-room’ and play together in the DN world.”


“Hmm… it’s unique. Well, once we use it, we’ll know how it feels.”


“I’ve searched up the DN contents that allows us to share the experience most vividly, so just follow me!”


Leah was as excited as a child who had come to the amusement park. She was older than Sanghyuk but he never got the feeling she was older than him.


“Okay, for once let’s enjoy some different content aside from EL.” (EN: “Eternal Life”.)


Since Leah was enjoying herself, Sanghyuk was also starting to feel excited.


At first, when he didn’t know Leah well, he had thought she was a fairly negative person, but in reality, she was the opposite of that.


Leah was full of bright, positive energy and it was thanks to her that Sanghyuk was able to open his eyes to another kind of joy in his life. A joy OF LIFE, outside of EL.


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