1. My Challenge, Their Challenge (2)


If Emperor Si tried to solve his problems with money, Sanghyuk overcame Ernark’s harsh environment with his patience and audacity. He had been climbing the mountains for over two weeks now, and he would have given it up a long time ago if he had not known the prizes up above


‘How can adventurers do this for a living?’’


Sanghyuk could not understand how people could do this without expecting certain prizes. However, he knew that people thought and lived differently. While his current venture did not suit him, he could not give up.

Sanghyuk rested for fifteen seconds before lifting himself again and did so for four days until he reached Ernark’s pinnacle. The spot was narrow, but the sight was something else.




Sanghyuk now knew what attracted people here.


-You have completed the legendary quest ‘The Birth of Planet Trinark’ and have received legendary set items ‘Volcano’ and ‘Blizzard.’

-You are the first one to conquer Ernark and have received enough karma to increase your level…


He saw the entire Sun Land, ignoring the messages popping up. He activated a bug camera to record the sight. He continued to drink in the beautiful scenery before checking the information window to check the prizes.


Volcano [Legend Set +++]


-A large pistol that holds the force of magma. Its heat will harm those with low fire resistance.

[Normal stats] None

[Special stats] Attack +10(+3)%

[Special effect] <Gun Master (S): The user’s gun mastery is fixed at 100 and can use any gun without penalties, and if the user has similar stats already, the mastery level increases by +50%.>

[Item Skill] <I like things hot (A): Additional fire damage for bullets shot through Volcano.>

[Bonus effect] Agility +15, Agility +20, Agility +25

[Set effect] 2set (Volcano/blizzard): Attack +10(+3)%

[Hidden effect] Combined with Blizzard, this pistol changes to a sniper rifle ‘Ice Flame’


Blizzard [Legend Set +++]


-A strange-looking large broadsword with powers of ice.


[Normal stats] None

[Special stats] Attack +10(+3)%

[Special effect] <Blade Master (S): The user’s blade mastery is fixed at 100 and can use any blade without penalties, and if the user has similar stats already, the mastery level increases by +50%.>

[Item Skill] <Freeze (A): The ice on the blade slows down the enemy by 2% when hit. The maximum is up to 20%. The effect lasts for fifteen seconds, but the time resets with each accurate hit>

[Bonus effect] Strength +25, Vitality +20, Agility +25

[Set effect] 2set (Volcano/blizzard): Attack +10(+3)%

[Hidden effect] Combined with Blizzard, this pistol changes to a sniper rifle ‘Ice Flame’



“Volcano and Blizzard?!”


Sanghyuk mumbled to himself at the items.


“The Yin and Yang Gunblade was this quest’s prize?”

These set items were famous in Sanghyuk’s past life as the Yin and Yang Gunblade. Still, the difference was that they had become famous after the third planet was revealed. The gamer who had owned them had interviewed as such, and Sanghyuk was astonished as he knew the item’s true value.

Mastery levels were standard stats for each weapon. Sanghyuk’s gun mastery level was 0, while his blade mastery level was at High Master (120). It was one of the basic abilities of ‘Shadow Knight.’

Without mastery levels, damage and accuracy were weakened up to 90%. That was why Sanghyuk had been unable to use bows or guns because of this, as it had been an unbreakable code.

However, the Yin and Yang Gunblade was the only item that could break this rule, as a user could use guns and blades without raising the mastery level. This passive effect was why this gunblade was admired as one of the best items, as one could use weapons that one had been unable to use before.


“If these two weapons are added together…”


Sanghyuk combined the two weapons to create a large sniper rifle.


Ice Flame [Legend Set+++]


-A sniper rifle that emits heat and ice at the same time. Vitality decreases by 10 per second.


[Normal stats] All stats +70

[Special stats] Attack +15(+5)%

[Special effect] <Gun Master (S), Blade Master (S)>

[Item Skill] <Yin and Yang (S++): Fire and heat mixed together to add strong damage (Skill damage +25%)>

[Bonus effect] All stats  +20

[Set effect] 2set (Volcano/blizzard): Attack +10(+3)%




The stats were a sight to behold. This was a fantastic item even by Sanghyuk’s standards, as it had been a legendary item in Sanghyuk’s past life. He blankly looked down at the weapon. While the title ‘First Conquerer of Ernark’ was meaningless in its effect, the item more than made up for it.


‘I could upgrade my battle style up a few notches with this weapon.’


Sanghyuk kept thinking about how to use this weapon, as it could break new barriers for him. He threw up his arms in the air in joy.



As Sanghyuk endured and eventually succeeded, Emperor Si also used his wealth to perfectly solve his problem.


“The permit for establishing a mercenary guild…it was expensive.”


Emperor Si slightly shook his head as he looked down at the document he held in his hand. Empire Myung had barely managed to stay in the Sun Land after throwing bribes everywhere. He had even managed to secure this permit, which had taken two million dollars in cash. It was crazy to do for a game, but Emperor Si valued other things more than money, and this permit was one of them.


“After we establish the guild, we could enlargen our forces as we want.”


Jegal Ho had done his part the most in this crisis, as he had accurately picked the NPCs that would take bribes and made them work. While the NPCs were greedier than expected, the results were satisfactory. As Emperor Si placed value on results, he praised Jegal Ho.


“Wouldn’t a knight guild have been a better choice?”

“No, as a mercenary guild, we can take on requests and grow stronger as needed before occupying the village.”

“Right, work on that.”



After handing Jegal Ho the permit, Emperor Si stood up and thought his goal was near. His ultimate aim was to rule over EL, so his forces needed to rule over Sun Land before others could. If so, he thought his dream would become true.

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