Yulias Nogger – Mc – 17 years old – Earl Family   

  • Aliad – The name of the brand that the MC uses on her products/store 
  • Yuli – The name she uses when doing business with foreigners while pretending to be a smaller merchant 
  • Olulo – Butler – Used to be an assassin, tried killing Yulias’ father in the past 
  • Attends a noble (?) academy (2nd year) 
  • Established a “Ladies’ Association” with Muran, Lanfua and Pao, to sell products and guides for ladies in the Laofan country and stuff. 
  • Is really good at finances and stuff, just like her whole family 
  • Makes products based on the opinion of commoners since they’re part of her consumerbase 
  • Is beloved by most commoner students at the academy, but she doesn’t notice that herself 
  • Now engaged to the prince 
  • Thinks of Liren and of the Queen as mothers 
  • Family: 
    • Lamore Chorione – Marquis family – Ex-Fiance  
      • Wanted to break engagement with MC  (actually succeeded)
      • Is bad at managing money  
      • Thought that the MC bullied Yuri back when they were still engaged
      • Loves Yuri  (got engaged to her after his engagement with the MC got broken)
      • Ex-Friend of the prince 
      • Was supposed to lose territory, money and etc with the engagement being broken, but instead he just has a big debt to the MC and is slowly paying it off.
      • Has some talent with agriculture and pecuary – Is raising sheeps with golden horns that are used to make the finest blankets of Yulias’ store – He does that to earn money to pay for the palimony 
      • Is now penpals with Yulias. Half of the letters talk about work, half talk about his lovey-dovey time with Yuri 
    • Roland Nogger – Older brother – Friend of the prince – Cares a lot for his sister – Likes Manika – Wants to become the next prime minister 
    • Father – Really likes Yulias – Tricked the Chorione Marquis to sign a document that would annul the engagement and force him to pay a huge fee to the Nogger family once Lamore’s affair is found out. 
    • Rudnick Reyno Palacioda (Rud) – Prince – New Fiance 
      • Considers Michael a brother of sorts 
      • Can use all types of magic 
      • Is sometimes referred to by Yulias as a “Cog Wheel” 
      • Royalty has protection from dragons 
        • Rudnick has protection from a Frost Drake and can turn the country into an ice land 
      • Rudnick’s Father – King 
        • Has protection from a Salamander, so is really good at Fire Magic 
        • Has wanted Rudnick to marry Yulias since her previous engagement was broken 
      • Rudnick’s Mother – Queen  
        • Was also quite fond of Yulias and wanted her to marry Rudnick 

Yuri Banache – Daughter of an Earl with a commoner Lineage  

  • Also studies at the academy (is a transfer student)  
  • Lamore fell in love with her (and he thinks that the MC bullies Yuri) 
  • Tried to pretend that MC is actually bullying her?  
  • Was kinda flirting with Lamore, but was never interested in him. She even refused his proposal 
    • Seems to have gotten engaged to him anyways though 
  • Tried to propose to prince (and to Michael and to Roland as well), but was rejected 
  • Thought of herself as the heroine of the novel written by Matilda (which was kinda right) 
  • Is working for Yulias now in order to help pay the Palimony that Lamore owes her 
  • Will work as a ghostwriter for Pao in order to sell a book on diet and stuff… Because Yulias will tell Yuri to do so 

Mathilda – 65 years old – Was the nanny of the prince – Can use magic – Commoner 

  • Has the blood of a Banshee 
  • Wrote the novel “My heart is pounding, even if I become a noble, I will still do my best!”  
    • Novel uses RL nobles as reference. 
    • Banache is the MC of the novel. 
    • Novel is a love story mostly aimed at commoners, since the behavior shown by the nobles there wasn’t very noble-like. Also, the nobles would be troubled if they saw themselves being used as references. 
    • Book seems to have become a book of prophecy due to Mathilda’s banshee powers 
  • Michael – Son – Hard working – Handsome – Is a masochist 
    • Works at the MC’s shop  
    • Likes MC, but not romantically
    • Thinks of the prince as a brother  
    • Became the escort of the prince under the request of his own father (not the king, Michael’s father) and of Yulia 
    • Referred to Miya as “Koneko” 
    • Is dating Vanette 
    • Is kind of a yandere 
  • Husband – Prime Minister – Mathilda gave him a divorce agreement, but he never signed it. 
    • Is kind of a yandere 

Olga – Manager of the MC’s store – Is good at dealing with problem customers – Male – Used to be a legendary assassin 

Captain Bahar – Captain of the Nogger family ship  

  • Calls Yulia as “Hime-sama”  
  • 20 years older than MC  
  • Used to be the captain of a pirate ship (that somehow never killed anyone), but was employed by Yulias 10 years ago due to a chance meeting 
  • Can use Wind Magic  
  • Doesn’t fear nobles (and princes) for some reason  
  • Became a pirate because he was an orphan and the orphanage needed money (all pirates on his crew were orphan), they didn’t kill anyone because that would create more orphans  
  • Yulias saved them after they were caught and were going to be executed  
  • She also started giving financial support to the orphanage they came from (and started training them as future employees) 
  • Pushed Yulias down once because he was overcome by his sexual desires, but she refused him… And her butler kicked the captain away 

Manika Palpour – Marquis House – Third Daughter  

  • Likes Roland – Was kissed by him, so they’re kinda dating 
  • Cares for the Prince  
  • Gets shy easily  
  • Is in friendly terms with MC  
  • Is in friendly terms with the queen 
  • Is in bad terms with Muran because both like Roland 


Dragons – People usually faint when their eyes change colors – They bless the royal family of Palacio – Are usually thought of as monsters 

  • Liren – Woman – Married (?) to Haith
    • Calls Rudnick Roo, Yulias Yuli and Michael Ma. 
    • Frost Dragon that blessed Rudnick  
    • Rudnick claimed that Yulias was his wife to her, though Yulias said she was his “Bride to be”  
    • Likes giving honey-based candy to people – Taught her daughter how to make them 
    • Gave one of her scales to Yulias (mostly blue, but can shine in rainbow colors, and that can freeze water if soaked in it) 
    • Is happy being near Yulias because she doesn’t see her as a monster, but instead as family 
    • Her tears become crystals, which are super valuable and stuff. Yulias made her crystalized tears become necklaces, much to Liren’s embarrassment 
  • Haith – Man  – Married (?) to Liren
    • Fire Dragon that blessed Rudnick’s father  
    • Referred to Yulias as “A chicken that lays golden eggs” 
    • Likes courageous people, such as Michael 
    • Is a good cook 
  • Vanette – Liren and Haith’s Daughter – Known as the Man-eating-dragon – Lived in the abandoned mines on the border between Palacio and Laofan  
    • The place was given to Palacio as a proof of friendship from Laofan – Since like, Palacio’s royal family has the protection of dragons and stuff 
    • The area is underdeveloped and mostly has forests in it 
    • The mines were abandoned because of the daughter’s presence, as she scared all humans away from the mountain. She did it because she hates humans 
    • The area is in the territory of the prime minister, so Michael played in it when he was younger, so he can guide Yulias around 
    • Green Dragon – Controls greenery, forests and stuff like that 
    • Fell in love with Michael and left the mines because of that – Now dating him 
    • Isn’t good at shapeshifting, her scales appear on the back of her neck even after transforming – They look like bruises 
    • Is the grandma that Michael was fond of, and that provided sweets and medicine to children and the like. 
    • Stays most of the time in grandma form, but changes to younger form when alone with Michael 


Laofan’s Royalty: (A neighboring country to the East of MC’s country) 

  • Lanfua – Princess – Tried to marry Rudnick – Had a bad relationship with Yulias at first, but they made up – Is probably going to get engaged to a king of a southern country (this king is on his 30s and might end up marrying more people since his country is polygamous, but so is Laofan, so Lanfua is fine with that) 
  • Muran – Princess – Liked Roland and was frustrated because Manika started dating him – Went back to her country early on to find someone else to marry – Got engaged to Duke Shaoran (about 13 years older than MC) – Also became Yulias’ business partner 
  • Jufua (Jifu) – Prince  
    • Hates women because he thinks of them as greedy people that just rely on men for the sake of living 
      • Became fond of the MC when hearing that her engagement was broken, as he saw that she was trying to stand up on her own 
      • Tried to propose to Yulias, but she got engaged to Rudnick instead. 
    • Invests a lot into mining and constantly inspects the mining areas to make sure they are safe 
    • Makes very good sweets 
  • Insuu – 2nd prince (from a different mother)  
    • Has more popular support than Jufua because he opposes the investment on mining, which is a very dangerous profession… Only, Mining is vital for Lao Fan’s income 
    • Fell in love with Prince Shuna (Insuu thought that Shuna was a girl) and kidnapped him 
    • Thinks of beastmen as pets  
    • Fainted when finding out that Shuna was a man 
  • Pao – Princess (from the same mother as Insuu) – Tried marrying Rudnick – Was quite rude to Yulias 
    • Ended up being shunned for a small while due to publicly showing that she had a bad relationship with the Nogger family, but Yulias made up with her 

Knight Escorts: 

  • Rucharu – A man who was an orphan, but was adopted into a viscount family (has an older brother within the viscount family) – Has a feminine look – Admires Yulias a lot 
  • Bariga – Third son of a merchant family – Has a feminine look – Also admires Yulias 


Beast People:  

  • Have very sensitive ears – Fireworks are no good 
  • Have very sensitive nose – Hate the smell of gunpowder – Associate gunpowder with evil 
  • Like the hard cookies that Yulias’ family makes for the military 
  • Notable People: 
    • Schneider (Shuna) – Red hair – Around 7 years younger than Yulias –  
      • Second Prince 
      • Was kidnapped by someone, but Rudnick rescued her – Is afraid of humans 
      • Male, but has feminine looks 
      • Calls Rudnick “Onii-sama” 
      • Is fond of Yulias – Actually proposed to her because he liked her cookies 
    • Miya – White hair – Shuna’s Maid  
      • Tried to claw Yulias – Said Yulias smelled evil – because she was working on some handheld fireworks (that used gunpowder) 
      • Decided to become a couple with Michael because he defeated her 
      • Stupidly strong, can even fling bookshelves away with sheer strength, or force a barred door open… Or just break a door with a kick 


Commoner Friends and the like: 

  • Renair – Commoner Girl – Admires MC 
    • Grintia – Friend 
  • Riche – Foreign boy who bought stuff from MC before 
  • Captain (no name added) – Captain of a foreign ship 
  • Milan – Youngest child of the orphanage – Girl – Twelve years younger than MC 
  • Zyrus – A child of the orphanage 




Palacio – Yulias’ country 

Country of Beast – A country that seems to have beastmen (they have sensitive ears, so fireworks are no good) – Seems to be in friendly terms with Palacio 

Laofan – A neighboring country from the East – Seems to be an Empire 

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