Chapter 52: Miloulle’s Magic



“We will change the plan.”


The giant snow lizard possessed by the <Devil> was easily trifling with Tatsumi’s party.

Now that the initial plan had failed, it was a natural outcome to change to a different battle strategy.




Calcedonia wore a worried face for a second but then soon changed to a face filled with determination and called out to Tatsumi who was in front.


“On this uneven terrain hidden beneath layers of snow, the only one who can match the agility of that giant snow lizard is Master, who is a <Sky> magic user. It will be putting a huge burden on you but….”


“I understand. I will try to do what I can.”


“While Master is directly fighting against that giant snow lizard, we will deal with the other snow lizards. Is that okay?”


To Calcedonia’s words, her allies nodded in unison.


“After defeating the other snow lizards, Jadokh-san and Miloulle-san, please support Master. And when the movements of the monsters grow dull, the Mistress and I shall deal the final blow with our greatest firepower ma–”


“No, that’s no good.”


While Calcedonia was giving directions, Tatsumi interrupted her.


“The one who will deal the final blow is…. Miloulle. We will leave it to Miloulle.”




To the surprised Miloulle pointing at herself, Tatsumi smiled and said,


“Yep. Take revenge for your allies with your own hand. I will create that opportunity for you.”


“…..I-I understand”


“Expect the opportunity to only come once. And when it does, strike the lizard down with all your might.”


Tatsumi’s glance seized the giant snow lizard. Even at that moment, the giant snow lizard and its subordinates had their eyes fixed on Tatsumi from the distance.


Tatsumi felt those red, shining eyes were looking down on those who fell into the trap.


And so again, the giant snow lizard howled.

On top of that, as if to match the aggression, the other few snow lizards in the surrounding started to rush over altogether, aiming for Tatsumi’s party.


“I leave the small fries to you!”


Without even confirming his allies nods…no, believing that they were nodding, Tatsumi’s figure disappeared from the spot.



Tatsumi’s figure suddenly disappeared and reappeared the next moment right in front of the giant snow lizard. Witnessing this with their own eyes, Eru and Miloulle laid bare their astonishment.


“Ta-tatsumi-san disappeared….?”


“N-no way…. Ta-tatsumi really was a…..〈Sky〉magic user?”


While the two of them were instinctively expressing their shock, Jadokh ran past them and took stance to prepare for battle.


“That’s no good, you two. There is no time to be dazed, ya know? Look, our dear customers have arrived.”


While his tone was not serious, Jadokh’s gaze was sharp. In front of his piercing gaze, there were a few snow lizards.


The monsters made clattering noises with their claws, bared their fangs and rushed closer as if they were sliding on top of the snow.


“Really…. While we can’t even move properly here with our legs buried in the snow, they can move that freely…. so unfair”


Jadokh sighed, floating a smile on his face.


But that wasn’t his usual laid back smile, but rather a ferocious smile akin to that of a wild animal who had just located his prey.


One of the leading snow lizard jumped on to Jadokh with its mouth wide open.


“Fufu. To think they would come straight to us. That helps a lot.”


Even though his movements were hindered because of the snow, if the opponent comes closer themselves, it’s a different matter.


Jadokh brought out one of his battle canes and stabbed through one of the snow lizards which had its mouth wide open. Looking to counter, he thrusted the cane in the middle of the snow lizard’s mouth and held its body in the air. Making the cane and the head portion the support for the body, only the lower body wavered towards Jadokh like a pendulum.


Jadokh swung another battle cane horizontally and smashed two legs of a snow lizard. And just like that, he swung his battle axe overhead and bisected the snow lizard’s head from its body.


“Ufu. Today’s objective isn’t to collect materials so I can really fight with all my strength.”


Averting his eyes from the snow lizard which had just stopped breathing, Jadokh confirmed his next prey.


“….. You’re pretty enthusiastic about this, aren’t you?”


Asked Miloulle who had taken stance with her spear next to Jadokh.


“Isn’t it obvious? Tatsumi-chan trusted us and left the cleaning up of these small fries to us, ya know? And so we must answer to that faith. Gratitude for gratitude. Revenge for revenge. And belief for belief. That’s us, the Shades’ creed. And also….”


Jadokh glimpsed back with a side glance.


“It looks like I’m not the only one who is full of vigor, ya know?”


From the back, resonant chanting of spells could be heard. Of course, the hostess of the spell was Calcedonia.


A snow lizard flung past Jadokh’s side by the spell-chanting Calcedonia.


If it was a normal magic user, then getting in contact with the enemy while chanting would be fatal. But Calcedonia, without stopping her chant, intercepted the leaping snow lizard.


By revolving the wand in her hand, she hit the snow lizard firmly with the centrifugal force on the wand.


With a dry, snapping sound echoing through the air, the snow lizard fell senseless on the snow. Calcedonia’s spell was completed even faster than the snow lizard could get up.


The sharp end of the wand jabbed the snow lizard and flames erupted from it like a flamethrower and burned the lizard’s body.


In usual circumstances, using〈Fire〉type magic in the middle of a forest like this should be avoided since the flame might burn the trees or the weed underneath and the fire will spread.


However, now there was snow covering the entire region. Even using 〈Fire〉type magic in the middle of the forest in this season probably won’t cause a forest fire.


The snow lizard covered in flame let out an agonizing scream.

As if to land the killing blow on the lizard, spears like stalagmite flew out of the ground and pierced the lizard.


“Thank you very much, Mistress.”


“As expected of Calcedonia-san.”


Lowering their wands, Calcedonia, and Eru, who commanded mole-like earth spirits, smiled at each other.


“…..I must also do my best.”

Noticing their conversation, Miloulle gripped the spear in her hand as if to cheer herself up.


A battle of high-speed unfolded in front of her eyes.

After defeating all the snow lizards, Miloulle shifted her vision to see what happened to Tatsumi and the giant snow lizard’s fight and reflexively blurted out after seeing that spectacle.




The giant snow lizard was moving with a high speed on the snow. Moving in three dimensions using the trees as its foothold. That in itself is impossible for a human to follow.

But still.

But still, there was a human capable of doing that here.

The giant snow lizard moved at high speeds by kicking the snow and the trees. But Tatsumi was chasing that down with a speed even higher than the lizard.


No, it was not like he was exceeding the lizard in speed. He was going over space and time itself and appearing at the points the lizard would land and swinging his sword to inflict wounds upon it.

Bearing wounds all over its body, the giant snow lizard let out a howl of anger and irritation and brandished it’s hind-limb claws.


But in the next moment, its enemy’s – the human’s – figure disappeared and reappeared behind the giant snow lizard.




Without a word, Tatsumi swung his sword. With a golden, magical, light dwelling on the blade’s body, it violently burst the moment it hit the giant snow lizard’s body.


The different kinds of magic Tatsumi can use are; 《Instant Teleportation》, 《Acceleration》,《Self Recovery》and this 《Magical Attack》.


This 《Magical Attack》which can be said to be more of a sword technique than magic, makes the body of the blade dwell magical power and explodes it upon contact so it can’t be used like a ranged attack which shoot magic.


But to Tatsumi who can use 《Instant Teleportation》and 《Acceleration》, the distance between the opponent and himself doesn’t really matter much.


Once again, the gold magic in the blade exploded and made the huge body of the snow lizard jolt.

But not only are the scales covering the giant snow lizard’s body are tough, its vitality too cannot be compared to that of a human.


And so Tatsumi’s slash did nothing more than wound the lizard a little and its 《Magical Attack》explosion also didn’t leave a deep wound.


If he had poured more magical power into 《Magical Attack》 than into teleporting, he might have been able to break through the sturdy scale. But as keeping up with the giant snow lizards movements without using 《Instant Teleportation》 was impossible, he had no choice but to keep on using half-baked 《Magical Attacks》


After using 《Magical Attack》on the lizard once again, Tatsumi used 《Instant Teleportation》to teleport beside Calcedonia.


“……Ca-Calce.. I leave it to you….. !”


Tatsumi’s breathing was hoarse. Even though he was fighting on ice, he was sweating all over.


Although Tatsumi’s magic supply is practically inexhaustible, the same could not be said about his stamina.


If you continuously keep using magic in an extreme mobile battle, naturally the stamina consumption will also be befitting of that.


While touching Tatsumi’s rising and falling shoulders, Calcedonia used 《Stamina Stimulation》to temporarily recover his stamina.


“…….Are you alright?”


“Ah, that helps a lot. With this, I can keep on going.”


Tatsumi’s figure disappeared yet again after he took a deep breath. He reappeared behind the giant snow lizard and started to make an incessant onslaught on the lizard with his blade clad in magic.


However, Calcedonia understood.

Even if she restored his stamina with her magic, there’s a limit to that. At this rate, Tatsumi’s stamina will be scraped off bit by bit and, sooner or later, it will be depleted.


They had to do something at once. Calcedonia racked her brain desperately without taking her eyes off Tatsumi.

In short, one just had to decrease the amount of snow in the area. But even a child could understand how difficult that would be.


It was impossible to melt all that snow with her 《Fire》type magic and it was also impractical to teleport snow in a wide range with Tatsumi’s teleport.


Tatsumi’s teleport can only move things he can percept clearly. And for that reason, teleporting something as vague as ‘all the snow around this area’ was nonviable.


“….. If only there was something like a landmark here…..”


Like before, he had drawn a circle on top of the snow and used it as a landmark when he went to collect medicinal plants. It would’ve been nice if something like that could be done but in this situation, where even walking was difficult, drawing a circle that big would take up time.


“… Something… it doesn’t matter if it’s magic, just… something, if we could draw a circle on top of the snow… ma-magic…..?


At that moment, inside Calcedonia’s mind, an idea popped up.




Calcedonia turned to face Eru who was just beside her. She discussed what she had just thought up with her.


Meanwhile, Tatsumi’s hands were become heavy from swinging the blade.

In spite of that,l Tatsumi kept swinging his sword with sheer willpower.

However, incomplete sword moves would just get repelled by the giant snow lizard’s strong scales.

Tatsumi created some distance between him and the lizard with his 《Instant Teleportation》 and again went back to inhaling intensely.




The voice of the woman he loves reached Tasumi’s ears, while he was inhaling wildly.

Without dividing attention away from the giant lizard in front of him, he looked at Calcedonia with a side glance and saw her desperately trying to point something out.


—–What is it……? What is Calcedonia trying to show me…?

To Tatsumi’s doubts, there was a red glowing light reflecting into the corner of his eyes.

—–Red….. light….?

Tatsumi ended up following that red light with his eyes instinctively. That ended up giving away an opening the giant snow lizard could take advantage of but, fortunately, it looked like it was also perplexed by the red light and was surveying its surroundings repeatedly.


The red light Tatsumi saw was encircling the entire stretch of lend as if to encompass it completely. Almost as if it was drawn with glowing paint on the snow.


“Master!! I made mistress draw a landmark! Teleport.. Teleport the snow all at once!!”


He could hear Calcedonia’s voice a second time.


And with that, Tatsumi understood everything.

—–I see! This light is Eru-san’s illusion magic!

When he glanced towards Eru, it looked like she was desperately praying for something with her eyes closed. She probably needed to concentrate with her mind and soul to maintain this red light throughout this whole area.


Tatsumi threw down his sword and vigorously dug into the piled up snow at his feet with both of hands.




A loud yell of fighting spirit gushed out from Tatsumi’s mouth.


With the rest of his remaining stamina and using all of his magic, Tatsumi completely recognized all the snow inside the perimeter of the ‘landmark’ and teleported almost all of it in an instant.


At a distance from Tatsumi’s party, a large pile of snow fell and blown down several trees.


All the snow from the place where Tatsumi’s party and the giant snow lizard was disappeared and, at places, even deep, black, earth was exposed.


The ground was all slushy after the snow was gone but now it was barely limiting movement, unlike when the snow was piled up.


“……. Miloulle..!! I.. leave the rest… to you…!!!”


Tatsumi collapsed onto the slippery ground, with his face turned upwards.  He let out hoarse, piercing breaths.


Calcedonia rushes towards Tatsumi, who was lying on the ground. Jadokh, too, rushed to Tatsumi along with Calcedonia.


Eru, who was deploying a wide range illusion magic, also leaned against a nearby tree and was breathing heavily. Beside her, small human figures were touching her cheeks, looking worried.


“…..Ah- Jeez-!!”


While observing these allies, Miloulle, who had been entrusted with the rest, threw away her spear and slowly approached the giant snow lizard.


“…. If you overdo it to this extent then even though I am not Jadokh, I can’t help but want to answer to that expectation!”


Despite the fact that she was complaining, her eyes were shining with determination and conviction.


“I will not be unwilling! I will take revenge for all my comrades in one go!”


A blue magical light overflowed from Miloulle’s body.


As the magical light wrapped around her body, it further increased its glow.


As all the blue light glowed and burst all at once, Miloulle wasn’t there  but in her stead, there appeared a strange looking silhouette.


Covered with glistening scales, there was a  small but wide body with a big head.


Long and narrow limbs stretched out from that somewhat large body, and the fingers became webbed.


Big goggling eyes. Flapping mouth and gills. A big fin adorned the back.


From the wrist to the elbow, there was a large fin, with blade-like sharp edges which shone intimidatingly.


“………….Um- umm…. ha – half-fish, half-human……. ?”


Tatsumi, who was held up by Calcedonia, uttered those words from his mouth.


《Fish-human Transformation》


That was the one and only skill Miloulle could use.



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