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My Pet Is a Holy Maiden – 73





A dry clang echoed down the corner of the morning residential street.

And it was not a single occurrence. Clang, clang, clang, it maintained a consistent rhythm that echoed and echoed.

Or so one thought, until the rhythm was occasionally disturbed. And there were times when you thought that it had gone completely silent, only then it would start again, claaaang, over and over again.


In fact, this was the sound of wood hitting on wood.

The sound of a wooden sword and shield used for training and a wooden staff clashing together.

Of course, it was Tatsumi who wielded the wooden sword. And it was Calcedonia who used the staff.


They were in the garden. Their house garden was quite large and had more than enough space to train and swing their weapons. There was even a small stable in one of the corners, though there were no horses currently kept there.


While Calcedonia had more of a supporting occupation, she was still capable of close quarters combat using weapons. At least, she was far more adept at the use of weapons compared to Tatsumi.

Calcedonia held and twirled the staff which was as long as she was tall, the sounds the staff made as it cut through the air was echoing around them.


The head of the staff traced complex patterns in the air, and then it went in to attack Tatsumi and his wooden sword and shield.

Somehow, Tatsumi managed to anticipate the trajectory of the staff which would surely sweep him off his feet. He swung his shield between his own body and where he knew the blow would land.

He could feel the strength of the impact through the shield. Tatsumi tensed his lower body and held firm to brave this impact.

But now that her staff had been blocked by Tatsumi’s shield, Calcedonia once again twirled the staff in her hand and then thrust it forward like a spear.

Tatsumi could not react to her speed. Even so, he attempted to protect himself with his sword. But he was too late.

The head of the staff met his shoulder in a painful explosion.




A gasp of anguish escaped his lips before he knew it. However, he bored the pain in his right shoulder, and with the shield in his left hand, he swung towards Calcedonia with all of his might.

But the swing and the shield met only empty air. Calcedonia had pulled the staff back like a flash of lightning, she had leaped into the air with the staff as her support.

It was very much like pole vaulting. Of course, she didn’t have much momentum, so her jump was not very high, but it was enough to dodge Tatsumi’s attack.

And from above, she swung her staff vertically downwards onto his open head.

Tatsumi sensed the blow as it was about to land on him, he desperately pulled his head back in an attempt to dodge it.

The staff came down, slightly scraping Tatsumi’s ear before it blasted into his left shoulder.

The pain caused Tatsumi to drop his wooden sword and squat on the spot. Seeing him like this, Calcedonia frantically ran to help him.


“I, I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize that I was hitting so hard! I, I’ll treat it right away!”


Calcedonia knelt next to Tatsumi and immediately started to chant a spell of healing. As soon as it was finished, the pain in Tatsumi’s shoulder disappeared as if it had never existed.

“Ahhhh, damn. I’m still no match for you.”


“Don’t say that. You’ve improved so very much. It’s because you’ve improved so much that I find it difficult to know…how much strength I should…”


Calcedonia said apologetically. Of course, the two had not been fighting in earnest. It was only an early-morning training session.

Tatsumi was still at the point where he was exclusively punished by Calcedonia’s skills, but as she said, he was indeed stronger than before. It was not a lie that Calcedonia was finding it hard to adjust to this.

At this rate, it would not be long until Tatsumi could stand toe-to-toe with Calcedonia in terms of close-quarters combat.


“But really, that staff of yours is…it’s like you can use it for anything.”

Japanese martial artists who use staves have a saying, ‘If you poke, it’s a spear. If you swing, it’s a halberd. If you hold it, it’s a greatsword. There are no mistakes with a staff.’

A staff can turn into anything depending on the skills of the wielder, it was in no way inferior to weapons such as the sword or spear.

Calcedonia applied the healing magic on other parts of Tatsumi’s body before standing up and collecting the wooden sword and returning it to him.


“What now? Do you want to continue?”


“Of course. This time, I will finally beat you!”


“Yes, that’s the spirit.”


The two brandished their weapons and faced one another. They lightly tapped the weapons together as a salute before continuing their intense sparring.








It was starving.

It had not eaten for a very long time.

It would not die of starvation,. But even so, satiating this hunger was it’s top priority now.

It searched through wobbly, -no, softly dense trees, looking for something to eat.

Days and days. It searched between the trees for that something that would fulfill it.


And, at last, it found it.

That giant thing lying between the trees. It too was so very hungry.

The intense desire called ‘hunger’, it was based on an instinct to survive. It was one of the strongest desires of all living things. It crept up to it, slowly.

As it crept closer and closer to its target, it slowly, slowly invaded its body.

In an instant, it was filled with an intense desire. This intense desire, ‘hunger’ was shaking it to its core.

The desire slowly fulfilled it from the inside. Fulfilled its hunger.

The long overdue meal caused it to go mad with joy. Caused it to suck in the desire even more.

But no matter how much it sucked in the desire, it’s desire did not end. That was how strong the ‘hunger’ that it carried was.

It shuddered with glee as it saw that the strong desire continued to overflow, even after it had become full from it.

This intense desire would surely keep it satiated forever. It would stimulate this desire even further, it would eventually reach a much, much more delicious meal.

As it thought this, it stimulated the desire known as ‘hunger’ within it.

It’s huge body jiggled and shook. And then, its once blue eyes changed into an ominous red.

It moved its strong jaw, loudly sounding the sharp teeth that grew within.

It’s clawed legs were small compared to its huge body, yet they moved forward as its giant wings beat the air.

The air seemed to shake, and then the giant body was flying in the sky. It’s long, thin tail curved gracefully.

It was completely covered in black armor. Its giant red-stained eyes searched the skies for the ‘hunger’ that would satiate it.

As it flew in the sky as if it were the lord of all, its eyes caught sight of a large beast in a thick forest.

It was really only large from the perspective of humans, compared to it, it was no more than a conveniently sized meal.

It gnashed its teeth together, it -what the humans call a wyvern, shot down from the sky in a sudden swoop to fall onto the beast.







Drawing a sharp trajectory from below, Calcedonia’s staff struck Tatsumi’s wooden sword so it was pushed upwards.

He had seen this so many times before. Her next move with the staff was sure to aim for his chest like a spear.

Tatsumi tensed his right arm that had been pushed above his head, he swung the wooden sword down towards the staff that came for his chest, as he had predicted.

The wooden sword intercepted the staff before it could reach his chest, he had succeeded in blocking its path.

But perhaps Calcedonia had also predicted this, she quickly retracted the staff and returned to a thrusting position.

He would intercept the staff that was thrust forward again, before it could reach its maximum speed. Tatsumi decided as he stepped forward before Calcedonia made her move.


He had bridged the gap, and she could no longer use momentum in the attack. And like that, the staff crashed into Tatsumi’s shield.

At the moment that the staff came into contact with his shield, Tatsumi adjusted the angle of the shield ever so slightly. And he was able to make the tip of the staff slide upwards.


And then he took another step. He was now even closer to Calcedonia.

The reach of the sword was much shorter than the staff. He needed to take one more step in order to be able to hit Calcedonia.


Just one step, but it was a step. And it was still difficult for the current Tatsumi to take that one step.

But now, her staff had been pushed upwards and seeing this opening, Tatsumi took that last step. Finally, he had brought his sword within striking distance of her.


However, Calcedonia would not go down easily. She didn’t fight against the staff that went off course, instead, she used that movement to move into a spin. The opposite end of the staff came from below, cutting through the air and attacking Tatsumi.

The staff’s course stretched from his feet to his chin. Tatsumi was aware of all of it.

All this repeated training with Calcedonia had not just been for show.


He intercepted the blow from below with his wooden sword. The sword struck the staff with a loud clang, -or so he thought. Before he knew it, he had received a blow to his jaw.




There was no sound of sword against staff at all. Only the pain in his jaw. In other words, she had somehow avoided Tatsumi’s sword and dealt the blow to his face.

As he thought this, he ignored the pain and looked at Calcedonia who stood in front of him.

But Calcedonia herself had a look of surprise, she was staring at the staff in her hands.

The tip of the staff had been cut off, it was now only two-thirds of its original length.


“Ah, huh…?”


Tatsumi also looked at her staff. That staff which had been assaulting him a moment ago was cut as if it had been severed by a sharp blade.

Apparently, the tip of the severed staff was what had hit Tatsumi in the face. The broken pieces were now lying at Tatsumi’s feet.


“Uh, what…?”


“Did, did you do…?”


“No, no, even I couldn’t possibly ‘cut’ something with a wooden sword…?”


They both looked at each other, and yet their expressions conveyed nothing but confusion.




Then it happened.

A small, dry sound came like a whip, and in the next moment, a diagonal line started to appear on the upper half of Calcedonia’s clothes.

As we were in the middle of training, we wore clothing that prioritized mobility instead of armor.

Calcedonia was just wearing normal clothes. There, the line ran, and her white skin was peekomg through the gaps.

While his face turned red, Tatsumi stared at her despite himself. He was a young man after all. He had grown quite used to, -though, never ‘bored’- of seeing his wife’s skin. But it still had the ability to draw his attention.

Then the diagonal line grew larger, and before he knew it, the inside pressure was too much for the clothes, and Calcedonia’s two mounds popped out into the open. Completely.



“Uh, uwawawaw!?”


Tatsumi was even more frantic than Calcedonia by this.

Even if they were on their own property, it was still a garden that could be seen by anyone. Fortunately, the time was early and there were few people walking around in the neighborhood. So there was no one to see them.

Even so, who knew when someone would pass by? He had a slight desire for exclusivity in regards to who was allowed to see the skin of his beloved wife, and he hurriedly covered her breasts.

With his two hands.

This was accomplished by grabbing them from the front. Of course, Tatsumi had not given this any thought. He was only in a panic and had ‘messed up’ without thinking.




Tatsumi only realized what he had done when the suggestive sound escaped his wife’s lips.

He was grabbing his wife’s exposed breasts in the early morning in his garden. There was no doubt, that this is what it would look like from afar.

To be frank, this was so completely off-putting, that he would hardly be able to make any excuses.




Tatsumi was hit by an even stronger feeling of panic. He wordlessly picked Calcedonia up -like a princess, if you will- and ran at full speed back into their house.

At this point, Calcedonia’s face had turned a bright red as Tatsumi held her.


But who knew if it was due to the embarrassment of having her breasts exposed. Or if it was from the joy of being carried like this by her husband.

She alone knew the answer to this.










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