Yuusha no Furi

Chapter 38 Minya’s pride dance! (Job change)

Refreshing sunlight was pouring into the morning bay.

The blue waves of the sea were sparkling.

Days remaining till festival end: 3.


Today as well, I had to come for Lapisia’s swimming training.

But the situation had completely changed.

There was already a crowd of people present. Singles, couples and with families.

People who were relaxing under the parasol, people who were doing a casual swim and people who were playing with the ball.


To my surprise, there was a hut near the forest of the sandy beach.

Behind the small room, there was a part of the forest covered with curtains for people to change clothes.

In the shop, they were providing light meals and drinks along with kickboards and beach parasols.



I ended up muttering reflexively,


“A beach hut…”


“That’s quite the interesting name.”


Celica said, giving a smile.


“I did tell them there was stuff like these in my world. But to think they would already be able to set it up.”


It drew Lapisia’s curiosity so she went running towards it.

I also followed.


The shop was only about 10 tatami mats and was small.

In front of the shop, there was a cart which was cooking and selling food and drinks.

Inside the shop, there was a person with a headband which had ‘Kickboards and parasols are being lent’. It was a familiar face.


“Driad…. You are pretty fast, with quite a lot of things.”


“Ah, if it isn’t the hero-sama. Good morning.”


“So the shop’s boss works himself?”


“When setting out on a new job, at first I take the lead. If I don’t, my subordinates can’t keep up.”


“Hoho. That’s a nice thought. Is the business going well?”


“It is going pretty well. We have already sold 200 swimsuits after all. More people will be coming in afternoon.”


“Doing well I see. Everyone will be coming to Hero Keika’s beach. My name will also spread.”


“Yes, as long as this bay exists, your name will keep spreading.”


—-Having an easy name for the beach would be good for the sell points too. It will be easy to promote.


“How is the high-speed transport coming along? Is it going well?”


“Yes, of course! The population of Naga increased so I can put it out 2 times a day. You can reach the royal capital in half a day so it is really good for business and the reviews are great as well!”


“Any complaints or harassment from the other firms or merchants?”


“There were some on the first day but, that is that. You also fixed merchants guild head Amsbar-san’s cause of a headache, this bay. I received his word, as I am trusted by the hero and Naga. It is all fine now.”


“That’s a relief— I am counting on you then.”


“Yes, please leave it to me!”



I left the beach hut and looked at the sand beach.

About 50 people were enjoying swimming in the bay. It was bustling with happy voices.


I was being content that it had all went quite well but, Minya said with a frightened voice,


“Keika-onii-chan… let’s go back.”


“Nn? What happened?”


“People, a lot of them..”


Minya was a furry so she was not good with people. If she was swimming in her swimsuit, she would not be able to hide her tail and ears.

——They are so cute too.

It probably won’t be good to force her to swim. There’s no point if she does not have fun.


It was dangerous to send her back alone so I decided to go with her.


“Then, I will drop you off at the inn.— Celica, I leave the training to you. And Lapisia, call me immediately if a bad person appears. And protect Celica for me.”


“Yes, Keika-sama.”  “Got it, Keika.”


Being relieved by their lively replies, I went back with Minya.

After dropping her off at the inn, I guess I will try investigating the mayor’s surrounding a bit.


I walked through the port city with Minya.

As we were walking, we met Madam. She had her tiger-striped round ears and tail magnificently exposed.


“Ara, you two. It has been a while~”


“Good morning, Madam. Did something happen?”


“Minya-chan’s clothes are done so I came to deliver.”


“That was fast. I am pretty sure it needed some very specific material.”


“Since I received ‘Ingredient-spider’s silk’ from Celica-chan, I could finish it up perfectly.”


“Ohh. That is nice.”


“Oh by the way, I also brought your clothes.”


“Thanks. This shirt and pant are quite tight.”


“They suit you quite well though, it is a shame~”


Minya looked up to Madam expressionless and asked,


“Why… do you not hide them?”


“My ears and tail? Well, that is, of course, my pride. It would be a waste to hide them.”


“But, it is dangerous…”


“What are you saying? They are afraid of furries because furries are stronger than humans. If you walk confidently with them out, the humans won’t come do anything. Minya-chan, do you have confidence?”


“I don’t…. I am… weak..”


I put my hands on her shoulder and said,


“Don’t worry. I will make you strong so be confident.”




“Yes, really.”


Madam said while laughing,


“Make him turn you into a woman while he’s at it.”






“Yes, take this– And come by the shop again.”


Madam handed over the bag with the clothes to me, turned around elegantly and left while laughing.



Minya gripped my hands tight and sight,


“…..Let’s go.”


“Yep, let’s return to the inn.”


I let out a sigh of relief and kept walking with Minya.



The luxurious fourth floor of the inn.

A vast room as soon as you get in. A white wall and soft, fluffy carpet. A big window facing the balcony.


“Lie down on the bed wearing your swimsuit.”


“Got it.”


I hand over the clothes to her. We go into two separate bedrooms.

I quickly change into the Japanese clothes. I had been wearing this for so many years that it calms my heart.


Then I left the room and knocked the other one.


“Minya, are you ready? I am coming in.”


I opened the door and got in.

It was a room with two beds. A lamp on the side table was illuminating the room.


Minya was lying on the bed in her swimsuit.

She was looking at the ceiling expressionless but her tail was wagging left to right.

I sat next to her and put my hands on top of her head and chest. Her skin was warm.




“It’s okay. It won’t hurt that much.”


I would just be adding to the blank column of ‘occupation’ medical treatment won’t be needed like it was for Celica.


I had already decided on what occupation to give her.

She had said she wanted to wear similar clothes.

Then this is the only one.

While tracing her collarbone and sides, I looked into her eyes.


“You’re really sure about it, right? Well, I can always revert it if you don’t like it.”


“I am sure. I want to be with Keika.”


She looked up at me with teary eyes. Her pointy ears moved.


Finishing tracing her body, I rewrote her status.

As pain went through her body, she gritted her teeth gripped the sheets.

There were wrinkles in the sheets now.


“Alright, it’s done!”


I let go.

At that moment, Minya’s body started shining.




I looked at her Status with Truth Eyes.






Name: Minya

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Race: Cat-human

Occupation: Kagura Sword Dance Miko (Ancient Shinto sword dancing shrine maiden)

Class: Dancing Lv1 (Advanced Level) Burglary Lv1 Cookery Lv13

Element: Quiet Storm

Member of: Hero Keika’s party



Physical strength: 64 (5) Highest growth potential- 553

Speed: 80 (6) Highest growth potential- 707

Magical power: 32 (2) Highest growth potential- 145

Intelligence: 24 (1) Highest growth potential- 089

Luck: 40 (3) Highest growth potential- 172


Dance Fight Skill

To dance: Dancing with elegant movements




I nodded.


“And so, Minya, you are a Miko from now on.”




“A woman who serves God. You offer your sword dance.”


“I got it… I will serve you my whole life.”


Minya nodded with a serious expression.


I hold up the clothes Madam gave me.


“Now then, it will be quite difficult to wear this. I made her simplify the details. This is the cloth Mikos wear!”


“I will do my best.”


She wore the Miko dress as I told her to.




“It looks good on you.”


Her top was a white robe and bottom was a black hakama. The edge of the hakama went till the knees. It made her white skin stand out more.

Of course, the ears and tail were not hidden.

There was a belt on her waist, in which were two knives.


Minya said while pulling on the black hakama,


“If it’s this then… wouldn’t red be better?”


“There are quite a lot of colors. You can pick what you want. There are times when the Miko’s wear other colored hakamas while dancing Kagura.”


“I see…. I somewhat, feel stronger.”


“Yea, you’re stronger. Actually, there is a special blade for it too but”


“This one is fine.”


She drew the knife around her waist with unbelievable speed.

Her mystical Miko dress and the unrefined shining knife brought about an unbalance.


With gallant light shining in her eyes, she looked up at me and said,


“Keika-onii-chan… How do I look?”


“You look good, very good.”




“You’re giving off a more dangerous vibe than strong.”


“I see…”


I answered normally but her ears were moving happily.


“Well, let’s go out to the city. There’s something I would also like to investigate.”


“Got it.”


Minya put her knife in the bag and gripped my hand.

I somewhat feel she grew in height a bit.




The sky was clear and blue.

I went through the port city, which had buildings lined up with red roofs and white walls, with Minya.

We caught the eyes of the people.

Well, that will obviously be the case if two person walked side by side wearing clothes from a foreign country.


Minya was expressionless but her black eyes were shining with strength.

When she moves, her black hakama and white robe flutters.

Although her hand which was gripping mine was sweating, she was walking confidently with her ears and tail out.

She did not feel fear.


“How is it? You’re not scared, right?”


“Yup… The wind feels nice.”


“Just like the Madam said, it is okay for you to walk confidently with your ears and tail out. People do not like conflict after all.”


As I told her that, she gripped my hand and said,


“Keika-onii-chan…. Thank you.”


“Don’t worry about it. It is also for my sake. —- Let’s go out to a more crowded place to help you get used to it.”




I started walking towards the direction from which I could hear the music.




The place we reached after walking casually was a wide place from which the sea was visible.

At the edge of the vast space, there was a stage and a crowd was gathering up.

On the horizontal banner, ‘Dance Contest’ was written.


“Dance, eh? There are quite a lot of attractions, ri— oh?”


My eyes got fixated on one of the people on the judge’s seat.

It was the lead I was searching for.




And then, Minya suddenly said,


“I want to enter.”


“Eh? I am not good at dancing.”


“Alone. I want to enter alone… I want to offer it.”


Offering Kagura, eh?

I was wondering if she could do it right after the job change but that determination makes me happy.


I said while petting her charming black hair,


“Try it. I am looking forward to it.”


“I will do my best.”


Her young face was brimming with resolution.

And then, with strong steps, she pushed her way through the crowd and registered.

I became happy thinking that she had really gotten strong.




After a while, the host started speaking,


“Now then, we will begin port city’s custom, the dance contest! Dancer number 1, please come on to the stage!”


The dance contest had begun.


In number order, from 1, they kept coming from the back of the stage and danced for 5 minutes to the band’s music.

The man-woman pairs were doing the waltz with elegant movements.

Then came a group of 10 people who lined up straight and presented a dance with no distortion.

After that, a group of 3 young men came on stage and energetically danced all around the stage, somersaulting one after the other. The rhythmic sports gymnastic-like dance had fascinated the crowd.


Those were all judged by the judges sitting near the stage.

An old woman with white hair wearing black clothes, strict looking middle-aged woman, and a big fat man. He was like a white pig, sitting on the judge’s seat and was eating snacks all the time.

On his nameplate, ‘Mayor substitute- Jean’ was written. He seems to be the mayor’s son.

—— To think he had such a son.

He was full of weak spots. It would probably be easy to make him fall into a trap.


The audience was making quite the commotion, applauding or booing after every performance.

The bustling voices continued.




And then came Minya’s turn.

Along with quiet music of stringed instruments, she walked onto the stage. The knives she held in both hands shined.

Even being expressionless, she moved her thin limbs full of emotion.

Her legs felt as if they were sliding along the floor. Turning her hands largely, she danced as if she was offering something.

Her thin black tail elegantly jolted and her cat-ears got pointy.

Sometimes fast, sometimes slow.

She created action and stillness on the stage.

Bathing in the sunlight, her white skin was sparkling.


It was a little different from Kagura, but her mystical movements continued.

Even the noisy crowd was just watching in silence.


Swinging her knives as she rotated, she started dancing like a fierce wind.

Her knives shined like lightning.

At the end, she quietly fell to her knees like water flows down and finished her performance.


And a moment later, the crowd was noisy again.

Seeing such a mystical dance for the first time, they were surprised and perplexed.

My heart was warmly satisfied.

It was a dance full of feeling towards me, who she believed in.

If I was running out of strength, this would have completely revived me.

I thought of complimenting a lot later.




Even after that, the contest continued and I got to see many different types of dance.

After about 2 hours, the performances ended and the 3 judges came and stood on the stage.

Behind them, all the performers were lined up.

The host starts speaking again,


“Thank you all for your amazing performances! And now, we will announce the results!”


The acrobatic 3 men dance group was picked as 1st place.

The performer who shot apples on top of people’s head with arrows took 2nd place.

3rd was the line dance.

Each of them came forward, took their prize and received compliments.



It seems like Minya’s dance was not understood. Well, it can’t be helped.

Although she was bravely standing at the corner of the stage, her ears were drooping.


The host continued,


“Now then, this would have been the end normally, but we have a special winner this time! It is number 13, the one who presented us with a foreign country’s dance!”


The moment her name was called, her ears stood up.

After looking around restlessly a bit, she started walking forward with refined steps.

But her tail was wagging with joy.


The host said with a smile,


“Your mystical dancing was wonderful! So much that all of the judges were troubled. Congratulations!”


The audience applauded and whistled.

Even though she was a bit perplexed, she bowed. Her black hair flowed down.


“Thank… you.”


The applauds just kept increasing and she kept bowing.


And then she was given the prize.

The next attraction seems to be in the evening; A concert while looking at the setting sun.

I thought the people and all the attractions were very refined.



And then,

The mayor substitute, Jean, got close to Minya.





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