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70 Part 1

Chapter 70 – Make It Bloom Into A Flower Of Light With Twenty Six



I broke into a dash as I was looked down from a height similar to a three-storey building.


Still, considering our size differences, a single hit from it would probably kill me on the spot. Judging by its appearance alone it seemed to me that it was stronger than Jiisha. I was getting fired up!




The oni’s thunderous roar made my skin shiver. As it kept on roaring, the oni raised its gigantic metal club over its head.


“If that hits me… I’m done for.”


That thing is definitely overkill. No need to think too much about it. The oni used its tremendous strength to swing down that hefty lump of metal, which could easily weigh a ton.


“If it hits me, that is.”


The point where the gigantic metal club hit the ground burst open and sent huge chunks of ground in the air as if it had been hit by an aerial bombing. I got sent flying about a meter up into the air as well.


The gigantic oni’s eyes followed me as I flew in the air.


“Oh, sh…”


The oni took a step forward and launched his huge left fist at me.


–This is bad, this is really bad.


The only thing I could do while in mid-air was to activate my Gale.


I was barely able to avoid the oni’s gigantic fist –which made a roaring-like sound as it drew near– and then landed safely on the ground.


That was scary! It made my heart jump so badly that I couldn’t even say anything.


I simply didn’t have any time to do so.


I could see a faint shadow amongst the cloud of dust that had risen in the battlefield. It warned me of what was coming from above.


–There’s no time, move, move! If I stop for even one second, I’m dead.


Immediately after I jumped away from that spot, a gigantic foot stomped onto the ground right where I was, making a thunderous sound as it came down.


But it didn’t end there.




Almost at the same time as it spoke, its entire body burst into blue flame.




I felt as if I heard something… But I was caught in the blast, unable to determine what it was.




■ □ ■ □ ■







I hit my back against a wall, which took away every single ounce of air I had in my lungs.


–That was rough.


If it weren’t for that other flame that engulfed my body a split second before the oni’s blue flame reached me, it would’ve been a perfectly direct hit.


I couldn’t help but keep asking myself what on earth was that… but it looked like I wouldn’t have enough time to even ask that out loud.


A gigantic fireball drew near before my eyes, leaving me with little choice about what to do.


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