Tsumi Kake
Chapter 1 – It’s all darned rotten

He wanted to say it in a voice which would resound throughout the world.

“It’s all darned rotten. I was too late.”

With a frown, he sighed.

By the time he realized, he was an infant saying ‘abaaba’. Or rather, he couldn’t say anything else.
Listening in on the conversation between nurse and the caretaker, it didn’t take him long to come to the conclusion that he had reincarnated into a different world.
The memories of his previous life breaking off on the way to him.
In short, shards of glass or a potted plant or a person trying to commit suicide fell from a nearby mansion, directly on his head.
Death at the age of 29–quite early to drop out from life but, it seems like he is a landlord in the place he reincarnated to.

“As expected from count Cline Celt’s son. Just like his father, it’s as if talent is overflowing from him.”

“So beautiful even though he is still a baby. He will surely have unparalleled good looks like his mother.”

Hearing these, he thought his second life wasn’t going to be so bad. A very calculating guy.
The existence of magic also spurred his motivation. Although, the magicians are persecuted by the church, so he wasn’t blessed with the chance to learn magic.
And then, being two years old today, he had his first meeting with his parents in this life. His parents visit the territory two times a year as they are generally working at the capital but they couldn’t meet him because he had a fever those times.
Puffing his chest with expectations, he waited in the dining hall which had chairs with eight legs lined up. On the table, a pile of seafood platters were decorated.
From what he has heard, his father seems to be a quick-witted fellow with a sturdy body, carrying out his duties as a government official while wonderfully managing the land, as well. On the portrait he had found of his father, his father looked extremely handsome, with blonde hair and blue eyes.
His mother seems to be of an honorable origin whose parents’ home was located in the capital. He heard that as she was so beautiful, the amount of wedding proposals she received were unbelievably high. On top of that, she seems to be a tender-hearted person with good morals and was also deeply trusted by the citizens. On the portrait, she had brown hair and pure white skin and looked so beautiful that one might just fall in love at first sight.
And as such, his expectations were high. Pointing the admiration he had towards heroes when he was young in his previous life towards his father, and the admiration he had for the elder sister at preschool towards his mother.

“……Even though I was so excited…”

—What is this extremely fat pig…?
He silently muttered, looking at the man wearing noble clothes entering the dining hall. The man then went on and settled down on the chief seat. The chair squeaked and made a snapping sound.
It seems like the chairs had 8 legs so that it doesn’t lose balance even if one snaps. He commended and at the same time, was exasperated at the craftsman for his creativity towards such a useless thing.

“My son. I am glad to meet you like this. However, there’s one thing I must say first. It seems like you say thanks to the servants, huh? You’re born as a high class no—”

Ignoring the pig blabber on, he looked beside it. There was a human-like thing sitting there, barely recognizable as a female from appearance.
Her face was dented as if it came directly out of a mirror and had meaningless thick makeup on the surface. That’s bound to fail. Makeup on this woman is a real big waste.

“Sora! Are you listening!?”

“I am, mother.”

The child named Sora replied to his mother, wearing a bitter expression.
He was slowly starting to have doubts.
The servants’ who had praised his parents had stiff expressions on their faces. Even the maid who fell into panic mode when he treated her kindly–the one who wasn’t surprised seeing the doctor going ‘a human was born from those two?!’ after seeing Sora, was acting as if nothing was off.
In short, it seems like all the fame and praise he heard about his parents were a lie and the servants were just forcibly praising them to avoid getting punished.
Now that he understood that, he thought he must confirm one thing.
In the future, the condition of the Cline Celt territory which Sora will have to inherit.
After finishing dining with his parents, he creeped into the feudal lord’s office and couldn’t help but laugh like a mad person.
It will all come up, it will all come up soon–bribes, usurpation, heavy taxation, using the territory army to kidnap the citizens to enslave, etc.
There’s a limit to being a miscreant. He couldn’t help but sympathize with the doctor’s feelings.

“There’s basically no information regarding the land. Do your goddamn job. There might be some at the capital but it seems unlikely.”

Sora facepalmed and glared at the ceiling.
In other words, the speech at the beginning actually meant something like this.

“It’s(system) all darned rotten. I was too late(to reincarnate).”

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