89 Part 1

Reincarnation Into The Barrier Master

Chapter 4 Niza Principality Arc

Episode 89 A Request From The Princess


I saw Rico when I woke up. I thought it was a dream, but it really was her.

Still doubting my eyes, I stared at her without blinking. Rico slowly approached my bedside.


“It’s morning. Please wake up.”


“… Rico? Why are you here?”


“I have come to deliver your breakfast using the Teleportation Formation you set up before leaving. I thought you might find Niza’s meals to be unpalatable. So I made breakfast and brought it here. Don’t you have an audience with the Dwarf King today? If your stomach grumbles during the audience, it would be embarrassing.”


“Oh, thank you.”


There were different kinds of sandwiches in the basket Rico brought along. And they were still warm. She must have woken up early to prepare them. Thinking about it made me so happy that I involuntarily hugged her.

I had an impulse to push her down but managed to control myself.


“Please do your best.”


“I think I can do my best thanks to you, Rico. Thank you. I’m saved.”


I kissed her forehead. She looked content. With a sweet cheerful expression, she hopped on the Teleportation Formation and returned to the Imperial Capital.


Contrary to my expectations, Niza’s breakfast was delicious. Everything was cooked using the relief supplies I brought. Kurumfar used fairly good water, soil, and fertilizer. Naturally, the taste of the ingredients was affected as well, and these ingredients from Kurumfar were very popular in the Imperial Capital. If you cook with them, generally the cooking would turn out delicious. Had I not eaten the sandwiches Rico made, I would have enjoyed seconds for the Niza style breakfast.


After that, Yuri came to guide us to meet the Dwarf King. The king, who appeared in front of the small but extravagant audience, had a small stature but his face looked formidable with his majestic beard.


“I am Niza Duke Amon, King of Niza Principality. Marques Versam, you often went out of your way to visit me. And I thank you for the extensive amount of supplies. With this, our kingdom will be able to recover.”


“Ha ha. My brother-in-law, his Majesty the Emperor Hideta, is deeply grieved by the recent disaster in your kingdom. If there is anything else we can assist with, please don’t hesitate to let us know.”


“Hmm, that’s very reassuring. I heard that you will stay in our kingdom for a while. I heard that you will stay in our kingdom for a while. During that time, please relax and enjoy the stay. I would like to hold a banquet for you on another day. We’ll decide on the details later on. This time is quite troublesome due to the disaster, so please pardon me.”


The Dwarf King quickly left after giving the brief greetings. And I returned to the room I was designated to.


“It’s kind of laid back. I was assuming we would be told to get rid of the deer as soon as possible.”


“You’re right —. Nevertheless, I think it’s better to deal with the damages caused by the deer as soon as possible —.”


Afternoon came while we were chatting. We all proceed to have lunch in our room. After the meal, right when we considered checking on Irimo’s condition, a lady visited our room.


“Pleasure to meet you. I’m Niza Considy, the daughter of King Niza. My father wishes an audience in private with the Marquess for consultation. Pardon me, but would you mind coming with me to my father’s room?”


Her appearance looked like a second-year junior high school student. I also wanted to discuss various things with the Dwarf King, so I immediately agreed to her invitation. The lady, who called herself Considy, led the way to the Dwarf King’s room, and we head there together.


We arrived at the king’s room and found the king’s face to be purplish-red in complexion.


“Huff …. Were you surprised?”


“This is …. You look like a completely different person!”


“The person you saw during the audience was my body double. As might be expected, it would be rude of me to only have my body double meet the messenger from the Hideta Empire. That being said, I had my daughter summoned for you.”


“My father has been ill for about a year. We would like to consult with Marquess Versam regarding this illness.”


“Please, elaborate more.”


“At about the same time my father fell ill, the other royal families, one after another, had fallen ill with the same symptoms as well.”


“What kind of symptoms?”


“At first, the body became sluggish. After that, severe pain began to overwhelm the body. Then, walking became difficult. Symptoms such as shaky hands appeared later. Lastly, the body gradually weakened.”


“Does Recovery Magic have any effects on the symptoms?”


“Of course, we tried that. If we utilize Extra Heal, the symptoms seemed to improve a little. But after a while, similar symptoms returned. I have utilized Recovery Magic 5 times on my father, but it did not seem to improve his condition. In fact, Recovery Magic is almost ineffective now.”


“I see …. And what would you like to consult with me about?”


“We suspected that there might be someone who poisoned this royal family, including our father. We would like Marquess Versam to put a barrier around Father.”

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