90 Part 1




“Deers! Deers have appeared!”

“Protect the crops! Use your body as a shield to protect it!”

At dawn, I heard such a voice and woke up. I rushed out of the room. I saw some soldiers heading for the deers and quickly followed them. When I went outside the castle, I was met with a sight I had never expected.

Deers had entered the fields that were supposed to be barriered and were devouring the crops. The soldiers were trying to protect the food from the deers by covering the crops that have not yet been eaten. However, the deers easily threw the soldiers aside and proceeded to devour the crops.

More than anything, my barrier is the problem. Despite the fact that I had put up a barrier to prevent non-human creatures from entering, dozens of deers were easily able to get in. The barriers themselves have not been broken, and are still intact. How on earth? I am confused. Calm down, calm down and think.

“It’s over… this country is over…”

Hearing the soldier’s murmur, I came to my senses. As I looked, I saw that the deers had devoured all the crops had not had enough and were now trying to devour the remains of the crops and leaves. In the blink of an eye, the field had become nothing but soil.

As we watched in amazement, the deers easily overcame the high walls and began to move tobarrier the forest. On the way, when they reached the boundary of my barrier, a lightning-like flash came from the deers, and they went out of the barrier. Upon closer inspection, I saw a small deer at the head of the herd, guiding a group of deers many times its size into the forest.

“Oh! It… it can’t be…”

I heard such a voice from behind me. I turned and looked to see Lady Considine standing on the balcony of the castle, looking at the fields. Noticing my gaze, she gave me a glance and quickly left the scene.

“Marquis, please, return to your room.”

The maid who seemed to have followed me urged me to go back to my room.

“Master’s barrier was broken?”

“Are you kidding me? That barrier that I was trapped in and couldn’t get out of was broken by a deer?”

When I reported back to the room, everyone turned over. I wasn’t too proud of myself, but I was confident about my barriers. It never occurred to me that a deer could get past my barriers.

“If my barriers don’t work, then I really have no choice but to thin out the deer.”

“Leave it to me, Mr. Rinos. I’ll take out all the deers.”

Ferris is always in good spirits. Surely, with the power of a dragon, it would be easy to thin out the deers. While I was thinking about this, Prime Minister Yuri appeared.

“I’m sorry, Marquis, but I need you to come with me right away.”

“How can I help you?”

“The king has fallen.”


“A few minutes ago, after having breakfast, he tried to get up and fell down, breaking his left arm. It would have been fine if that was all, but he complained of pain all over his body. Even within the barriers of the Marquis’s palace, his condition has not improved at all, in fact, it seems to be getting worse. I’m sorry, but I would like you to lift the king’s barrier’s once.”

“Okay, okay.”

This time, the king has collapsed, despite the fact that we have put up a barrier that completely blocks out poisons. What the hell is going on in this country? I can’t keep up with my thoughts at all.

Prime Minister Yuri took me to the King’s Chamber. Inside the room, the Dwarf King was lying on his bed, having been healed by a healing magician. At his urging, I lifted the barriers that had been placed on the Dwarf King.

“I’m so sorry for my inadequacy.”

“Marquis Versam. No, it’s not your fault. It’s my life.”

“All the crops in the castle’s fields have been destroyed by the deers.”

“I heard that too. The other party is a Messenger of God. It’s no wonder your barriers were broken.”

“King Dwarf, I still think we should subdue the deers. If this continues, the Principality of Niza will collapse. Please let me take care of the deers.”

“The deer shall not be subdued.”

The Dwarf King shook his head helplessly.

“My king, why do you oppose the killing of the deers? I understand that we Dwarves have an ancient law against harming deer. But this is an emergency. If we Dwarves can’t do it, why don’t we leave it to the Marquis Versam? Then the dwarves won’t have harmed the deer!”

Despite Prime Minister Yuri’s desperate attempts to persuade him, the King stubbornly refused to budge, insisting that the deer could not be killed.

“My Majesty… are you trying to destroy this country?”

“I have no intention of destroying the country. Perhaps this outbreak of deers is the Deer God’s way of punishing me. I have made my fortune by creating and trading in superior weapons and armor. I have been too attached to it. The country has grown richer, yes. But I forgot the heart of a Dwarf. I suppose I deserve what I get now.”

“What is the one thing that a Dwarf must never forget?”

“It’s a spirit of making things that are good for the world and good for people, and polishing our skills for that purpose.”

“My king! With all due respect, every Dwarf alive in this land has spent his life honing his craft! What is wrong with creating superior weapons and armor? We need to defend ourself from the demons! Didn’t we stop the invasion?”

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