Season 2 Chapter 15

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Ian had been a bit suspicious about Jerry and Kai casting the camouflage spell at first.


[Shadow fairy, ruler behind the veil. Listen to our plea and hand him the blessing of disguise.]


Even the way they cast the spell was strange, as the two only repeated those words as they circled Ian. They circled Ian even more furiously, and Ian thought they would faint when he felt a change. His shadow circled up around him and began to writhe. It was like a shell around him and stayed that way for a while.


“Is it done?”

[Here, the mirror. Look.]

[Our deceased father told us we did this spell better than him.]


Ian looked around to see that he had blue skin, white eyes, and thick brown hair. His clothes also had changed to armor similar to the one Hercules had worn. His outer appearance was that of a Superior, and he would need to work on how he acted now.


[Are you satisfied?]

“Not bad. Thank you.”


That one praise had been enough, as the two kids smiled.


[Be careful. I heard that the center was a dangerous place.]

“I will keep that in mind.”


Ian then turned to face Argol.


“While the protection will last a while, please find a new site for your village while I am gone.”

[Right. Please come back safely, as our village’s safety rests on you.]

“Yes, let us both be safe.”


Ian no longer considered the villagers his enemy, as it had become evident that they were the victims here, victims like Yohana and others had lived in fear for twenty years. Ian had seen too many memories to see them as hostile threats now.


“Then, let’s meet again.”


Ian left the village and headed for the Superior’s Heart. The memories he had read would help him.


[Please, wait for a minute!]


However, someone stopped him. She was one of the villagers and a young woman. Argol’s memories identified her for Ian, and her name was Natasha, who had been a close friend with Michelle Greenriver.


“What is it?”

[I was…]


Ian waited, as she would probably have something to say about Michelle.


[Are you trying to find Michelle?]

“That is not my main goal, but I am going to look for her during my search.”


Ian’s answer was a positive one.




Natasha thought over Ian’s answer for a while before continuing to speak.


[I have something to say if you’re really looking for Michelle.]

“Please, speak.”

[Michelle had actually… come near our village after heading to the clock tower.]


Her words differed from what Argol had said, as the village leader had stated that Michelle had never come back to the village after heading out.


[She had come here because of a task she had to complete in order to become one of the clock tower… She had come here to hunt in the Land of Wolves…]


Ian’s head hurt on hearing those words, as some of the analyst’s memories that had been blocked out had revived. According to the analyst’s memories, that task referred to the twelve tasks one received from the Olympus Hall. Only after completing the twelve tasks did one become a ruler.

If Michelle had been doing that… she really had been curious about what lay at the top of the clock tower. Ian would need to experience that also, as one became the lowest-class ruler after completing the twelve tasks. It would also bring immense strength and powers.

That may also be the only way to solve everything. Ian may need to become stronger than the Superior people to remove all dangers to Middle Earth. While it would take a long time, that may be the only way to salvation.


“What else did you talk about?”

[Nothing much…but she did say something about the camouflage spell.]

“What is it?”

[She said to visit the underground city first and find Loken, a caster if we needed to visit the central again. She also said that Loken’s camouflage spell was intricate enough to fool the rulers.]


This may help Ian to also receive the twelve tasks, and Ian kept that name in mind.


“Is that all?”

[While Michelle wanted to keep this talk a secret… I thought the information would be useful to find her.]


Natasha lowered her head as she spoke.


[Tell her that I would like to see her again.]

“…I will do that.”



Ian confirmed a few things as he headed for the Superior’s Heart. First, the Teleport Spell did not work like it was blocked. Also, Hercules’s tip had worked, as while Ian had met a few Superior people with Father’s Blood, they had not suspected Ian at all. That was satisfactory.

Since he had decided to follow Michelle Greenriver’s path, which meant receiving a camouflage spell from Loken and undergoing the twelve tasks from the Olympus Temple’s statue.

He saw the black onyx walls surrounding the central, which was even more massive than what he had seen in the memories. However, the red portal that acted as the gate and the two Gigantes guards made Ian more alert.

The guards, a bit smaller than the analyst, held each being that wanted to enter the Superior’s Heart to observe them silently and then let them pass. Ian also lined up, and now it was his turn.

However, Ian noticed that the Superian in front of him seemed strange. He was shaking and became even more anxious as he stood in front of the guards.




He could not complete his words as the guards pulverized the Superian into a pulp. Only the powder that had been the camouflage spell floated in the air. Ian had no time to react, as it was his turn now. Ian stood next to the corpse, as he would have to raise barriers and turn back time if necessary.

However, the guards lowered their spears for Ian to enter, and Ian silently sighed in relief as he went in. Jerry and Kai had done their job, as Ian had now entered the Superior’s heart without much difficulty.


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