­ Pieric Province (2)

“Is it?”

“Yes, there is no other path connecting to the empire except the valley of the big snake. Otherwise, they have to climb over mountains, but it is not easy to move troops across the mountain.”

Mcgedie had already become a loyal ‘guide’ of the province. Ian knew most of these facts, but there was a few pieces of information that he didn’t know, so he pretended he hadn’t been to the province.

“So the trolls we saw yesterday must have come across the mountains.”

It was nearly impossible to guard every side of the mountains from monsters. Furthermore, who would expect them to assault a supply troop? It was weird, indeed.

‘The hobgoblin I saw before was supposed to only be seen at the great grass field.’

Ian recalled the event at the Mogrian Province. Did that hobgoblin cross these mountains like the trolls?

‘Maybe not.’

Ian had thought about it for a moment, but soon he shook his head. There was a possibility, but it was too low. It was quite far from here to the northern territory. Any monsters who tried to cross the territory would have been slain before reaching the Mogrian Province.

“Also the Pieric land lord is fighting at the valley. He always fights at the front line as the vanguard, which always scares us.”

Mcgedie kept up with his explanations. The young land lord, Kalian Pieric. The man who was called, ‘The best warrior of the eastern territory.’ Ian also had a talk with him in his former life.

‘It was a rather big problem that the best warrior was the land lord.’

He always risked his life at the front lines. Although he had no retainer, he always fought recklessly. He was a true warrior, but not a good leader who considering the province’s future.

“Anyway, without your help, I would be in huge trouble.”

Indeed, he would be in huge trouble. Mcgedie had been conducted for only one year. However, in his former life, Ian was conducted to this area. It was around the end of this year in his former life. What did this mean? If Mcgedie had survived that ambush, Ian wouldn’t have been conducted to this province.

‘He must have died by those trolls.’

In his former life, Mcgedie had been killed, and there had been a vacancy in the conducted mages, so Ian had been conducted to the Pieric Province.

“I thank you again. I almost gave up my life. I heard that trolls eat human flesh, it’s so scary…..”

Mcgedie shook his body. Ian saw him for a moment. He had a soft and white face, and a small body. Also, he wore a robe that was too big for him.

‘She costumed herself as male’
Just like my Grandma…

Ian already knew her secret from long ago. He had already checked the brief information of the mission. There was information about the conducted mage as well.

‘She must be having a hard time.’

A mage had huge authority. Also, they were quite powerful. Hostile soldiers? If she wanted, she could turn them into burnt barbeque in few seconds. However,

‘She doesn’t have any social experience.’

Most mages were called to the academy at 12 years old, and they lived in the socially isolated academy for 5 years. Hence, most of those fresh mages had no social experience. And this 5 year conducting system was designed to cover up their lost 5 years social life.

‘She must be in a lot of deep pressure due to the circumstances of this hostile province.’

It was the province where war occurred most commonly among the empire. She must be scared by its dangerous atmosphere. She was scared even further due to her shy characteristics. In addition, she had been conducted for only 1 year.

‘She must have changed her appearance and voice by spell.’

Maybe that’s why. The reason she chose to costume as male. It was the ‘best solution’ according to her experience.

‘I don’t think it was good choice.’

To Ian, it was her mistake. Although some soldiers might underestimate her, she had solid authority, and magic. They couldn’t cross her line.

‘Rather than a man,’

Rather than a weak and coward man, it would be a better choice for her to be a female. At least she would be treated well in the name of the manners for a lady.

“There, that’s the valley of the big snake.”

Mcgedie said while pointing to the front. From a far distance, there was the biggest front line in the eastern territory. Ian could reach the point quickly if he had no companions to protect.

“Wait a second, please.”

Ian stopped the march and then floated to the sky. Then, he gathered his mana and released it to every side.


A magic that detects any living signal nearby. A transparent wave spread to the far distance. It was a detect spell that was cast by Ian. Its range was much bigger than other mages.


There was no movement from other monsters. After finish detecting, Ian came down to the ground.

“I will see you guys there. There are no monsters nearby, so don’t worry.”

Soldiers were embarrassed when they heard Ian was leaving them behind, and relieved when they heard that there were no monsters nearby. It was only Mcgedie who looked sad still.

‘It was a good moment….’

Mcgedie felt sadness. With Ian around, the soldiers showed respect to her as well. She hadn’t received such respect since she had been conducted to the province. Her dreamlike moment had ended shortly.

“See you there.”

Ian flied to the valley of the big snake. His mission was to ‘finish the issue of the eastern province.’ By any means necessary, he was ordered to solve this problem. Whether slaying every single monster or finding out source of the issue and destroying it. The valley was the debut stage of Ian Page’s mission.

“Bring me ten of those disgusting heads!”

The scale of the valley was huge. It was the only path that connected the empire and the Great Grass Field. The valley of the big snake was a chaotic war field.

“Don’t even think about dying before that!”

Together with the leading of the great land lord Kalian Pieric, his soldiers, imperial soldiers, and the 3rd class mages were guarding the valley desperately. Endless tides of monsters were coming.

“Do you copy?”

“Yes, my lord!”

The young great land lord, Kalian. He shouted bravely while wielding his duel axes. His vanguards also rushed towards the monsters bravely. However, the situation was turning ugly for them.

‘They are being overwhelmed by their numbers.’

Ian was watching them from above. He could see the power imbalance clearly. Looking at those tides of monsters. Mages were resting at the back row.

‘They seem to be mana breathing.’

It seemed like their mana was depleted. It showed how long and desperate the war has been.

‘I better block their path first.’

If the war remained like so, they would be doomed. The monsters knew that, so they kept pushing.

‘But first, I better drink a half elixir.’

Ian took off the cap of Douglas’ special half elixir. A bitter smell stunk up his nose.


The effect of the half elixir spread through his whole body. Indeed, Douglas’ confidence was reasonable. From its power to warm up time, it was superior to his father’s half elixir.

‘He is indeed a worthy rival who killed me in my former life.’

Although it sounded wrong, it was a compliment. He was the creator of the poison that killed this mighty 8th class mage. In his former life, of course.


After a smile, Ian looked down the giant valley. Ian knew the solution that would stop the war at the valley. Although he couldn’t eliminate those monsters, he was able to stop the monster’s invasion for a moment.

“Let’s start.”

Ian landed at the boundary of the front line, a little bit closer to the monster side, to avoid friendly fire.


With his appearance, Ian received attention briefly. Due to the chaotic situation, none of the humans and monsters could pay attention on him deeply. But that moment was enough to let them have one question.

‘Who is that?’

Soon, they would see the answer. Massive mana that was coming from Ian was injected to the surface of ground.

“Ice wall.”

Ian started to build an ‘Ice wall.’

It wasn’t just a normal ice wall.

*Grrrrrrrrrr – !*

The width of the valley was huge, as well as its height.

It was the valley at the very middle of the mountain.

However, the massive ice wall was big enough to cover the path. It was literally, a ‘massive wall’.

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“W- what the…..”

Ian’s noisy appearance shocked everyone again. However, Ian couldn’t stop yet. There were still many monsters that were left on the inside of the ice wall. Ian had to eliminate them.

“The Archmage of the Ivory Tower has finally arrived!”

The great land lord understood the situation quickly, and shouted. There were no better words that could encourage the soldiers at that moment. Everyone wished to receive the Archmage’s help, and they just saw his mighty ice wall.

“The Archmage is with us! Don’t let them survive! None of them!”

Isolated monsters started being slain quickly, by the encouraged soldiers’ blades and spears, and by the axes of the great land lord, Kalian. The war that seemed endless had paused for a moment. Monsters couldn’t climb over Ian’s ice wall, and they couldn’t cross the mountains altogether.

“I had never expected them to push our lines with numbers.”

At the wide barrack of the great land lord Kalian, Ian and Kalian were having a conversation. The land lord had a huge body.

“Actually, we expected them to push with their numbers, but not by that much. Today they seemed very determined. There must be something going on at the Great Grass Field. Otherwise… ”

Kalian was right. Ian also felt something weird while he was casting the ice wall. He held eye contact with a few of the monsters. A emotion going through their eyes, and it wasn’t just the usual hatred.


They seemed to be afraid and were being chased by something. They looked like a soldiers who were near death.

‘There is something wrong.’

The reason they rushed them, while being scared. There must be some kind of source for it.

“As you know, we requested two things to the royalty and the Ivory Tower. First thing was the support with supplies and soldiers, and the second was conducting an Archmage. An Archmage who can solve this problem alone.”

Kalian continued while watching the ice wall.

“Indeed, the ice wall is impressive. We earned some time thanks to the wall. However it’s only a temporary solution isn’t it? Since they chose to send you instead of the armies, I want you to discuss about the fundamental solution with me.”

It was a reasonable request from Kalian. If the armies kept being supplied, he would continue this war, but the empire refused to do so. Instead, they sent an Archmage. It meant they wanted Kalian to seek an alternative solution, instead of just total war.

“I understand.”

Ian replied.

“The wall will remain there for approximately 10 days.

The ice wall would be vaporize slowly with its mana being depleted. They would be safe for around 10 days, unless monsters crossed the mountains. Kalian’s face turned a little bit bright.

“While the ice wall is activated, I will visit the Great Grass Field.”

“Are you going there by yourself?”

“I will try to find out the source of it. If possible, I will find out the solution, too.”

It was the duty of the Archmages. When a disaster came that couldn’t be solved by normal man power an Archmage was a solo operator who could solve such disasters alone.

‘And there is a few things I need to obtain from the Great Grass Field.’

Ian didn’t choose this area just because of his duty. There were many reasons Ian chose to visit this area. A familiar area he lived in before and a weird situation that Ian didn’t know in his former life. In addition there was another special reason.

‘Especially, I want that staff.’

Somewhere in the Great Grass Field, there was a ‘staff’ that Ian wanted so much.

‘The aborigines must be holding it.’

They must be related to this monster event in some way. If he uses this chance well, followed by the Mogrian Ring, Amulet of the Queen, and Michell Greenriver’s Robe, he might be able to obtain his fourth artifact.

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