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 Full Scale War (2)


Herbert, the tower lord, went on an unplanned holiday break.


The official explanation was ‘health issues’.


As it was an open ended holiday, the tower lord’s responsibilities have been temporarily delegated to the eldest sorcerer, ‘Deckard’, and any critical reports to the tower lord or issues requiring urgent decisions were handled through the assistant sorcerer, ‘Marco’, by him making trips to the tower lord’s residence.


 “There have been many issues for him to deal with in recent days.”


 “And his old age also played a role.”


Hearing the reason, most of the occupants of the Ivory Tower nodded.  Delegation procession was a difficult task in the first place for an old man.  Although he was in good health compared to his peers with the power of magic, it wasn’t possible to deceive for so many decades.


 “Besides, there is also the issue with Ian?”


Furthermore, the rumor of him feeling the pressure with the rise of the 6th Class Ian has swirled around as well.


The tower lord and Ian, the fact that different lords existed for the two pillars of the Ivory Tower has been a hot conversation topic….Continue Reading

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