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Chapter 64

  1. Full Scale War (3)




The tower lord was anticipating Ian’s visit.  The main reason was because the marginal oversight that was linking him to Marco has been disengaged.   Within the empire, Ian was the only one great master sorcerer, who could penetrate the black magic.


“What is your disposition, my lord?”


“Did he come alone?”


“Yes sir.  At least, there wasn’t anyone nearby.”


“Then, advise him to wait for a moment.”


Although the tower lord had already confirmed that Ian was alone through detection magic, he had asked the sentry on purpose.  Then he opened a portal in the den next to the bedroom.



‘You’ve finally come. Ian Page.’


It wasn’t a mistake to have kept Marco active in close proximity to Ian.  Rather, it was a set plan.  It can be called a ‘half inducement strategy’, to name it.  He wanted Ian to become aware of Marco’s transformation and waited for him to pay a visit on his own volition.  If he had come with many others, the tower lord would have hidden the medium, but since he came alone, there was no need.


‘He should be full of self-confidence.’…Continuing Reading

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