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Chapter 66

  1. Full Scale War (5)




“On whose commission, have you come?”


Oliver slowly approached Helene.  He appeared to be serene, but inside the gloves, his hands were already moist with sweat.


“I know that you are not someone that will act on own volition.”


Finally, the two reached each other within a handshake distance.


The differences in their sizes were striking.


However, what about the difference in their powers?



“What will a mere knight, such as you, do?”


It was the same Helene’s voice of the old days.  There were no longer any dark spots around the eyes.   The personality has also returned to normalcy.  The only difference was the absolute, blind loyalty to the tower lord, as a result of the much advanced black magic’s influence.


“Have you been hit in the head with an arrow?”


“What an impossible woman to be talking to.”




Oliver’s questioning ended there.  From this moment on, everything that he does will go down the ‘history for the first tim….Continue Reading Chapter



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