Revolution of the 8th Class Mage Chapter 67

24. Dark Veil (1)



Things quickly came to order.


Talk about lightning speed.


It was how a nationally urgent situation this was.



“The atrocious crimes of Herbert Leon, the tower lord, have been uncovered to the world.  Not only did he sacrifice the sorcerers, he even took the powerless peasants’ lives as the energy source for black magic.  I am considering no mercy towards him as I shake in the weight of his cruelties.”



Filled with anger, the emperor’s voice thundered throughout the great palace.


“Henceforth, all of Herbert Leon’s duties and titles shall be stripped and he will be put to death, and the manner of death shall be a public execution.”


So, Herbert, the tower lord, was imprisoned after being sentenced to a public execution.  Due to his mental instability from the ‘side effects of the black magic’, he had even failed to form any counter-argument.  It was as how Ian had planned.


“Also, I shall personally head all the investigations pertaining to whether or not there exist additional culprits or other black magicians besides the tower lord.  There shall not be any breaks for any rank in this …Continue Reading

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