24  Dark Veil (2)


‘What is this place…..?’


After diagonally tunneling through, the outside was reached.


To his surprise, it appeared completely different than what he had imagined.


It was nothing, but a wide open ‘flat’ prairie land.


Nothing, but a wide prairie filled with only grass.


There were cliffs all around.


Has the earth been risen up?


‘No, wait.’


It wasn’t risen up.


It was floating in the air in the first place.


That is, a piece of earth was ‘levitating’ in the air.


A bundle of clouds nearby has assured him.


It was a ‘levitating’ earth that has never been heard or seen before.


What is this place?


‘A human?’


Ian has recovered from confusion.


He located someone in the distance.


A man was sitting at the edge of a cliff.


At a quick glance, it appeared to be a human being…Continue Reading


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