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  1. The Execution (1)


 “O king, my father!  This is highly an inappropriate measure in any imagination.  Do you intent on proceeding with the execution of the tower lord of the state of the Ivory Tower?  I beg of you to please reconsider.  Do you not see the loss it will bring to the empire?”


It was the 5th prince Ragnar, who was 19 years of age.


He made impassioned pleas over and over to Terry Greenriver, the emperor.



The verbal debate has been going on for several days already.


 “The tower lord is a 5th class grand sorcerer.  Executing him would be similar to killing tens and thousands of soldiers.  No, it will be a much more serious mistake.  Yes, a serious mistake!”


Ragnar desperately wanted to prevent the execution of the tower lord as the tower lord was his only ally………………….Continue Reading

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