25. The Execution (2)



As frosty icicles, the imperial order has been issued.  The noose around the tower lord’s neck was being pulled tightly.  With the removal of the floor of the platform, he wasn’t able to reach the surface to even stand on his tiptoes as he had been.


 “Auk, Auuk!  Auuuk!”



The tower lord began to gasp for air as the noose tightened around his neck.  Even though he was made an imbecile, the natural instinct for survival did not go away.  He couldn’t conjure up magic, but his shaking appeared to be gruesomely desperate.


 “Auk…. Auuuk….. Auuuuugh…..!


His eyes were turned red.


Fluids poured out of his nostrils and mouth.


Then his struggles began to slow.


The ember of life was slowly dissipating.




It was when he shook his legs for the final time.


Bizarre circumstances began to materialize.


All the spectators’ attention was directed to one spot.


And everyone appeared astonished.




 “What, what is that…..?”


 “Around the mouth….blood, is it blood?  Blood?”


 “Doesn’t appear to be so…..”


In black color, the dark energy spilled out of the tower lord’s mouth.  It was the same situation as when the………….Continue Reading

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