26.Final Decision(2)






“From now on, how and what should I do?”


It was somewhat of an out of the blue moon type of question, coming from the princess.


Despite that, Ian did not seem confused.


Instead, he responded with a question in calm manner.


“Please, be more specific.”


“I am not sure where to start from……”


“Then allow me to ask questions first.”


Ian was not an obtuse man.  His sensibility and intuition were considered to be outstanding.  Having observed the princess Haileyy since the past life, Ian could imagine a number of things based on her demeanor.


“Why did you hide it?  That you were a sorcerer?”


In fact, he wasn’t curious 5 years ago, and certainly not now.  He was asking only because the topic came up.  He was certain that it had something to do with what she wanted to talk about, whether directly or indirectly.


“That’s because…..”


Princess Haileyy organized her thoughts for a minute.


Letting out a big sigh, she continued.


“…..It was a simple matter, initially.  I just felt that I would need to follow the rules of the Ivory Tower once I enter it, even if I did not want to, I thought that I would simply change …Continue Reading

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