1. Dragonian (1)


The five breaths of the red dragon.


It was the mysterious elixir that was found through the illustrations left by Ledio’s ancestors, when Ian gave him the ‘gargoyle’s eyes, 5 years ago.  As much boastful worthy ingredients that they were, Ledio and Douglas studied them diligently and had prepared, by purchasing, every single ingredient that could have been bought.  


—I’d like to slowly prepare the ingredients.  Although it was only in theory, I have a good feeling and understanding, relating to the results of the concoction procedure, and on the skills of Douglas and myself.   


Ledio had told Ian several months ago.  It meant that with the pre-prepared ingredients and the contents of the illustrations, the results have already been reached its highest level.  What remained at this time was to obtain the ingredients that weren’t easy to purchase with money, followed by commencing the elixir concoction procedure.


‘For the most part, they were medicinal herbs that were kept in the warehouse of the Ivory Tower.’…Continue Reading



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