1. Dragonian (3)



Until just a moment ago, Crude’s thought was like this.



Isn’t he, himself, the main man?


The Guild was originally found by his father, who had died early.  After inheriting the Guild, he grew the business into as it is today.



Any business that he had invested in had always prospered.


As they say money grows money, he was so rich that even the greatest merchant wasn’t a subject of his envy in present time.  Was that everything?  He had many trustworthy underlings.  Any man that was as successful as he was, such a person would have been defined as the main man of this world, or at least one of the greatest men in the world.  That is, one of the greatest men that controls all of the continent’s economy, politics and culture.






 ‘The big man’ that Crude has always dreamed of.


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