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Dragonian (4)


“Really the same…”


The 5th Prince Ragnar’s calmness.


There was a servant from the Imperial Palace standing in front of Ragnar. And surprisingly, he had the same face as Ragnar, including the hair on his legs. Even if he was reported to be a hidden twin, there was absolutely no difference.


“But, is it that simple? Outside, the mages of the Ivory Tower are keeping a close watch on me. Ian Page, that f*cking bastard deployed the mages. I don’t think you can deceive him.”


It had been quite a number of days since Ragnar had been imprisoned in the Imperial Palace. It was not a formal prison sentence, but rather, it was a form of captivity which forbade everything else besides the ability to eat, sleep, and walk around.


“You don’t have to worry about that. The Master is present in the Ivory Tower now, and he is

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