Trade City Shaldir Rescue Operation (Last Part)

Chapter 57


I, along with my escort, Jerich corps and Woddo corps, silently watched over the situation of the war from a hill which stood slightly away from the highway.

There were three hundred cavalry units, and when I looked more carefully, I became certain that they were heavy cavalry. The horses were also wearing the armor.

On the other hand, there were five hundred infantry in lightweight equipment. They wore expensive chainmail and their weapons, which I could confirm, were bows, short spears, and swords.


“That’s very strange.”

Hearing my whisper, Jerich also tilted his head.

“That’s strange, captain. These guys are dressed as if they’re saying “We spent a lot of money, you know?”

“You also think so?.”


They might be able to capture Shaldir with that number but I did not understand where they were planning to use their costly equipment.

It’s fine for the infantry to use chainmail, but I feel it will not be as effective for the price against the bows during castle seige.


Woddo jii-san, who was accustomed to the battlefield, leisurely whispered.

“They have probably come here to scare Shaldir a little. It happens quite a lot, showing off army to make better negotiation.”

“I see, but to use such precious iron… Oh captain, look!”

Jerich grabbed my shoulder.

I observed the situation. The Infantry was marching while surrounding a carriage.

It was probably an prisoner carriage, made from thick planks and iron plates.

“They are probably looking to restrain Alam as well.”

I was not sure if they were being serious or just appealing, but I understood their purpose.


I’ll prepare the dragon ball…. which is also known as the signal ball.

“If those guys enter by crossing the lake, we’ll attack at once.”

“Roger, captain.”

The Miraldia army who were going south would collide into the Shaldir army north of the lake.

And thus they began to move to the west along the shores of the lake.


If they went by the east shore, the soldiers would be exposing their right side to Shaldir but if they go by the west then they would expose their left side.

From that side, the heavy cavalry shield would be most effective. Looks like they are being wary about it.

At that time, the movement of Miraldia army became slower.

It seems they noticed that the demon king army had surrounded Shaldir’s gate.



“Okay, captain!”

Jerich launched the signal ball.

It was the signal to attack.


At that moment, the Blue Scale Knights Order, which had been lined up at the east gate, changed their direction in unison.

The Kiryuu, which the dragonewt ride, formed a row as if they were a single living being. The level of their skill was frightening.


Miraldia army quickly responded to it. As expected of veterans.

Their heavy cavalry tried to reorganize their formation.

But on their left was the lake. They could not spread out.

Because there was nowhere else to go, they spread out greatly to the right. They lined up horizontally in a single line. It looked like they were going to assault with the cavalry’s spears.


However, the Blue Scale Knights Order did not give them the time to do anything.

They nimbly moved and killed the heavy cavalry who were still not done changing their formation.

Although the bipedal Kiryuu was inferior in charging, they were far superior in maneuverability compared to the warhorses.

Moreover, the fangs and body odor invoked fear in the horses. The armors on the horses wouldn’t prove to be of much use against these.


“Ooh… “

“That’s amazing!”

I can understand their amazement.

The war was really one-sided.

The heavy cavalry who brought long spears as a demonstration was rushed into melee combat before they could form a row.

They drew their swords hastily, but this time, their horses started panicking.


In addition, aide Bartz moved the corps into a  formation that cornered the heavy cavalry into the lake.

For the normal cavalry, the water was not that deep. But if the heavy cavalry fell from their horses, then they will certainly drown to their death.  They can’t afford to enter the water.

Moreover, the horses were on the verge of panic.


At this point, the command of the heavy cavalry completely fell into chaos.

Some who wanted to create some distance between them by advancing into the water

Some who decided to turn around and resolved to fight back.

Some who escaped towards Shaldir.

Some who tried to escape towards the back of the army.


The heavy cavalry who resolved to fight met a miserable fate.

“I am the Blue Knight Bartz! I will be an opponent for those who do not want to be a disgrace to their military fame!”

Aide Bartz drew his sword and declared this with a loud voice. He was a master in double sword technique.

He wielded his two katanas while riding on his Kiryuu and took out all the heavy cavalry near him.


Despite the fact that his sword was light, his blows seemed to be terribly heavy. Their armors were shattered and crushed until they fell from their horses.

The number of the unburdened horses around the aide Bartz’s was steadily increasing. It was like a blank space in the battlefield.

It would feel like his usual gentle leader appearance was a lie watching this.


But Miraldia army didn’t stay silent.

The following infantry corps were preparing their short spears and started to surround aide Bartz and his corps. Now the one who was being driven toward the lake was the Blue Scale Knights Order.


However, the leadership of aide Bartz was brilliant.

“Turn around!”

Taking advantage of the maneuverability skills of the Kiryuus to the fullest, the Blue Scale Knights Order was withdrawn to Shaldir. They were able to escape from being surrounded.

And this time, the heavy cavalry who ran away to Shaldir were being annihilated without mercy.


The remaining heavy cavalry at the infantry side witnessed this and lost their nerve.

Their friendly troops decreased in number before their eyes and in order to save their allied army, they reorganized their formation and started to charge.

The battlefield moved from the lake to the west gate of Shaldir. As to not be noticed, we chased behind them.

“Let’s move.”



As far as I could see, the remaining number of heavy cavalry were only over a hundred and the others were either dead or injured. The ones who strayed from their units could not fight right away. They had taken devastating damage.

Meanwhile, the five hundred infantry solders of the Miraldia army were still in good condition. It looked like the enemy decided to fight with infantry as their main force. Even though their specialization was a short spear, the cavalry was a nasty opponent for them.

However, at this time, the sound of the hooves began to roar.


“Proud warriors, show them our way of fighting which will not ashame our ancestor spirit!”


Five hundred centaurs from the east gate, came from the south side of Shaldir. They sought and charged at the enemy while shooting arrows.

They immediately regrouped with the Blue Scale Knights Order.

Unlike the horses, the centaurs were not afraid of Kiryuus, so it was possible for them to form a formation with them. Now there were a thousand soldiers.


Because of this reinforcement, the infantry’s courage was crushed, as expected. Their formation began to collapse.

With double the number of cavalry than the enemies, it was no longer a fight. It would have been different if they were armed with long spears and big shields but with light equipment, they would only fall prey.

Even a volley of arrows came raining down upon them.

On top of that, they could not run away from horses on foot.

If they desperately keep resisting like this then they will get annihilated.

At this time, Shaldir’s west gate opened.

Along with the loud sound of a trumpet, fully armed infantry came out in formation. They raised up a battle flag of the Guards ‘ army.

Longswords and big shields, all in a dense formation. It resembled the phalanx of the Spartan army.

The number was around three hundred, but it was quite a threat for the cavalry.

Furthermore, they took a shape that would pierce the back of demon king army.


“Now! Save our brethren!”

Owing to the hearing sense of the werewolves, the sound of Alam could be heard from far away. He was so eager.

Shaldir should have only one hundred twenty people, but three hundred soldiers of guard corps were slowly approaching toward demon king army. Is that okay, to take out all you have like that?

Meanwhile, the five hundred infantry soldiers of the Miraldia army rebuilt their formation to be protected by the heavy cavalry.

Because of that formation, it became unfavorable for demon king army.


“Yosh, it is about time.”

I ordered Jerich to launch the signal bullet. The signal bullet was certainly faster than a messenger. I can’t let go of it anymore, can I…?

The centaur corps and the Blue Scale Knights Order saw the retreat order, then immediately withdrew from the battlefield. The majority of the opponents was infantry and the remaining cavalry riders were also wearing heavy equipment so they were slow. It was impossible for them to pursue.

In a cloud of sand, the demon king army vanished into the direction of Rune Height.


Yosh, it’s going according to the plan for now.

I’ll leave the rest to Alam.




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