Reincarnated into a Werewolf

Chapter 58 The Shine of Disaster

As I waited for the werewolf troop to return, I observed the scenario of the castle gate with a telescope.

The scattered worn out heavy cavalry units were gathering up from here and there. Some were staggering, having lost their precious horses.

The war flag, which had gotten all wet in the lake, was damply dangling.

It was hard to even look at these elites, who had prided themselves in their dignity, now all tattered and lifeless.


The infantry were all uninjured but they were laying on the ground, completely exhausted. They had probably prepared to die.

Before long, Alam walked up to them, meeting the leader of the heavy cavalry, who was also walking towards him, halfway.

They were too far, so I could not listen to their conversation but I could see the leader lowering his head many times.



“Looks like it went well.”


I said, as the returning werewolf troop were posing triumphantly.


“That was an easy victory!”


“We did nothing at all, though!”


“We wish we could have gone wild a bit, too!”


It seems that they were actually pretending to be happy, and were actually expressing their disappointment to me.


“I had no choice, okay?! If Alam has truly betrayed us, then it will be your turn!”




I had completely believed in Alam but with all these lives entrusted to me as the leader, I cannot afford to be so naive.

And so, if Alam had betrayed us, my plan was to make the werewolf troops, who were concealed in that confusion, start a fire in the city.

If there’s a fire in the city, Alam would definitely prioritise it and retreat his army.

After all, his city is much more important than the northern people.

As a result, one could say I was worried for nothing but, it is always best to be in a situation where you do not need to use your trump card.


Afterwards, we observed the situation in front of the castle gate.

It looked like both Alam and the commander of the Miraldia standing army had opened up to each other.

If something happened, I was planning on sending the werewolf troop but it looked like that was not necessary.


“Alright, let’s go back at once. And celebrate our victory with meat! From now on it’s the diplomat’s turn.”




“Yay! Meat!”


“Even though we did nothing at all!”


Give it a rest, you guys.





This time around, I intentionally gave Alam the chance to betray us.

If he had seriously thought of doing it, he could have easily done so.

But he chose to not betray and go through things just as I had imagined.

He might plan on double-crossing at a more major situation but, considering his personality, the chances of that are quite low.

At a glance, he would look like a strategist but he is relatively passionate inside.



Later, after confirming the Miraldia army had withdrawn, I headed towards Shaldir again.


“Thanks to you, we’re saved, Vito-dono.”


Alam welcomed us with a wholehearted smile.


“It looked like they were planning to put him under questioning at first but after the recommendation of the commander that became unnecessary.”


The commander could not restrain his saviour after all.

And as he came to their rescue at that point, it clearly showed them that Alam had no intention of supporting the demon king army.



“And to think that you would also bring in your private army. I surely thought it would just be the 120 guard troops.”


“That would have been too low to change the war situation, right? It would be unnatural for the demon king army to retreat because of it.”


Alam said while laughing, escorting me to the guest room.


“Also, it seems like they will tolerate the private army I had been hiding considering that event. They will agree that it is a necessary force for defence.”


“Glad to hear that.”




I do not quite know how the conversation went but it looked like Alam spoke quite passionately of his justice and morale.

The Miraldia army commander was also a passionate man so they hit it off very well.

He was completely agreeing with Alam on everything at the end, even going so far as to make promises and say ‘Shaldir does not have enough guards. I will negotiate with the higher-ups about it’.

In Alam’s case, it looks like he will be able to plot even better with his natural attitude rather than trying to use tricks.


Alam straightened his posture and faced me.


“I am immensely grateful to you for saving Shaldir from this crisis. If we look at the root of this problem, my poor diplomacy was the cause, so thank you very much.”


“You have a really straight-forward personality.”


It looked like he was trying really hard at first but Alam is not suited for this sort of acting. He is the type whose real intention can be seen easily.

And probably the type who can move people with his real personality rather than by hiding anything.


“The demon king army holds sufficient military strength and also keeps promises. And above all, does not kill without reason. I hope you have understood that with this fight.” I told Alam.


The enemy’s heavy cavalry posed a threat so we had to thoroughly knock them out but, even still, the number of soldiers killed in war were only a few dozen.

There were many soldiers who fell off their horse or were rendered useless, therefore there was no need to kill needlessly in that situation.


Alam agreed strongly with what I had said.


“Yes. From now on, I will cooperate with the demon king army and appeal for the co-existence of the demons and humans not only to Shaldir, but also to different cities of the southern area.”


I wonder if it will go that smooth.

“We of the southern region are the descendants of the colonists who had crossed the sea to settle here. We have not forgotten how it feels to be at a new place. Even if its co-existence with the demons, I am sure it will work out well.”


Alam said confidently.

This guy… he is surely very passionate.


After taking our leave from Alam, we returned to Rune Height. With this, Rune Height has Bernhainen and Tuban at north and Shaldir at east as shields. The preparations for the south are not yet ready but the possibility of them attacking with a number equal to ours is quite low.

It looked like I could devote myself to domestic affairs and be at ease for a while.




But that very night, I was woken up.


“Commander, the leader of the Stillmoon faith is requesting for a meeting…”


The werewolf on duty had come to wake me up as I slept soundly.


“What do you want in the middle of the night…..?”


I would have liked them to wait till the morning.

While I was thinking that, my subordinate said,


“I am told that it is about a premonition of a serious affair of the demon king army”




The leader of Stillmoon faith, eh? I guess it is the astrologer Miti then.


I have not met her since the religious meeting but what does she mean by a serious affair of the demon king army?

She is an influencial person in Rune Height, so I decided I would meet her.



I tried to hold back my drowsiness as I escorted Miti to the office.


“I am sorry to bother you with this in the middle of the night but, the arrangement of the stars informed of the hero’s appearance.”


Ah, so it is about that.


“I am sorry to say this even though you came all the way to inform us but, if it is about the hero then, I have already defeated him. Although he was a fake…”


“No, this is not about ‘Hero Renhalf’. It is about the real hero.”


Miti informed me with a serious expression.


“Just moments before, a zodiac was brightly shining at north. I think it would be best if you send a messenger to affirm the situation.”



I was hesitating on what to do, but I have heard quite a lot about her skills as an astrologer. She also seems to be famous in the southern area.

This world’s astrology is a real premonition magic. The more skilled the astrologer, the more accurate it is.

As a magic user myself, I should listen to her opinion as a specialist.


“If it is making you say that much, I am sure it is nothing trivial. I understand; I will investigate it at once.”


If I am not wrong, master should be staying at Bernhainen tonight.

I should despatch someone from the centaur troop and make master check up on the northern front line.

As this world does not have phones nor mails, it takes time to transmit information.



But even still, it is quite odd for a pious person to inform the demons about the appearance of the hero.


“But, Miti-dono, isn’t the hero supposed to be your ally?”


To which, Miti shook her head, and said smiling,


“I owe you for the religous meeting. And also..”




“Things are good for the Stillmoon faith in Rune Height as it is. I like the southern werewolf better than the northern hero.”


That kinda made me happy.


“Thank you, Miti-dono. I will not forget this favour.”


After paying my respect to her, I immediately sent a messenger.









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