The Necromancer’s Last Door (Second part)

Chapter 70

 I wonder what master meant by I showed her the answer to “The last door”?

 Then, matter answered as she removes her hat.

“When you were still young there was a time where Mereene broke my teacup, right?”

 Did something like that happen?

 I feel like it did.

 But no, I’m not really sure…..

“At that time I was wondering why the teacup broke into pieces even though Mereene did not use any powers. Where did such power came from”

 Now that I think about it, I feel like we did have such conversation before.

“At that time, you told me that ‘The one that is on a high place has such strong force’ “

 Hmmm, I can’t remember.


 What I probably told her was about potential energy. It’s something that is taught in physics during middle school.

 The teacup that was placed in a high position has a potential energy.

 If you drop the cup, the potential energy will gradually change into a kinetic energy and the cup would be destroyed.

 That’s all in to it.


 It seems like master had understood everything just from the snippets of information I gave her.

 An energy doesn’t start from nothing. it exists but it’s just not visible to the eye.

 It didn’t take half a day for the master to realize the existence of thermal energy and chemical energy on her own.

 She’s not called the great sage just for show.

 Now that I think about it, it was during that time when master started to earnestly research about the magic that is outside of her expertise such as destruction and transition magic.

 All her apprentice thought that she was just a curious person but it was all for her research huh.


“During that time I thought that magic might be one of those said powers. And even life itself.”

“Even life?”

“Precisely. From the moment we are born, our life will start descending. And as it increases its force, we will just fall to the ground and break into pieces on our last day.”

 I see. Her interpretation of life to death is the same with the transition of potential energy to kinetic energy.

“A life that is broken can no longer be called a life. However, that doesn’t mean the power from that life is gone. It just lost its shape but it still exists somewhere. If that is so, then what is there to fear about death?”

 Master said as she put her staff to open the door.



 What lies beyond the door was a little room. The blinking pale blue light faintly illuminates it. Although the atmosphere was quiet, I felt a flow of some disturbing magic power.

 A magic circle has been drawn on the floor. By the looks of it, it’s an old technique. Things such as insufficient symbols that are no longer used were drawn in it.

 The magic circle itself was emitting a pale blue light. It seems like the light in the room was coming from the circle.

 Master stood in the middle of it.


“This is the magic circle that I use to supply magic for my life support. From here on, I will close this magic circle and open “The last door”. You need to step inside the circle too.”

“Me too?”

“Yes. It’s for ‘safety measures’.”

 Is it really safer inside of that?

 I did what she told me and fearfully entered the circle.

 The density of magic inside was quite high. If one recklessly use magic here, there’s a high possibility for it to get out control.

“Well then, let’s begin. No matter what happens you must not get out of the circle, okay?”

“I, I understand”

Master nodded once she listened to my reply. She then started chanting a spell that I have never heard of.

 The magic circle was then gradually enveloped by a strong light.


 Master painfully knit her eyebrows as she clutches her throat.

 And at the same time, some kind of magic power started drifting around us.

 That immense magic vortex swirl around me and master.


 Inside the magic vortex, master, with her little legs, stood firm and bid with a steady voice

“Death is not the end, it is merely one of the circulating flow of power. Oh death, come and grovel before me”

 The vortex started emitting a bright light. It’s starting to get out of control. The part of the oozing power are gradually turning into light.




 By the time I shouted, the whole room was enveloped by an overflowing stream of light.

 This is bad.

“Do not fret…… I’m……”

 I heard master’s voice from afar even though she was supposedly beside me.

 Should we stop the ritual? We can still make it if we do it now.

 However, I decided to believe in master and endure it.


 Before long, the stream of light gradually settled down and the only light that remained was the one inside the circle.

 Due to the night vision of a werewolf’s eyes, it was too bright for me to see anything. I still don’t know the state of master.

 At that time, I realized that the room suddenly turned cold.

 I can see my own breath; the floor and the walls of the room are starting to frost.



 And so, the immense light was completely gone.

 Master was standing inside the circle that was still shining in a pale blue light. Nothing in her appearance changed. Maybe her skin tone has gotten a little bit lighter?

 But then, the moment I saw that, I realized that master has completely changed.



When master holds up her hands, the temperature inside the room rapidly drops. Around her was radiant lights. The vapor in the atmosphere froze and the diamond dust breaks out.

 She was probably absorbing the heat in the surrounding.

“As I thought, it turned out like this……”

 Mastered whispered and then looked at me

“I understood that life is one of the various powers that exist. Life itself is a power and a power is a life. I thought that if it is like that, one can make a life out of the power that has been absorbed.”


 When master put her hand down, the temperature stopped dropping.

“I will no longer cause any trouble to the people around me because I will not run out of magic anymore and there’s almost no one who can beat me now. This is “The last door” that I entered.”

 In other words, master has now become a “vortex” that absorbs magic… No, she absorbs all sorts of powers.

 Be it magic powers, vitality or some kind of energy in Physics, she can absorb them all.

 And now, master has surpassed life and death.

 That is because nothing exists in the center of a vortex.

My voice barely came out as I said

“Ma, Master…….you’ve become outrageously powerful”

“So you notice it too”

 She let out a smile.

“Right now, a person’s life is like a mass of power to me. You understand what I mean, right?”

“I do”

 That means all life and heat quantity will become her prey.



 And not only that,

 She can absorb thermal energy from a flame and kinetic energy from an arrow.

 She can even absorb the energy from the enemy’s attacks to neutralize them and use it to regenerate her own powers.

 It’s a crazy cheat ability.

 Master originally had the ability to absorb magic powers since before. That is what she used in order to absorb the magic powers from the armors of the fake heroes.

 But who could have thought that it will turn out like this.


“Umm, master”

“What is it?”

“Could it be that you have become someone who can’t be defeated even by a hero?”

 I nervously asked her. She shook her head as she bitterly smiled.

“This “vortex” is not so big. It is mainly for the purpose of regeneration. My body won’t be able to bear it if I absorb a power bigger than this vortex. This could also be destroyed by a power like the hero from earlier has”

 That means it also has its limits even though it can absorb attacks.



“The main problem here is my personality. For the current me, the life of humans or magical beings will become my food. Due to that, there is a high possibility that it can adversely affect my personality.”

“Please stop, I do not like that”

 I can’t even imagine a crazed demon lord.

 However, master just laughed at me.

“As long as I have a connection with the people around me, I won’t absorb a life without any reason. Take Mereene for example. She is a vampire but she has never done such thing, right?”

“Ahh, that is true”



 Master then cleared her throat and glanced at me.

“That is why…… You know?”

“What is it?”

“You’re so slow. That is why in order for me not to go mad, you, together with everyone, must pamper me and give me attention.”

“That means it is alright to act as usual, am I right?”

“Ye… Yes. That’s right”



 For a moment, she looked a bit disappointed but she continued

“Of course, I created some safety measures”

“Of what sort?”

“You were with me inside the magic circle earlier. That means you are recognized as a part of my vortex. Therefore, my vortex cannot absorb your powers”

“Huh? That means……”

 Master cracked a smile.

“Precisely. Only your attack can hurt me. You can defeat me with just one bite.”


 I wonder why master purposely made such weakness.

 Ah, I know now

“If ever I became conceited with my power or if I couldn’t withstand the pressure and had gone mad,”

“Master, don’t tell me-“

“I want you to eliminate me with your own hands.”

 Just as I thought.


“Don’t worry, you will not suffer any effects even if I disappear together with the vortex. The “vortex” just arbitrarily recognizes you as one of its parts.”

“I was not worried about that”

“If I’ll just die, I at least want to die at the hands of my beloved apprentice”

 I can no longer decline if she says that.



 But I wonder if it’s really alright to hand over such important role to someone like me?

“What are you going to do if ever I was driven crazy by my thirst for power and eliminate you?”

 Master sigh, almost as if she’s had enough of what I said.

“What a foolish question. There is no way you’ll do such a thing.”

 No, I’m the one who’ll be troubled if you just believe in me like that.



“If I am to be eliminated by you who does not have any desires then that would mean you have a reason for doing so. If that time comes, I will willingly be eliminated and disappear.”

No, no, no. 

 You don’t have to say that in such a happy manner.

“This is indeed a brilliant idea of mine. This kind of sense of security when someone you trust will point you the way when you are lost; it is truly reassuring for someone who will soon become a lord.”

 In exchange, I’m now full of anxiety.

“You, becoming a demon lord’s adjutant, it’s not that bad of a role, right?”


 Just when I let my guard down, I got to such a tremendous position.



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