Reincarnated into a Werewolf Chapter, The Tranquil King Chapter 71




I left the room along with Master and began to climb the spiral staircase.

“Master, is this really how it should be?”

I had felt satisfied with Master being as she was before. If anything, appointing someone who was physically weak, but with the skills of leadership to the seat of the Demon Lord; that was the kind of army we should be.

Then, Master looked up at my face and laughed with a slightly troubled expression.

“I understand what you are thinking. But we are still in turbulent times. One is not fit to be the Demon Lord unless they are strong.”




Master then lightly levitated in the air and landed on my shoulder. It was a nostalgic sensation. A little chilly.

“And that is why I mean to change it from here on. So that the Demon Lord will be chosen not by strength, but their qualities as a leader. That is how the world will be.”


If this were to happen, they would surely be able to make peace with the humans.



Master looked at the tips of her fingers and began to mumble.

“I am no longer human, much less a magical being. Only phenomena, a nothingness that has a will. I’ve become just like the title that the Demon Lord had granted me.”

“Speaking of which, I don’t think that I’ve evr heard your title. What was it?”

And then Master laughed brightly.

“O demon wolf, my title is ‘Tranquil’. The Tranquil Gomoviroa.”

In terms of thermodynamics, she was indeed tranquil.

The Demon Lord must have named Master for her shy personality and her history of isolation that had lasted hundreds of years…




And that was how master attained that great power. A power fitting for one named Demon Lord.

But master also held reservations about her own power.

“This is not an honorable power like that of Lord Friden Richet. It is an abominable power of a soul that has sunken into death and only destroys others. I would prefer using it as little as possible.”

It was indeed, too dangerous a power.




But personally, I did not take such a tragic view of it. If Master was alone, then perhaps some trouble could occur, but I and Mereen and the others were here.

Even so, the first Demon Lord had been a dragon warrior; the second Demon Lord, a vortex of nothingness.

It was like seeing the transformation of the last boss in RPG’s of old.




After that, the time finally came for Master’s coronation.

“This is making me quite nervous, after all.”

Master fidgeted in her dress as I, Mereen and Fernel all attempted to encourage her.

“Your power and achievements at this point are without fault, please relax and go out in front of everyone.”

“You can do it, teacher! If anything happens, Vaito will do something about it.”

“Yes, yes. Things always work out when you leave them to Vaito. But more importantly, Master, you look very cute!”

“You guys.”

Just as I began to reprove the sister apprentices for trying to push all of the troublesome work on to me, it was time for Master to go up.




I and Mereen accompanied her, we were to stand on either side of her. I hurriedly climbed up to the podium.

Inside of the castle’s great hall, the commanders and elders that represented each of the races had gathered together. There were a number of officers and men as well.

With a quick scan, there appeared to be several hundred in all.

I was reminded of my previous life, of standing at the podium in front of the entire school.



Master had become stiff from nervousness, white lights were sparkling around her.

Without being conscious of it, she had robbed the heat from the air around her, creating diamond dust.

“Please relax, master.”

“With this burden of following the previous king, you cannot be nervous now…”

As she was nervous, I tried to speak in as cheerful a tone as possible.

“The previous king would have laughed and forgiven any sort of mistakes.”

“That, that is true.”

Master took in a deep breath and moved forward to the center of the platform.




The role of setting the crown on Master’s head was given to Aide Bartz who represented the dragon folk.

While they called it a crown, it was really the helmet that the previous king had worn. She, of course, could not actually wear it.

Master’s small frame received the helmet and held it tightly in her arms.

While there was something odd about it all, there was no mistaking that it was a symbolic moment for the officers and men of the Demon Lord’s army. And in spite of everything I said, I was moved as well.

I felt that the Demon Lord’s will had at last been passed on.




Master, no Gomoviroa, who had now taken her place as the second Demon Lord, began to speak to the officers and men of the Demon Lord’s army.

All the while creating diamond dust due to her nerves.

“We may have lost the great Demon Lord Friden Richet, but his will continues to shine, unchanged within all of us. They say that ‘Friden Richet’ is from a lost language and means ‘the mediator of peace.”

Ahh, the king must have told her.

“Lord Friden Richet held enormous power, but never drowned in it. He was merciful. You all know that he was magnanimous even towards humans.”



Gomoviroa addressed the officers and soldiers.

“I Gomoviroa am also merciful as the late king was. I was once human, but my life was once taken away from me by the hands of humans. But I no longer hold a grudge against them. There is no need to destroy the humans. We only have to make them accept our existence.”

The magical races all stared at Gomoviroa in silence. They appeared to be listening intently.



“This is not something that one single Demon Lord can accomplish alone. I need the help of all of you that are present. But I will not force you. Only those that wish to follow the path that the late king laid out should stay in the Demon Lord army. And together, we can build a country where all of us can live in peace.”

As Gomoviroa’s speech came to a close, all the soldiers of the Demon Lord army raised their fists into the air in unison and shouted.

“Long live Gomoviroa!”

“Glory to the Demon Army!”

“New Demon Lord, we will follow you anywhere!”

“We will help you accomplish the late king’s will!”




The shouts and applause that praised the new Demon Lord thundered like a deafening storm, Gomoviroa waved her hand to them as an answer.

And then she turned her back and looked towards me.

Ah, she was embarrassed.

Do your very best, master.

You have us to support you.




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