Evade the Hero and Flee! 228.. Why Me? (3)


#1 Other Circumstances: A Hero’s Circumstance


I did not want to do this. I just wanted to retire and start farming. I now knew why the Instructor started to do so after the organization went down. That was why I would hand in my retirement to the Order…


“Damn Demon God…”


The timing! If he had come out a bit later, I could have retired! The appearance of the Demon King, the disciple of the Demon God, had alarmed all temples. Therefore, I had come to Ruivella alliance, the frontline where the Demon King had invaded. I had worked so hard to cross the national border.

I heard a loud sound. It was going to be trouble.


“What is that…”

I did not want to go.




However, I had to stand up at hearing Heal’s voice. She would nag me if I did not go now, and I at least wanted to avoid that.


“All right…”


I grumbled as I walked to where I heard her voice. That sound had been something landing, and that meant a monster who had been unable to restrict its destructive tendencies had strayed from its group.


“I don’t want to go…”


I unsheathed my Holy Sword as I walked. The information about the Demon God’s forces were spreading around the land. While there were weird rumors, the Order and the Palace had relatively accurate information. The heroes fighting at the frontlines had the quickest access to them.


“Let’s see, wyverns are flying…”

The information was that the flying monsters were three types. Harpies, which resembled humans and birds, wyverns, and griffons.


“That sound would be…wyverns?”


Harpies were out from the sound, and I heard griffons were not large here because Ruivella had grown them for patrol. That meant wyverns.


“Let’s finish in one strike.”


If I did not do that, there would be more trouble. I wanted to rest as quickly as possible.


“What? Drakes?”


It was larger than I thought, as Drakes were higher-class than wyverns and descendants of dragons. They were slower than dragons but bigger and with harder scales. Also, they could breathe flames!


“When did they get dragons…”


I had to curse how far the evil troops were spreading, which meant I could die toiling away.


“Should I run…?”

The land would be in chaos until we caught the Demon King. As the temple that would catch me would use their elites for the Demon King, this was the perfect time to run!

While the world may go down, the Instructor said that the fate of the world should not rest on one person.


“All right…”


However, a person jumped off the Drake when I decided to run. There were one middle-aged man, one woman around my age, and one small girl. The problem was…


“Why are you here…”

I froze on seeing the middle-aged man, as he was the Demon King of the Demon land. Why was the Instructor here? I had to endure until the Demon God’s disciple would avenge me.


“I was called to fight the Demon King…”


My voice shook, and sweat rolled down my back. I saw the Metal bat in his hand and wanted to run. However, I would be caught, so I just watched the Instructor’s mouth.


“Let’s pretend we did not see each other.”



My answer was immediate, as the Instructor seemed to have also found me a problem. The situation seemed to end there…


“Hero, the Demon King is…!”


It was when Heal arrived.


“Coming this way…”

It was when Heal had noticed the Instructor. I raised my sword in case Heal told me we had to follow the Instructor under God’s orders. I was going to knock her unconscious.


“What did you say?”


However, the Instructor had noticed Heal first.



He had tried to avoid Heal, but now he was talking to her first.




While Heal seemed surprised at seeing the newcomers Heal started to inform him about the Demon King.


“The Demon King is said to be coming to our lands again, and the Evil Troops are charging in preparation.”

The Instructor thought for a while before he spoke.


“Who told you that?”

He dealt Heal like she was his subordinate like he would never see her again.


“The God of Nature did.”


Heal seemed astonished, and I had to agree with the Instructor. With his bat, he looked formidable. However, I felt something was wrong.

I looked at Mirua as they talked and spoke with my lips.


‘Why are you here?’


Mirua answered with a smile.


‘Take. Care.’



My instincts shouted danger when Mirua shook her hand. I heard a voice from nowhere.


“Too late!”



As I ordered, the bat ambushed the hero, and he went down with a groan.


“Let’s go.”


The bat showed masterclass movements as it continued to hit him.


“What are you doing?!”


Heal started to step back at the shouts, and I nodded to Mirua.





Mirua cuffed Heal’s arms with handcuffs.


“Where did you get that?”
“It’s a must-have item for team leaders!”


Mirua took out cuffs and a lead, and it seemed like her magic was laced with magic.


“Those items are to catch me, right?”


I decided to ignore that affirmative silence for a moment.


“Well, it will be useful.”


Heal looked at me with a shaky gaze.


“Why are you doing this…”
“I’m not a villain, so don’t worry.”


I helped Heal up and shook the dust off her clothes.


-You are one.

-Shut up.


I was now only a father with a cute daughter who wanted to be a farmer. However, I had something to do now.


“Is that wood bat real…?”

“Then, that Metal Bat…?”
“Is also real.”

Heal looked like the world had ended.


“Are those evil weapons mass-produced now?!”


The dwarves had been unable to produce more bats. While the ingredient for the wooden bat, a fresh World Tree Branch, could not be gotten anymore, the Metal Bat could not be reproduced despite using the same ingredients.



“This can be separated.”


The Metal Bat had been in bracelet mode during the flight, and I had made a smaller duplicate to gain the hero’s attention. At the same time, the other prepared to ambush him.





Heal looked at me with teary eyes.


“Please, the situation is dire. Just let us live…!”


I shook my head inwardly. I really looked like a villain.


“Ah…don’t worry. I have no intention to run away.”



Heal seemed naturally confused as I had tried to run away from them as quickly as possible.


“What is that…”

“The situation has changed, as The Evil Demon King is after me.”


She still seemed confused, and I began explaining as she had to be one of my comrades.


“I have something the Demon King wants, so he is coming to get me. If I get captured, the world is in danger. Therefore, I have to escape from him!”


This was actually a good deed for the world, as the Demon King would get stronger with my fragment.


“You guys are now involved in a quest that would save the world!”


Heal blinked, and I decided I needed to speak more simpler.


“You told me the God of Nature was giving you the whereabouts of the Demon King.”


“The Gods are positioned to observe all over the land for the Demon King and Evil Troops.”



I smiled as Heal nodded.


“That meant I can know where he is with you.”


“Yeah, I want to know where he is, too. It’s only fair.”


I smiled at Heal’s astonished expression. That was when I got a Demon King detector/comrade.



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