Evade the Hero and Flee! 233.

26. Why me? (8)

#6 Their circumstances: The circumstances of a villain boss


“This is the current situation.”


With trembling hands, he turned over a thick stack of papers.


Of course, no matter how thick the paper is, it’s just paper, and there’s no reason for a guy who knows how to use magic to tremble just because he’s holding paper.


“Hmm… … .”


The reason he’s shaking is that,

“Have you still not found the reason?”




Because mistakes keep happening.


“What number is it now?”


“Hey, it’s the tenth.”


“If you add doubts, it increases even more.”


The contents shown in the first chapter of the pile of documents were reports of recent disappearances.

“There is a possibility of your escape.”


“I guess so.”

The contents of the document were full of complex and technical terms, but they were easily summarized.

<I don’t know where he disappeared, but he seems to have run away.>

In other words,


“You are incompetent.”




I looked down at the subordinate who was lying on his stomach.


It’s pathetic.


It is said that the disappeared ones accounted for only the number of heads, but they are still members of our organization.

I’m not worried about them, but it’s a sign that something is going on, but you don’t know anything?


“Do you think you can sneak out of this city right now?”




The city’s gates have never been opened in the last month, except once when a man called the warrior of the Church of Nature came in.

If the caravan came in to transport supplies, there’s a chance they might have escaped.


“Do you think there is a way to escape without using our Darkness secret passage?”

“There is not.”


One or two people might not know, but there is certainly a reason why more than 10 people disappeared in a short period of time.

“I’ve seen a man called a hero…….”


He is also considered a Dragon Slayer and the strongest warrior.

Even Master, who was born for the incarnation of evil, the villain, told me not to associate with the warriors.


A brave man appeared, even the master, who was a specimen of the villain, and he tried to move on with such complacency!


“Put this guy in the dungeon!”


“Boss, boss!”


I’ve started begging for help, but I can’t let it go.

It’s a situation where four or five people go missing every day, and the guy who is the in-charge of the organization’s information doesn’t know anything.


“It’s cheap even if you die.”


It’s not about surveillance of the whole kingdom, it’s about surveillance of a city, but you can’t even do that.

“If the head of the intelligence department had been there, none of this would have happened.”

It was a very unfortunate situation for the head of the intelligence department in the capital to gather information related to the demon king.


But it can’t be helped.

After the appearance of the devil, the kingdom, which pursued a policy of seclusion, began to exterminate evil organizations in order to stabilize the country.


Thanks to this, I moved to this city, which was the most powerful city in the capital, and had no choice but to leave the head of the intelligence department to obtain information on the capital.

“I didn’t expect the difference between the manager and the deputy director to be this big.”

It was too wasteful to kill him, so it seemed like he should be transferred to another department.


“Please, this guy must be an idiot… … .”


We need to elect a new intelligence director, but the problem is that it doesn’t seem to be any different from this guy.


“That guy must be him.”


It is clear that the head of the intelligence department must have split his subordinates in order to survive.


And the result would be this.


“It’s disastrous.”


I thought I would be able to live comfortably if I became the boss of the organization, but it feels like I am working more than when I was in the middle position.




At that time, one of his subordinates ran hard.

“What is going on?”


The running man is the head of the guard in charge of the organization’s defense. He was a fairly capable man who could use a sword.

“The enemy has invaded!”


The moment I heard the words of my subordinate, I quickly completed my thoughts.


According to the head of the intelligence department, I heard that the royal family has sent a mission to the lords to carry out internal extermination.


That’s why I decided not to fight hard while bribing the lord.


“Darn it, lord”


No matter how much I ate, I finally pulled out my sword!


“That’s not it!”



Damn it! It’s the worst.


If it’s not the lord, there’s only one person who can attack our organization right now.


“Is he a brave boy?”

Damn it!


When I heard that the warrior had arrived, I was told not to work outside! What kind of idiot touched the hero?


“no way!”


However, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of daze at the words of the defense leader.




The evil organizations in this city have all been sorted out.


The city is in a state of isolation, so there is no chance for other organizations to come in from outside.


So, the only place that can attack us is the lord who is under pressure from the royal family and the warrior of the Church of Nature.


But isn’t it both?


“no way… Are you saying that even the demon king invaded?”


Then this is not the time.


You have to get ready to jump. There is no reason to fight against the devil, who can be said to be the apostle of evil spirits!




However, the defense chief repeated the same words.


“Who is he, then?”

Not the lord, nor the hero, nor the devil! What kind of man can break into our organization?

“I am a former member of Howling!”



What kind of bullshit is this again?


Howling, the organization of evil. It is always mentioned when considering the most powerful organization of evil in the empire.

To evil organizations like us, Howling is royalty.


Even at the end of Howling, it was such a great place that other organizations were treated as minimal encouragement.

And then ,


“It’s ruined there,”

It was also the 10th anniversary of its collapse soon.

“That’s why I changed jobs!”

“No, not another organization?”

Originally, the circumstances of this floor are all similar. Especially from Howling, everything in the past is there.


Either they were abandoned by their parents and became orphans, or their parents sold them into slavery when life became difficult.


Or their parents died in the Great War, and they were caught committing crimes to survive.


There are no exceptions, but most of them go into howling because of such circumstances and come out as villains. I was like that, too.


It’s because I created an organization called Darkness with my own hands after running away from the organization as a former Howling.


“I am saying that I am a former member of Howling.”


“Damn it! What kind of crazy man are you?”


That’s why I am well aware of the characteristics of Howling.


Since childhood, I swears allegiance to the organization in a form close to brainwashing.


It is unavoidable.


I have no choice but to swear allegiance to those who are dying of starvation and provide them with warm food and a bed!

Having been so loyal and educated to the organization since childhood, howling members can do nothing but join other organizations after retirement.

Since childhood, I have lived to become a cog in an organization, so there is no other option.


In other words, 10 years after Howling’s fall, there could have been no one who survived an external mission who had entered another organization, but there was no one who survived in Howling’s name so far.

 “Who is the boss here!”


But I hear a voice looking for me from far away.


“I’m going crazy.”


In other words, this ridiculous situation is a reality.

“Where are the four heavenly kings?”

Darkness is the strongest four.


Although he lacks a lot, he needs to figure out their skills with the Four Heavenly Kings, who are talented enough to be a leader from Howling.


I don’t think I’ll lose, but there are situations.


“I have already betrayed you! Those who guide the way in the vanguard of the enemy are the Four Heavenly Kings!”




Even if their skills weren’t satisfactory, they were trustworthy in terms of loyalty.


What kind of guy was he to conciliate the Four Heavenly Kings?


“Guys who don’t even know grace!”


Is this why the Master said that disciples are not to be raised?


You’re all dying, and you’re betraying me when I’ve raised them to be useful?

“Block off all roads! I will go ahead and wipe out the enemies!”


“Okay, boss!”


I felt a bit uneasy, but it was time to show my dignity as the boss of an organization.


Annoying but… I have no choice but to use force directly to punish the enemy and even kill the remaining Four Heavenly Kings!


“Who is the boss here!”




I looked at the blonde coming in with the door smashed in.

Appears to be in her early to mid-20s. A pure white sword, the exact opposite of my pitch-black sword.

“It’s me!”


The moment I saw it, I made an estimate.


You can win. The enemy is still a child.


Of course, sometimes there are people who are talented enough to transcend their age.


For example, students from the Empire of Yugoslavia. It’s a monster’s den that spits out to the Sod Master before his 20s. As expected, the students of the empire destroyed even Howling.

If you take such monsters as a standard, you can’t help but say that age is just a number.


But I was also a very talented person.

When he was a Howling senior trainee, he never fell behind in the top 5 in the rankings, and even after becoming an official member of the Howling, he was known as one of the leading divinities within Howling.

In his early 20s, he became a magic swordsman with magical skills that were not enough to be called a great mage and swordsmanship that would not be pushed back at all even compared to knights.


The only enemy who could stand in my way was my colleagues who served my master like him.

In other words, no matter how good the enemy was, I couldn’t see his talent surpassing mine.


“Come on, kid.”


So, I was full of confidence.


What is the most important thing when people of similar talent compete against each other?


Of course, it’s an experience. The skill to understand the opponent’s psychological warfare and the judgment to deal with embarrassing situations.


Even if your skills are lacking, you can win if you have the upper hand in a number fight, needless to say, if your skills are similar.




He smiled as he faced the little fellow who smiled confidently.

But… something’s wrong.

What is it? I’ve never seen him before.

“Where have we met before?”

It’s a very familiar laugh.

“No way.”

That’s right. It’s definitely the first time we’ve seen each other. But why am I so used to it?


That face, that expression, and that pure white sword.


“The instructor said it.”




Golden hair, blue eyes. A pure white sword?


I’ve heard this before. Where did I hear that? Where did I hear it?

I’ve heard this before. Where did I hear that? Where did I hear it?

Yes, Master said something like that.


But there was no one like him around me.

“Because there’s something up your sleeve!”

“Oh my god!”

At that moment, the golden sword steel emanating from the sword cut through the air. And the moment I saw that sword river, I was able to realize.


“You’re a warrior, aren’t you?”

When a swordsman realizes magical powers, he realizes swordsmanship, and furthermore, when he becomes a sword master, he can use swordsmanship.


And the colors are so different.


Even if they are the same brothers, even if they have the same teacher, a completely different color of sword or sword will come out.


But there is one exception, the warrior.

The golden sword, the sword, is the proof of the warrior chosen by the gods!

 “Damn the cheater!”


I twisted the space to escape from the inspection, and shot dozens of fireballs and pulled out a sword.

“What a scam!”


“A guy called the Hero deceived us by saying he was from Howling!”


It was a great deception tactic.

I couldn’t figure out the enemy until I used the word “howling” to say that I was from Howling. Perhaps the same was true of the members of the organization.

Hearing that the Church of Nature’s hero had arrived, I showed the portrait of the hero to all members of the organization.


“I am just a former member of Howling!”


“Aren’t you ashamed of the god of nature?”


Shamelessly impersonating Howling, it was hardly something a hero would do.


“God of nature, what did he do to me?”



However, the answer that came back made my mind go blank for a moment.


Thanks to this, half of the 20 magic spells I was preparing were canceled and almost hit by the censorship.

“Oh, isn’t it?”


But more important than that was the identity of the enemy.

A warrior called the apostle of God wouldn’t say such a thing.

“Well, then, try the God of Nature!”

It might be an enemy trick, so I brought it up and prepared magic.


“God of nature dog bird X!”




However, he failed to complete the magic again with an immediate answer.

“Oh my god!”

Thanks to that, I received the sword steel and suffered a fairly serious internal injury.


“Coughing… … . What the hell are you guys up to!”


Even if it was the same sword, the size of the power was completely different.


blood dripping from the mouth.


The victory has already turned. it’s my defeat


But… I wanted to ask about this.


“What the hell are you!”


It certainly looks like a natural God’s warrior, but it uses golden steel! How dare you speak ill of the God of Nature!

What the hell is this guy?


“The identity of this guy is… My disciple… … .”



I couldn’t help but freeze the moment I heard a familiar voice.


What is this? huh? What the hell?


He must have aged a lot, but he had an unforgettable.

And a man with an unforgettable, no, unforgettable face said:


“It’s your priest.”


“ah… … .”


The moment I heard that I realized.

Okay. I don’t know what.


“I’m screwed,”


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