Evade the Hero and Flee! 215 #27. Other’s Stories (4)


#4 Their circumstances: the circumstance of the Evil Disciple III


As I became an evil disciple, or what humans called the Demon King, I knew several things. I was not subordinate to the Evil God and only needed to absorb the divine parts to become stronger. I spent my powers doing so. I was an enemy of the world, and the only thing I could do was show my anger to the world before someone killed me.

I would try my best to complete myself, and I found that most parts were gathered in one place. I went there to see my teacher there. I was honestly surprised, which was a feat in itself as I had lost most of my feelings except for anger. He really was evil incarnate…

However, I was even more surprised that he could not use any divine parts. Even evil had refused him! It gave me confidence that I could beat him, but that was also arrogance.

When I was human, he told me to fight to win instead of running away. He had always fought to the end, and I thought he had been looking for a chance.

However, things went wrong when I felt the divine parts run away from me. Even though he could not use magic, his speed was unbelievable.

While I killed the demon running up to me, I was growing anxious. I could not let him get away, but I failed to catch him.


#5 Their circumstances: the circumstance of Hawell Rain



I felt spears, swords, and magic attack me. Their intent to kill was pure murder, and I sighed.


“How dare you speak that way to your professor!”


I grabbed my weapon as I was in the academy instead of the battlefield.


“Go study!”


Class was over, and it was time for their own studies.


“You don’t let us!”


I heard a student cry and had to agree. The academy did not let students study easily, and interfered, as true studying here meant trying to escape from here despite me. Their seniors had been the weird ones who had done so without motivation.


“You demon!”

“Stop talking!”

“Why can’t I beat that evil one!”

“I became stronger to survive!”


I swung my wooden bat to keep the students in line and confirmed that they were down.


“You did well.”


Iris came up to me with a smile.


“Professor Iris, you too.”

“Rain, you’re too conservative in calling me by my title.”


I could not smile at the lady as I felt another professor’s glare at me. Iris’s smile grew cold as she spoke.


“Be aware that you’re a professor here.”

“You’re coming between us, lovers?”
“Since when had Rain become your boyfriend?”

The two glared at me, and I felt actually terrified. Only a few could dare speak to Iris, but the other one was also as formidable.


“Is it me or Leila?”

“Is it me or Iris?”


Leila was also the daughter of a powerful aristocrat in the Empire and an accomplished mage in the Tower.

The important thing was that she had also been my former customer.


“Don’t we have more important things to do?”

The corridor was filled with unconscious students, and I thought it was not good for professors to show this kind of behavior here. They would leave after waking up anyway, and I thought it was better…


“No, there isn’t.”

“I agree.”

“I see.”


I had to shut my mouth at their adamant answers. This occurred probably three times a day, but I still could not adjust. This became my daily routine when noble young ladies found out I worked here through their social circles.

The good thing was that the princess had sole control of who worked in the academy and had agreed to not hire any more young ladies after Leila when Iris requested so.

My organization’s club had rules, but this was a free-for-all. Even though I was a swordmaster, I was unsure whether I could protect my chastity if the ladies worked together. The Empire was a scary place.


“Lady Iris, Lady Leila.”


A member of the knight squad, who was normally of no help, had come to save me when I had to watch the two ladies glaring at one another.


“What is it, Sir Bivel?”

“There had been an urgent order for all those working here to come back.”

Something seemed to come up from his seriousness, and I thought he might have found my instructor. I desperately wanted to continue working here, but the two ladies now bickered over who would go with me. I found myself being dragged to the meeting place.


“We have to save the world by defeating the evil Demon King!”

I suddenly heard that we had to save the world. The girl who was saying so with an impassive face was Mirua. She had grabbed our graduates and was running the Ast Kidnappers, which was one of the most powerful groups of fighters around here.


“The Demon King is aiming for Sir Ast.”


I could not believe that now even the Demon King was going after my instructor. While I felt sorry, they were not concerned about his safety.


“How about going after Sir Ast after he is attacked by the Demon King?”

“If he’s connected with the Evil God, he may be useful.”

Even though the Demon King had at a time taken half of our lands, they were only thinking of how to use him.


“He is a good bait, as Sir Ast is now in our lands. If we beat the Demon King and block the path to the Demon world, we will achieve our goal!”

While people shouted at Mirua’s words, I felt like something would go wrong, but there was nothing I could do about it.


#6 Other circumstances: Students’ circumstances


“…Therefore, the school will rest until the Demon King is conquered.”


A long silence ensued before the students reacted. One cried while another pinched her cheek. It was real. That was when the shouts came.


“Bless the Evil God!”

“This hell is finally over!”


They were joyful at the prospect of a short vacation.

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