128 Part 1

Chapter 128 When it Rains, it Pours (2)



[It was now the season when trash fell from the sky. Right, it was winter, and a lot of things happened until now. Many women came to make moves at me, and I had to protect this place while avoiding them!]


“Don’t voice a strange narration from behind.”

“I’m bored.”


I again smacked the Metal Bat’s forehead as she grumbled. While she was right about snow being trash falling from the sky, but everything else was a lie. Peaceful days passed as they had for the last few years, despite the fact I met multiple crises in a day.


“Daddy~ I’m hungry!”


Another crisis came yet again.


“Oh…it’s tiring.”


I felt lethargic when I heard my daughter’s quiet voice with a rumbling noise. Unlike the empire, we were near the north of this land, which was in the middle part. While this area had four seasons, winter was incomparably colder than in the empire. Therefore, all of the houses in this country had a fireplace!

It was heaven near the fireplace, and one could stay forever after laying down a carpet and blankets to maintain warmness and comfortableness.

However, it was a fireplace and not a fan heater. No matter how warm the fireplace was, one became colder according to the distance. Also, cooking required water, but the water was freezing. The cold water made me want to die when I washed the dishes.

However, human beings lived to eat, and hell came three times a day.



I got some of the drawn water to prepare a soup and put in dried meat first before taking out vegetables.


“There’s not enough…”


However, the vegetables I had brought before were extinct, and that meant…


“Gods are telling us to starve!”

“It’s a sign to get vegetables from the warehouse!”


I heard the Metal Bat’s sharp voice, and she was full of herself despite only showing her face from the blankets.


“Daddy~ Hurry~”


While my daughter would work in the fields in spring, summer, and fall, she went limp in winter. She remained even more still after buying that mysterious egg saying that she would raise a chicken and would only hug it.


“There’s no one on my side…”


The underground warehouse was cool enough to store vegetables and meat in the middle of summer, so how would the place be during winter?


“It’s a refrigerator.”


My foggy breaths told me the temperature as I breathed.


“Potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and corns…I should also bring more meat in advance.”


I quickly took the ingredients since they would not spoil much outside in winter, and moreover, I did not want to come here again. I closed the warehouse door with a bang.


“Oh…it’s cold.”


I came up and felt a faint warmness from the fireplace. It was brief happiness, but a utopia waited for me after I finished cooking.


“Let’s end this quickly.”


I washed the vegetables, peeled the skin, and trimmed them. I wanted to complain about why a door with a cat drawing that would lead to a restaurant in a different world did not appear when I washed a vegetable.

When I washed the second vegetable, I thought I would make a hit when I operated a food delivery service here. When I washed the third, I began to resent my past self for not preparing enough firewood to heat water. Only the tenacity that made me think I had to return to that utopia after finishing as soon as possible was left.


“It, it’s done.”


As my wet fingers began to freeze, I could finally make some warm soup and a simple salad.


“It’s a meal!”


My daughter shuddered as she crawled out of the blanket.


“Daddy, it’s dangerous to come out of the blankets…”

“I couldn’t agree with you more.”


Alice had tied the egg to herself with a blanket and sat after winning against the cold.


“Daddy, why can’t we eat lying down?”

“We’ll ruin the blankets if we spill food on them.”

“That should not happen.”


I could finally understand why Japanese manga would bring out kotatsu when it was winter. Since we had to suffer this much to come outside to eat, I was seriously considering getting something similar next fall.


“Thank you~”

“Thank you~”



The Metal Bat and the cat spoke in a weak voice after arriving at the freezing hell behind my daughter.


“It’s yummy…”

“But it’s cold…”



Everyone shuddered after taking a spoonful of the steaming soup, and warm food was more delicious in a cold place.


“Misha, it’s delicious, right?”



My daughter lifted a spoon after she saw the cat licking the soup. While I had thought things over since I did not know what to give the cat other than cat food, since it ate everything well, we decided to give the cat what it ate.

While I knew that giving a cat food for humans was bad for health, the Metal Bat could solve any problems. Therefore, eat up, cat.





The cat raised its tail and wailed, and nervously looked around.


“I’m finished!”


The Metal Bat had finished her meal and quickly went back to the blanket after placing her dishes and spoon, where we washed dishes.


“Hey! Unnie!”

“This spot is mine!”



The Metal Bat showed her face after diving into the blankets, and she lay down the spot nearest to the fireplace, where it was the warmest.”


“Unnie! Coco has to stay in a warm place!”

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