Chapter 138 When it Rains, it Pours (12)


Let’s go back in time a little. I had made up with my daughter, and she came into my bedroom because of the thunder. That had been around ten in the evening, and I had woken up four in the morning. It had become a habit since I had to train while farming and something had happened in those six hours. I felt something soft, which was strange because no one else had come in.

My thoughts went wild, and I thought for a moment that the princess had broken into my house. I opened my eyes to see a woman with divine proportions in front of me. I had never seen her before, but her long pink hair was familiar. She did remind me of someone, but I tried not to believe it.


“Stop daydreaming.”


I heard the Metal Bat’s voice ring in my ears.


“We are one, and I know what you think!”

“No, that can’t be true.”

“You already know the answer.”


She had to be a stranger, as she could not be my daughter. I took off the blankets, and she was wearing the same pajamas she had worn last night. I had sewn her clothes often these days, but…




I first supposed that my daughter was a spy, but the Metal Bat corrected me on that. If she had taken on a child’s form to loosen my guards, the Metal Bat’s attack on our first meeting would have revealed who she was. If someone could, that would be a dragon.

Only the aristocrats of the beast people and the dragons could transform into humans. However, the beast people could not change from a child to a dragon, and that meant my second supposition was that my daughter was a dragon.

Maybe my skin, eyesight, and brain would become better!

“You will be in your fifties soon.”

My chest ached at the Metal Bat’s indifferent comment.


“There will be those who will like you better young.”
“I think they have gone too far.”


There probably had been a time when the princess liked me, but now it was an obsession. She was like the princes aiming for the throne.


“I think more than that.”


Well, the Metal Bat may be right.


“How about that high elf?”

“That one is obsessed differently.”


While she was calmer than the others, the elf was even scarier since her beliefs were too rigid.


“Well, we’re straying too much. Do you see Alice as a dragon?”

“It’s not impossible.”

It was possible that I may have brought a wounded dragon with me.


“It’s nonsense, but you could have done so.”
“You think so too, right?”


We both nodded, as crazy things always happened to me.


“However, a dragon has no reason to grow up so suddenly and her current form…”

“Her form matches something I read about a race.”


I saw that my daughter also had two horns on her head and a tail coming out of her clothes. The Metal Bat spoke on.


“She seems to be a succubus.”

In this world, the succubus was one of the demon species who played with dreams and was the only demon race that was on the brink of extinction.


“Why is my daughter such a rare race?”


I had read that they were nearly extinct, as the race did not have males. A succubus had to marry a male outside of race, but the men tended to die after a night together. Therefore, even demons avoided them, and as succubus could only control dreams and attract others, they were famous for nearly dying out.

So, why was one here?


“It’s because you are.”

“Don’t say such things! It really seems my fault!”

I grabbed my head, thinking that this should have been an impossible situation.


“Wait, would this be possible if she is not a perfect succubus?”


I had heard that a succubus became an adult in ten years, but this was the first time I had seen my daughter like this.


“Is she a half-succubus?!”

Did such a being exist? I had heard that the succubus genes overruled other races, but Alice’s father by blood may have been able to leave something behind.


“What are you going to do about her?”

“Cut ties?”

“Look at you…”


The Metal Bat’s eyes grew cold like she was looking at trash.


“I’m not strong enough to defeat the Demon King for her!”

“Hey, even though we’re connected, don’t say such nonsense out of the blue.”

“Listen. If a demon race suddenly becomes a family member, there’s a high possibility that the Demon King is involved.”

It was such an obvious cliché, as there were cases when Alice would be the Demon King’s daughter or actually a Queen.


“How many Demon Kings are there for my sister to be one?”


However, the Metal Bat did not understand me, and I began to explain further.


“Think of our next-door neighbor.”

“He’s… unique.”


I pointed to the dragon sleeping next to my daughter.


“Is it easy to see a dragon?”


“Where did this one come from?”

“From the next village with seven silver coins…”

“Is that possible?”


I then pointed to the grown Alice.


“Here’s one of the rarest races in this world. Is the idea of a Demon King impossible?”

“No… Hey, what’s going on with you?!”

“I don’t know! I’m scared, too!”


I groaned at the Metal Bat’s words, but I could not make loud noises in case I woke Alice up, who would be flabbergasted at her changed form.


“What should I do?”


If it had been my students, I would have run away instantly, but this was my cute daughter.


“Yet you thought for a moment you should cut ties with her.”

“Don’t ruin the mood.”

“Well, what are you going to do?”



I looked down on my daughter and worried that men would follow her in the future.


“It’s nice. You take care of the women and Alice the men, and the world will be peaceful.”

“It will be easier to beat the world up with you.”


I sighed at the Metal Bat’s response.


“What should I really do with her?”


I stroked her hair, and it felt the same as when she had been young.


“A hero won’t suddenly appear, right?”


It cannot be…

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I waved my hand at the healer, who worried at my cough.


“It’s not a cold.”

“The weather’s cold despite that it’s summertime, so be careful.”

“All right.”


I nodded at her worried face and wondered when the rain would stop. We had arrived at the Belselk Kingdom following the oracle, but the rain had stopped us.


“This was not all that bad.”


It was better to travel with comrades rather than being in an evil syndicate or fight with my brothers for being the family heir.

However, I felt anxious for no reason as I watched the rainfall.





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