Shadow Rogue


Chapter 116: The Druid, Blossom Rain


The cutting-edge game “Kismet” is truly unmatched. Players enter through brainwave scanning, eliminating the possibility of gender faking. Whatever you are will be what you’ll look like. If you really want to forge your biological sex, a trip to Thailand would be a must. * Even though the game’s system settings can change character features, this modification only accounts for 10%. Under comparison, it really isn’t that much different from reality.


*Thailand is known for transsexual surgeries and population. Search “Thailand kathoey” to learn more.


Sasha, Tianer, and the Druid were unquestionably real-life charmers. First was the elegant, bold swordswoman’s gentle beauty, then the fierce, wild quality-loli follows. Her soft, pouting plea of “big brother” heated the nearby players’ blood to boiling point. The scalding flames of anger and envy almost burnt Chu Rui to a crisp.


Under the surrounding pressure and stares, Chu Rui felt a chill in his heart. Under so many peoples’ bloodlust, the bulky atmosphere became unbearable. What’s more, these are sex crazed horn-dogs brimming in envy. If something else happens, Chu Rui will definitely be torn apart by the crowd.


“Tianer, just call me Sly Hand!”


Chu Rui’s eye twitched, looking at the innocent Tianer. She gazed back with adoring eyes.


“Why not? Is calling you Big Brother Sly bad?”


The piercing stares, sharp as needles, only contributed further to Chu Rui’s exasperation. He could only look pleadingly to Ye Zifeng, silently screaming for help.


“Cough, Tianer, knock it off!”


Ye Zifeng broke out of his stupor, and acted to Chu Rui’s distress call. This is a great chance to build their relationship.


“What did I do, Big Brother Feng?!”


Tianer pouted sadly. Her soft and loving eyes made the surrounding men even more envious. They glared daggers at Ye Zifeng with acrimony.




Under the glowers of the crowd, Ye Zifeng understood Chu Rui’s situation. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead.


“Ahem, alright, this greeting is over!” Ye Zifeng awkwardly laughed, and immediately sent Chu Rui a team invite.


“Okay Sly Hand, let’s get this done quick. We’ll discuss details on the way there!”


Ye Zifeng started moving as soon as Chu Rui accepted the invite. The destination wasn’t close at all, so time management was necessary.


“Oh right, this druid is called Blossom Rain, she’s a girlfriend of Sasha and Tianer’s. She’s quite experienced.”


Hearing Ye Zifeng’s words, Chu Rui curiously opened the team profile. The druid didn’t hide her personal info.


ID: Blossom Rain

Class: Druid

Level: 14


ID, class, and level. In the team channel, it’s common to show only these three things. Players may also choose to hide the rest of their profile. It’s completely understandable for one to hide their real name from some teams. If some dispute or conflict rose, it’ll be a pain to be chased after.


Level 14? For a druid to reach this level is really impressive! Ye Zifeng was right, this woman is powerful.


Noticing Chu Rui’s stare, Blossom Rain lightly smiled at him as a form of greeting.


Chu Rui tilted his head, and turned away.


She wasn’t as beautiful as Sasha or Tianer; she neither had Sasha’s valiant and heroic features, nor Tianer’s cute and feminine personality. But Blossom Rain did have a special air around her, an aura that calmed down everyone near her. Her gentle smile was just as an angel’s, curative and tranquil.


This kind of silent, elegant woman was definitely wife material. With her by your side, you won’t feel a sliver of frustration or worry.


“Whoa, Sly Hand, what were you doing yesterday? Level 19?”


Ye Zifeng yelped, stopping the running women.


Level 19?


It’s only been how many days? He switched classes only two days ago, that’s only one day from then and now. He can’t be playing for more than 15 hours, and got to Level 19? Although he was already Level 14 at the Amateur’s Village, to raise 5 whole levels in one day is completely out of this world.


“Eh, that’s not right. How are you holding two weapons at once?”


Barely recovering from the discovery of level, Ye Zifeng pointed at Chu Rui’s hands, and exclaimed incredulously.


“I got a skill book, Dual Wield Mastery. I can wield two armaments at once.” Sly Hand explained.




Hearing Chu Rui’s simple reply, Ye Zifeng was at a loss for words. For him to define such an overpowered breakthrough was really painful. Chu Rui was already insanely good with one dagger, won’t two daggers make him invincible? Even though more weapons don’t necessarily mean more power, Chu Rui wasn’t just anybody. It was without doubt that he’ll find a way to utilize it properly, striking fear into any opponent.


“Brother Sly, could you elaborate on how you leveled up so fast?  Although I know this is rude, I really am curious. After all this time of grinding, I’ve only climbed to Level 13, and bought all my equipment myself. You’ve leveled up in such a crazily short time, and got so much gear and skills, how could this explain for hard grinders like us?”


Ye Zifeng’s face was frozen in a state of shock, and stuttered his words.


“It’s not much. I just found a hidden map, fought my way through, and killed the boss.” Chu Rui simply said.


Ye Zifeng: “….”

Sasha: “….”

Tianer: “….”

Blossom Rain: “….”


Not much? You found a hidden map, and beat the boss along with it, how is that not much? Then what counts as much?


Looking at Chu Rui’s blank expression, the four of them wanted to crush his puny head. You really are just going to talk like that? Can’t you at least consider our feelings? How will this go through our heads?!

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