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Tensei Slime

Chapter 226  Eroding Labyrinth – Part 1


I saw Veldora off. He kept looking back regretfully till he finally left.

He sure doesn’t know when to give up. It does seem like he really doesn’t want to go but he did indeed take away a large amount of magic essence from me so I do want him to at least arbitrate the situation between his sisters.

And besides, no one except a dragon can arbitrate a fight between other dragons.

And I sure don’t wanna go.

And thus, I sent off Veldora without compromising.


It is probably right to think that the amount of military strength Velda has left is very low.

From what I squeezed out from Dino, it seems Velda has like 14 upper echelons.

After getting to know about Dagrule’s defeat, he was shocked and went like ‘Geh, are you serious!? To think that old man would lose…”. After which, he decided to open up.

I am still not quite sure if it’s true or not but I think Velda doesn’t have any more hidden strength. I mean, that doesn’t even happen in ‘shounen mangas’ and I also don’t see any point in it.

Seems like the Four Fiends of Heavenly Commanders and the Executioners are Velda’s trusted retainers.

Except that, the only ones remaining are the fallen angels-Piko and Gracia, who obey Dino.

And, Lucia.

The only one left from the Four Fiends of Heavenly Commanders is Dino. Testarossa and the others also took care of 4 of the Executioners.

On top of that, at Ingracia kingdom–the kids, Venom, and Kurama also defeated another of the Executioners.

Now then, who will make a move now… Or so while I was thinking—

Seems like there was movement at every single country right then.


The angels who had been opposing Karion and the others suddenly used teleport and disappeared.

The disheartened army of angels at El Dorado also disappeared at the same time.

Looks like all the angels who had been scattered around the world had disappeared all at once.

And then, they materialized in front of Tempest with all their force.

Their numbers were about 600,000.

Regardless of losing about 40% of their initial strength, they still boast an overwhelming dignity.

Velda came with every bit of his remaining force to crush Tempest.

Exactly as Ciel-sensei had predicted.

Now that I look at it like this, it seems like despite their losses at every single area, the angel army still pose to be a threat.

If we were to fight head on, we surely wouldn’t be able to go unscathed.

However, we have the Labyrinth on our side.

I had dispatched Gerudo and Gabil on the surface and had them play around with Dino. The aim of which was to create a kind of diversion.

To make Velda think that we are actually having a war.

Worst case scenario, they could just retreat inside the labyrinth–and with that, the angel army would be unable to function as an army.

Just as we did when the Empire had come attacking, we could crush them one by one.


But of course, there is a problem.

There is also a limit to Ramiris’ ability–that is, there is a restriction to the range of where she can create entrances.

She is not able to make exits and entrances as she wishes.

To be exact, the spirits’ habitat beyond the 100th floor was to be connected to all the important places but it seems like one has to exit following the way they entered.

In short, you can’t enter from Tempest and exit to Ulgreshia Republic’s Ulg natural park.

This proves to be a problem for the adventurers and dwellers of Tempest who are taking refugee there.

As long as the entrances and exits are limited, once you just block that off, it’s checkmate.

The higher beings could teleport out but not many of the general public there can do the same.

Teleportation magic also has the problem of destination so it’s out of the question.

And above all, the rules binding teleportation magic are pretty complex and therefore would be dangerous for normal people to try and execute it from within the labyrinth.

Although, the upper echelons and I can teleport wherever we wish freely…

It is very much possible to live inside the labyrinth but surely it would be tough to spend one’s whole life there without stepping foot outside.

And due to that reason, we were appealing here that ‘hey, we are defending the entrance to death here~’.


However, that also ends here.

If Velda has shifted strategies to lure me out in the open as Ciel has predicted, he would just smash through that.

It does hurt me to block off the only gate but it’s fine if we just break it off later.

Let’s just pretend we fell right into his trap here and try to skillfully cope with the situation.

Everything is going according to our assumption.

And I have already gave my command for the next strategy.

It will be fine as long as the enemy’s force doesn’t exceed our assumption but… Let’s see what happens.

Even Benimaru wasn’t yet done recovering his energy.

Which does make me kind of uneasy and worried.



“Leave this to us! Rimuru-sama, you just relax and watch over the labyrinth’s defensive strength.”


I decided to believe Benimaru on it.

Well, worst case scenario, I could just send Diablo so, it will work out somehow.

It isn’t as if my uneasiness has been lifted but for now, I decided to believe in the people inside the labyrinth.

This plan would expose the labyrinth to danger.

And as such, I wanted to take away as much of my anxiousness as possible but unfortunately, the enemy won’t wait.

And while I had been worrying like this over here, the full-on attack on Tempest had started.













After being bestowed an ability from Velda, Zero had gathered all the remaining angels from every region.

He then departed, aiming for Tempest to launch an all out frontal attack.


Zero is a silent person.

And his true form is not that of a human.

The head of the Executioners was Arios but the strongest among them is Zero.

Which is obvious.

After all, Zero is an artificial being created by Yuuki.

In a broader sense, it can also be said that he is Vega’s younger brother.

In contrast to Vega’s false aggressive personality, all emotions were stripped from Zero.

With high calculating ability and composed decision making skills without being influenced by emotions, he was brought into this world as a battle puppet.

Among the hundreds and hundreds of puppets Yuuki had created, Zero was the only complete one.

He has unparalleled battle sense and a perfect ‘battle creature’ body.

He has complete control over the seraphim’s ability he was given and was also evolving into a spiritual life-form.

And, now, after being awarded the completed ultimate skill, Evil Dragon Azi Dahaka, he was about to cross another wall.

As Azi Dahaka and Zero’s body mixed, a specific transition was starting to occur.

It was something even Velda couldn’t predict.

Without being noticed by anyone, the variation continued within Zero.


Completing the army formation of 600,000 angels–Zero, Mai, Dino, Piko and Gracia met each other for the final briefing.

The moment he reached, Zero gathered everyone.

Seeing his title as the Angel army’s supreme commander, they didn’t have the right to decline.

Another reason was that Zero had been emitting such an overwhelming and daunting aura, which couldn’t even be compared to his previous aura.

Even while thinking that things have gotten troublesome, Dino had no other choice but to comply.


“So, how are we going about this?”


“Dino-san, we won’t be able to win fighting half-heartedly like you, you know?

If we are gonna crush them, we should crush them at once. We should concentrate our strength and strike them all at once, not giving the enemy anytime to rest.”


“Don’t make fun of me.

It would be very bothersome if they were to get inside the labyrinth, you know? So I was steadily crushing them.

It’s a strategy, you know, a strategy.”


In response to Mai’s retort, Dino launched his thought up excuse boldy.

Not hesitating to say what he wants-that is one of Dino’s amazing points.

When in reality, he was just slacking off, but by being very bold and imposing here, he could strangely make it look like a strategy.


“Guu… Impudent…”


From the perspective of the serious honors student type Mai, Dino was someone she wouldn’t get along with.

Being able to talk down Mai, Dino felt good and was about to say something more but,


“We have no time to be quarreling. I want to execute the plan as soon as possible. I received the command to destroy the labyrinth with an all-out attack.

And as such, if they are to stay inside the labyrinth, that is fine as well. We will be destroying the labyrinth either way so there are no problems.

We will clean up the surface troops quick and invade into the labyrinth.”


Zero stopped Dino, and conveyed Velda’s message to them.

In reaction to that command, Dino’s complexion changed.


“Oi oi, don’t be unreasonable! That labyrinth is impregnable. I’m not saying this because I failed once but seriously, it is really disadvantageous for us inside there.

They are completely immortal inside and can ignore any sort of injury.

Even if we were to attack with the whole army, they would just isolate and crush us one by one.”


“That’s right! And besides, there are strong ones in the surface troops as well. One is absurdly hard and because of him, our attacks aren’t properly working either.”


“Yeah. There’s also a warrior who can go one on one with this Gracia. They are not some simpletons you can sweep clean with just sheer amount.”


Following Dino, Piko and Gracia also stated their complaints.

And truthfully as well, since they were at a loss on how to continue against Gabil and Gerudo.

They don’t know what will happen if they were to go all out but as of now, when they are normally fighting, there had been no decisive battle.

Because they had directly fought the surface troops, they were able to complain against Zero’s words.

And Dino himself knew that the labyrinth’s difficulty was quite high so he was just honestly warning them.

Well, his true feelings were that he just didn’t want to enter the labyrinth again but some things are better left unsaid.

However, the discussion advanced towards the worst possible direction.

In other words—



“I said there was no problem. Mai, I am transferring the commanding rights of the angel army to you. Command the entire army and sweep the surface troops.

You can also help with long distance attacks.

Launch holy light bullets all at once from the sky and exterminate the enemy.”


“Got it. So it’s finally time for my skills, ‘accuracy rate increase’ and ‘long range attack damage increase’ to shine.

I will be ‘connecting’[thought link] the angels and tune them with me, that is fine, right?”


“No problem. That will result in leaving the whole surface troops to you. Are you okay with that?”


“Yes. So, what will you be doing?”


“Dino and I will be invading the labyrinth.”


The contents Zero spoke of so concisely, hit Dino right on the mark.


(Wh-why’s he… without even discussing with me…)


Dino felt like shouting out his state of mind but since Zero was above him in terms of authority, he stayed silent.


“Oi oi… Inside the labyrinth, the enemy will be endlessly resurrecting, you know—”


“No problem. I will erode the labyrinth itself.

Using the true Azi Dahaka which I received from Velda-sama.”


Interrupting Dino, Zero declared without changing his expression.

Seeing how any further discussion will be shot down by Zero, Dino gave up on talking back.

That was already set in stone, and as it was Velda’s command, nothing would change even if Dino had said something.


“Got it. I will obey but will only the two of us invade the labyrinth?”


“Me and you three. And I will be expecting you three to buy me time to erode the labyrinth.”


“Got it…”


As Dino answered, Piko and Gracia also made up their resolve.

And with this, the members who would be capturing Ramiris’ labyrinth had been decided.

“When will we execute the plan?”


In response to Dino’s question,




Zero briefly answered.

And then—

With Zero’s word as the signal, the biggest attack ever on Tempest had begun.


With a sparkling flash, one bright enough to even take away eyesight, the angels’ attack had started all at once.

A heat wave mowed down the surface and evaporated the city Rimuru and his subordinates had built up.

Even ‘Barrier Lord’ Gerudo and ‘Dragon Lord’ Gabil’s squad had no other choice but to retreat in face of the raining light which couldn’t even be defended with barriers.

It was so intense that they would have probably been annihilated with just that if they weren’t being protected by Gerudo’s defensive skill.

Mai’s ultimate skill, ‘Weapon Lord – Bow Weapon’ makes them able to shoot extremely precisely.

The angels who had been unified under Mai’s will had captured the targets in Mai’s vision and launched a concentrated attack.

A concentrated attack from 600,000 angels—it was dreadful, to say the least.

So much that it was impossible to calculate the temperature of the attack’s focus. If Gerudo’s defensive barrier had not dispersed the attack, they wouldn’t even have been allowed to resist.

Although only for a moment, Gerudo should be praised for enduring it.

The land where the city was turned into an empty lot in a short period of time.

Unlike the time when they were under Dino’s command, the angels are now under a single will.

As if they were a single creature, they were perfectly coordinated.


Confirming that the surface troops had retreated inside the labyrinth, Zero nodded.

He also confirmed the few different points which gave off a similar wave frequency as the entrance on the front.

Mai also fixed her vision there and designated it as the angel army’s mark.


“Don’t show mercy to those who run.”


“Got it.”


Exchanging a few words, Zero led Dino’s squad inside the labyrinth.

As if to ridicule Dino and his squad, who acknowledged the surface troops, Mai defeated them with ease.

Even though they had to admit it, it wasn’t amusing to Piko.


(Besides, it kinda seems like they retreated quite readily.)


Although if she had said it out loud, it might have sounded like a poor loser but she couldn’t get rid of the thought.

After all, when they were fighting against the surface troops, they had a very bitter experience against Gerudo’s absurdly strong defensive skills.

Even while she did think Mai was amazing to be able to repel that so easily, it just didn’t sit right with her.


(Well, I guess it’s fine. If they retreated inside the labyrinth, we will have more chances to fight. But being immortal on top of that defensive ability… That’s no joke.)


Coming to a conclusion that she will see to it when the time comes, Piko also followed Dino inside the labyrinth.


The moment the four had entered the labyrinth—that was the moment Zero’s plan of eroding the labyrinth had started.

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