Rimuru vs Yuuki – Part 2 –



Yuuki felt the scene freeze over and inwardly savored the pleasure he felt from it.

Now that he had become this strong, he was so close to realizing his purpose. And so he must have thought that he could allow himself to enjoy the sight of his worthy rivals’ sore faces.

If this had happened one month earlier, every last one of them would have been a difficult opponent.

However, he had no sense inferiority in regards to that.

Rather, having such high-level fighters dance to his beat and control them as he wished in order to bring chaos and destruction to the world, that was the height of pleasure for him.

And yet, due to the existence of Rimuru, who now stood before him, the plan that Yuuki had constructed had ended in utter failure.

It had been a succession of unanticipated events.

When they had first come against each other in the Kingdom of Ingracia, he had felt an indescribable premonition.

At the time, he had thrown Hinata at him as a safety measure, but Rimuru had slipped away and escaped.

It was unthinkable that the ever-cautious and collected Hinata would make a mistake, and so when it was confirmed that Rimuru had survived, Yuuki knew that Rimuru would be his enemy.

From then, until now.

His plans had been without exception, crushed by the hands of Rimuru.

Yuuki did not feel any anger in regards to this.

On the contrary, he almost wanted to show his respect for the impressive skill that was displayed.

When the formation of the game board changed to the point where Yuuki could not win, even if he threw out all of the pieces in his hands, that is when he first decided to move out on his own.

He would not be playing like that time he fought with Leon. For the first time in his life, he had resolved to seriously pursue power.

He calculated that it would take him one month to investigate every power.

In the meantime, he decided to allow Velda to stand in the firing line and do as he pleased.

For the most part, Yuuki’s personality was positioned on the top, but as they were beings of equal rank who alternated from one to the other, he was not able to change this with his own will once he had withdrawn.

And so this was also a gamble for him.

Velda’s purpose was also to destroy the world, but their final goals were different.

Yuuki’s final goal was to return this world to nothing, but not Velda.

Once the world was destroyed, Velda wanted to create a new world with himself as a god.

For Yuuki, this was such an indulgent way of thinking that he could only laugh.

He knew very well that he would fail as he gave the last order.

And the result was just as Yuuki had predicted…


Yuuki may have been a genius, but it was not as if he had obtained all of Veldanava’s powers.

And it was also a lie that he could use all of Veldanava’s abilities.

But that was hardly a problem.

Because it was true that he could use most of Valdanava’s abilities.

Yuuki had obtained more than enough power to bring destruction to this world.

The Manas known as Velda had specialized in all of the ultimate skills. However, he did not have the ability to replicate.

The reason for this was clear and simple. Insufficient space.

In the past month, Yuuki had analyzed all of the abilities and selected the ones he wanted.

He restored the ultimate skill ‘Greedy King Mammon’ to its existing value and attempted to replicate the abilities that he needed.

And that had become possible when he was able to completely replicate ‘Creation Lord Ahura Mazdā.’

However, there were some abilities that he could not replicate no matter what.

The ultimate and supreme ability–’Turn Null,’ which they say gave birth to the primordial energy needed to create worlds. In the end, it was irreproducible.

Even if he had been able to replicate that ability, he would have to create a world as Veldanava had done, or else the energy would have just run wild and then disappear.

After all, as the name ‘Turn Null’ suggested, it was a pure, ultra high-density energy that could destroy everything.

It was an extreme ability from another dimension that allowed you to destroy the existing world and create a new one.

It is said that Veldanava created this world and lost ‘Turn Null.’ And what remained after that was the ‘Mana Breeder Reactor.’

Veldanava was the most powerful because this ability allowed him to inexhaustibly create mana.

And the ‘Mana Breeder Reactor’ was inherited by Milim, which made her the most powerful.

Being able to control the concentrated mana that was stardust, was a by-product of the ‘Mana Breeder Reactor.’

Yuuki had also replicated this ultimate power.

Yuuki had become a god, exceeding spiritual lifeforms. And so with Velda’s knowledge, he had created the ‘Mana Breeder Reactor’ and had complete control over it.

However, as it were, he did not have enough space to be able to use his other abilities. He would be nothing more than a watered down version of Milim.

It was possible for him to control the output like Guy did, but that would not allow him to surpass them.

Yuuki had considered all this and then thought of the idea of having the abilities replicated in the Veldanava Sword.

The Veldanava Sword was the fruit of Veldanava’s power. Half of Veldanava’s max energy was concentrated inside of it.

It was a God sword that Milim was supposed to inherit one day.

Consequently, there was no need to replicate the abilities in Velda’s memories.

He just needed to dismantle his own ultimate skill, ‘Creation Lord Ahura Mazdā,’ and fuse it with Velda’s knowledge. And that would give birth to the origin skill, ‘Information King: Akashic Records.’

This origin skill, ‘Information King: Akashic Records’ would be installed into the Veldanava Sword. And it would be adjusted so that you could always use whichever ability you selected when you wanted.


It was adjusted to be used by Yuuki exclusively, so Velda could not use it.

Velda’s role was to maintain the ‘Mana Breeder Reactor’ to be in an optimal state at all times, in order to act as a permanent monitoring device.

And this was how Yuuki was reborn into the embodiment of absolute power, who could use all of the abilities.





There was only one person left who Yuuki was cautious of.

Only Rimuru, who now stood before him with a dumbfounded expression.

This annoying monster had always been able to exceed Yuuki’s expectations.

And so there was no need to hold back. Depending on what he could ascertain of his power, it may become necessary for Yuuki to use his most powerful skill to dispose of him.

They were equal in terms of power.

Yuuki was god-like and an awakened hero. But even when he had the ‘Mana Breeder Reactor’ running at the highest, he was unable to outmatch Rimuru’s power.

This was insane.

(This is troublesome, really. I had thought that I would be able to win when it came to power–)

Yuuki had the upper hand in terms of weapon functionality, but he didn’t know if that would still be true if the fight dragged on for too long.


(Velda, I’m going to use the energy at full force. Charge the Veldanava Sword with power until it reaches its absolute limit!)

Yuuki ordered Velda and then began to swing at Rimuru with a speed that far surpassed his previous attacks.

However, even these were easily parried by Rimuru.

There was an energy that enveloped both of their swords so that they would not be damaged. It intervened with every clash and shockwaves erupted, but it was little more than a gentle wind to both Yuuki and Rimuru.

(I didn’t expect him to be able to deal with that step… However, it seems that his reactions are becoming slower. Our skills with a sword are probably still at a tie?)

Yuuki snapped his fingers loudly.

In the same instant, the movement of the world halted. Time had stopped.


“You’re stopping time now? There is no point in that…”

“Yeah, I don’t think there is either.”

“–you lying bastard. It’s to crush my specialty so you can have an advantage when we fight.”

“Ahahaha. I suppose that it’s no secret.”


Yuuki laughed mischievously.

He had easily stopped time with primitive magic.

There were two reasons for doing this.

The first was as Rimuru had said, to limit the use of discharge-type abilities.

Rimuru had many methods of attacks, and limiting his options now would help Yuuki continue the fight at an advantage.

And more then anything, stopping time was the best way to prevent suspicious magic, such as the circle of magic that Diablo had shown earlier.

It was impossible to use magic within a world where time had stopped–yes, with the exception of primitive magic.

Yuuki had sealed all of Rimuru’s magic attacks and created an environment where he alone could use magic.


–Burn furiously, primitive flames!–


Yuuki ordered, and at the same time, Rimuru was covered in flames.


“Woah! How can you use magic when time has stopped!?”


Just as he had hoped, Rumuru had not anticipated this attack.

In succession, Yuuki continued the attacks by just thinking of them.

He pushed him back with the flames, then hardened the ground to prevent him from moving. Then he severed the space–toying with Rimuru.

This was the card he had up his sleeve.

The trump card that he had been sure would be effective.

But unfortunately, Yuuki had concluded that this primitive magic was not enough to defeat  Rimuru.

It was obvious of course, but there was a well-calculated reason that Yuuki was using primitive magic in spite of it not being the decisive blow.

According to Yuuki’s judgment, Rimuru had a habit of always observing his enemies’ attacks. This was an indication of how confident he was that he could deal with any attack, but it wasn’t only that. Yuuki believed that it came from a fundamental softness within Rimuru, who wished to search for his enemies true intent, to find out if they could not come to an understanding.

And this time, Yuuki would target this habit.

Just as he had predicted, Rimuru had not been going all out from the beginning, which had allowed him to successfully activate the time freeze.


And if he used his primitive magic while time had been stopped, then there was a high probability that Rimuru would begin to analyze his actions.

Primitive magic was his trump card, but it was still impossible to defeat Rimuru like this.

In that case, while it was a precious asset, he could still use it as bait.

That was Yuuki’s decision. He could do nothing until he had won this battle.

If he used it now, it would at least give him a small advantage. This was what Yuuki thought, and so he had no intention of being stingy with it.

After all, if he used everything that he had and won against Rimuru, he would then be able to accomplish his hopes.

His enemy was Rimuru alone–Every time he thought this, Yuuki would rate Rimuru very highly.


It seemed like Rimuru was analyzing the primitive magic just like Yuuki had planned.

He couldn’t say that it was a bad thing to try to read your opponent’s hand during a fight. However, in a fight like Yuuki and Rimuru were engaged in now, where they were in the middle of such a tight back and forth, having your mind on something so small could be a bad move.

Ever since this fight had started–no, even before it had started–Yuuki had made multiple preparations.

Aside from analyzing abilities inside of Velda, he was constantly thinking about plans of what to do in order to kill this most powerful being who was able to match him.

He had not frozen time and limited Rimuru’s abilities only to put himself in an advantageous position.

If anything, Yuuki’s aim was to have Rimuru believe that that was why he did it.

His true aim for stopping time was nothing so small as that–


“You’re too easy Yuuki. I’m onto you now. You better not be thinking that you are the only one who can use magic while time has stopped!”


It seemed that Rimuru had finished analyzing the primitive magic just like, no, much faster than Yuuki had predicted.

The primitive flames that Yuuki had just unleashed without chanting were now frozen by Rimuru.

Yuuki’s will was canceled out by this fight between fire and ice.

There was nothing to do but laugh, Yuuki thought.

In such a short time, even less if you considered that time had stopped, his trump card had become ineffective in a sudden flash.

However, even this was according to Yuuki’s plans.

The katana and sword crossed each other.

Both parties slashed with magnificent power.

After all, while it had only been for a brief moment, he had succeeded in diverting Rimuru’s conscious.


–I have been waiting for this moment!!–


Yuuki sneers.

And just as he clashed into Rimuru once again with all of his strength, he entered the final phase of his battle plan.

While massive amounts of energy were colliding and spreading shockwaves, he activated a magic technique without chanting.

Of course, now that Rimuru understood primitive magic, he was able to activate his own magic to nullify it in return.

(Ah, it was just as I thought. I knew that Rimuru would take the proper actions, all according to the script.)

Yuuki was quite satisfied, but at the same time felt a slight feeling of hollowness as well.

He had realized that in spite of the fact that he could read his opponent to this level, in the end, they would never really understand each other in the truest sense.

They were really just strangers, and they would only ever understand each other completely in his dreams.

Yuuki felt such sentiments in his heart, but he released his final trump card before he was able to understand them.

In the end, Yuuki and Rimuru were just enemies.


At the same time that Rimuru activated magic nullification, Yuuki activated the device that had been installed in his left artificial arm.

The arm transformed smoothly, and he pointed the magic circle that was carved into it at Rimuru and fired.

And then the phenomenon was rewritten and converged into one magic.

It was an ultimate magical art that was not possible for one person to activate.


–Chrono Saltation–


It was an ultimate super-dimensional magic that caused the target to jump to a space-time where time had ended.

The magic was born through using all of the energy around it and even swallowing up the raging chrono quake.

And with this immeasurable energy, it had taken Rimuru away to the ‘end of space-time.’

As a spacetime continuum, even the associated clone body was completely uprooted along with Rimuru…

Had the ‘Soul Corridor’ not been closed, then Rimuru’s underlings and even Velgrynd might have been targeted by the magic.

That was how powerful and frightful this magic was. So much that any kind of resistance would have been futile.


It was impossible for Yuuki to activate Chrono Saltation by himself.

The reason was simple. It was because it was a complex magic that required that you activate at least two magic spells at the same time. On top of that, this magic had to be of the same quality and have the same characteristics.

What Yuuki had installed into his artificial arm was a simple ultimate technique.

The effect was a reversal.

It was a technique that reversed the effect of the magic you were using.

Primitive magic was a magic that reflected your will. It was not something that Yuuki activated only after knowing what magic he would use.

Just thinking it would make it activate. That was the biggest and most distinctive feature and the reason that it was called ultimate magic.

Now that he had limited the use of magic through the freezing of time, it was possible for him to lead Rimuru into using the magic that he wanted him to use.

The magic that Rimuru would activate was simple and easy to understand. He would immediately use nullify.

If he tried to analyze the magic that Yuuki activated, he would not be able to stop it. If you considered the time margin, he would have to nullify at the exact same time as Yuuki activated his magic, or it would be too late.

That is what Yuuki had thought.

And so he had revealed his trump card to Rimuru in order to lure his thoughts where he wanted, so he would act this way in this situation.

And just as Yuuki had planned, Rimuru had activated the magic.

All of it was through Yuuki’s preparations, and Rimuru had acted accordingly without knowing it.


In this atmosphere where Genesis level energy collided and even chrono quakes were occurring, Yuuki had used the space-time magic: Time Stop.

Normally, there would be no point in stopping time in a frozen world. Because you can not stop something anymore after it has been stopped.

However, the situation was a little different this time, due to something that Yuuki had set up.

Rimuru had activated his magic so that it only contained energy that had the exact opposite properties as Yuuki’s magic, in order to nullify it. And that magic was reversed through Yuuki’s trick, and it had changed into magic with energy that was the exact same in property and quantity.

Because of this, the requirements to activate Chrono Saltation had been met.

Adding a time freeze to a time freeze would not change its effect.

However, multiplying them would bring about a dramatic change.

Through being hit by multiple currents of time, and through the repelling of space that tries to remain fixed, the target would be buried somewhere beyond time.

To the ‘end of space-time’ –in the far future, in a place where the end of time and space meet.

If he couldn’t defeat him, then he could deal with him on a later date–that was the conclusion that Yuuki had landed on.

Rimuru, the one who could match him–or even possibly outmatch him–this ultra rank being, it was the height of stupidity to fight him head-on.

He should send him to the future and then destroy the world, that was his answer.


At the very, very end, this boring and easy game of destroying the world had suddenly had a difficulty spike. But there was only happiness left, now that he had cleared it.

Yuuki was satisfied, and the smile he showed came from the bottom of his heart.






The time freeze was disabled at the same time that Rimuru disappeared.

Without waiting for a second, the remaining people began to move at once.

Most of them did not accurately understand what had just happened before their eyes.

But, the fact that Rimuru had disappeared was one thing that they all understood very clearly.


“Now, I have had my biggest obstacle take a little trip into the future. I guess you could say that this is checkmate then.”


Yuuki announced with a faint smile.

Hearing this, Milim sat down on the ground and broke into tears.


“Rimuru is… Rimuru has disappeared…”


As Milim murmured through her grief, Ramiris became angry.

While she still wasn’t aware of it, her appearance had suddenly begun to change to that of an adult–


“Rimuru will surely be fine! Let’s defeat this guy so we can quickly call Rimuru back to us!”


Ramiris shouted.

Strength returned to Milim’s eyes when she heard this.


“Yes, you are exactly right. Let’s do this, Ramiris!”



They both decided.

Milim stood up again with renewed strength. Even Gaia, who was on her shoulder, was glaring at Yuuki.

And next to Milim was Ramiris who had now grown into a beautiful woman.

Her hair which had changed to the colors of the rainbow spread out as she began to focus her concentration on activating the primitive magic which could change the laws of this world.

And then, even the others–


“I guess we have no choice but to do it. He seems like an unbelievable monster, but if this is going to be our end, then it should at least be fun to give everything that I’ve got.”

“Fufu. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it, Guy? I won’t leave you until the end, you know.”

“Good grief. I had wanted to see how the world had changed since I had the chance to come back from the dead. Well, I guess it can’t be helped since things turned out like this. Velgrynd, if we do survive, will you show me around the world?”

“Rudra, you fool. Instead of the world, I shall look for your reincarnated self. Also…I think you should understand that you were not brought back to life.”

“Kufufufufu. It is unfathomable that Lord Rimuru has been defeated. But it looks like we might have to hold the fort while he is away.”

“Yes, master may have some intentions of his own, but I doubt that we are not allowed to defeat that thing.”


Each of them said what they were thinking and united as one to oppose Yuuki.

And all at once, with all of their bodies and souls, they each targeted Yuuki with their single most deadly attack.






–All of it was according to Yuuki’s plan.

Now Yuuki was able to use every last ability through the origin skill, ‘Information King: Akashic Records.’

In other words, this meant that it was possible for him to use Gluttonous King Beelzebub to devour all of the energy.

With enough energy needed to bring about the coming destruction of the world now in front of him, Yuuki smiled darkly.


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