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Tensei Slime

Chapter 256/Final Chapter – Reincarnated into–

A year had passed after the fight with Yuuki.

A lot happened after that.

No, really.

So much that it’s a pain to remember it all.



I broadcasted that I defeated Velda to the whole world.

With the help of optics magic which uses observation magic, I projected myself into the skies of all the countries.

And then, declared under my name that a universal crisis had just passed.

The world was filled with joy and slowly the unprecedented disorder came to an end.


And needless to say, it was the people of Tempest who helped bring it to an end.

Anyway, the world has finally regained its previous stability.








A while after defeating Yuuki, I released Veldora.


And then, that guy went on saying stuff like,


“Kuahh—, that was a good sleep. It seems like it’s my turn at last!”


Even considering that he was isolated from the physical world while in the ‘Imaginary Space’, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he wasn’t reading the atmosphere at all.

And the price for that was quite high.

And so him being punished by his elder sisters couldn’t be helped.

However, his elder sisters–Velzado and Velgrynd’s interest soon went towards Velgaia, the new true dragon, who was riding on Milim’s shoulder.

Although it can be said that he was saved thanks to that, it is also true that that was also the ‘cause behind his sisters leaving him’–which he definitely deserved.


“Ggnuuu… that Gaia……”


And so, it was my job to console Veldora, who was feeling jealous of his brother (?). Just between us, that was extremely bothersome.

Well, when all’s said and done, Veldora is still the same as ever.

Our relationship of him causing problem somewhere and me doing something about it will probably continue here on after as well.

I kinda felt pleasant thinking that but it will be a secret from Veldora.

I mean, obviously, right?

If I were to say that out loud, I can picture him getting carried away clear as day.

As our relation won’t change, not now or later, I don’t even need to say it out loud.








Speaking of his elder sisters, one of them–Velgrynd, has already set out on a journey.

She probably went to search for Rudra’s reincarnate.


“Rimuru, you do have some idea about it, right?”


“Eh?! N-no. I don’t know?”


She did ask me once out of the blue before leaving but I ignored it splendidly.

I definitely did not stutter because I was scared of what she did to Veldora.

It’s just that I got a bit nervous since a very impactful, beautiful lady’s face was very close to mine, yes.

……… No, really.

Well, actually, I do have someone questionable in mind.

But, if I were to speak of his name here, it would feel like I yielded to Velgrynd here.

Besides, I would also feel bad about selling him out.

I think he deserves to experience some peace now that we have regained stability after so long.

……… However, despite my concerns for him, it seems he was quite easily found by Velgrynd.

My condolences. I hope he is blessed with good fortune in his path.


—After that, stories of a hero with a talking sword in hand, accompanied by a dragon and demon spread throughout the world; but that’s none of my concern.








Velzado returned to the Northern Continent together with Guy.

Seems like she will build up a paradise for demons there in the extreme cold where no human can interfere.

Their castle was completely destroyed but she said they will reproduce it with Guy’s abilities.

Moreover, it seems like he acquired the Ultimate Skill: Abyss God Nodens by using the experience of the final fight.

And this ability even adopted Gaia’s All Creation Manifestation, truly an all-purpose ability.

Seems like he attempted the upgrade while trying to deal with Rudra’s rampaging energy.

Although he seemed a bit dissatisfied because he couldn’t test the ability he went so far to acquire as I appeared right on time.

It also didn’t seem like he had any intention of hiding it since he came telling me about it himself.


“I don’t plan on fighting with you. I am the type who doesn’t take fights they can’t win.”


Was what he said at that time.

I don’t know if that is his true feelings or not but I don’t want to fight with Guy either, so that’s fine with me.

At the very least, I felt like Guy as he is now could have fought Yuuki on an even field.

Well, I won’t lose to him as I am now but I don’t fancy getting hurt due to being prideful like that.

There’s no reason nor meaning in fighting him, so it’s best if we can get along.


Although I do say that, Guy and I fought a few times after that but I shall talk about that at a later opportunity.









The celestial world was decided to be Milim’s territory.

With Gaia’s All Creation Manifestation, we recreated the parts of the castle and the gate.

The residents of Milim’s previous demon lord territory were migrating successively.

The harpies led by Frey and the Lycanthropes.

And the celestial demons[1], who are now obeying Dino.

These celestial demons are a new race born from incarnated angels transforming — does that make sense?

In the first place, the angels who fall and turn into demons are called Harpy or Tengu so this can’t be taken as a rule.

Even Dino is of a race called ‘Fallen’, as he fell.


Well, in reality, these celestial demons don’t really have a physical body so they can’t live outside the celestial world though. As such, celestial demons, harpies and lycanthropes are Milim’s main forces.


We have decided on secretly having cultural interexchange between Tempest and them and have settled on testing new technology in the celestial world.

And it was clear that the advancements of science would be clearly different from my previous world as magicules exist here, which can be directly converted into energy.

We will be doing the developments in the labyrinth like always but the celestial world will be adopting the technology first.

And then, by using the data we acquire there to complete it, we will apply it in Tempest.

And naturally, the tech built with physics will be sent directly to Dwargon and the ones built with magic to Sarion.

Like this, while maintaining each of the country’s uniqueness, we will be providing them with the latest technology.

And of course, without saying, the profit from the technology would be entering my pocket.



And to speak of the Milim in question, well, she is still the same… stealthily going behind Frey’s back to come play from time to time.

Well, I have also been playin–I mean, taking a breather, together so I can’t really complain.

Dino also comes along as Milim’s guard but there’s no mistake that his aim is to slack off and have snacks.

After all, after playing/slacking off for a long time, when Frey appears, both Milim and Dino’s face turns pale.

It really feels like the master and servant both have no urge to work but… will the celestial world really be alright?

Well, something will work out as long as Frey’s there.







Speaking of Milim, this reminds me: there’s one problem.

Recently, Shuna, Shion and Milim have been intensely competing against each other in my absence.

From Souei’s oblique report, it seems like they are having a holy battle for the place of my legal wife.

What’s with that?–I felt my head aching even thinking about it.

In the first place, I don’t have my ‘son’ and neither a lifespan so it’s completely unnecessary to marry.

Chloe was like ‘Sensei is (only my) sensei!’ and came hugging me so that was genuinely cute.


“That’s not fair! Rimuru is my best friend, so I should be the one!”


“That’s just you being deceived! If you are going to say that, then I am Rimuru-sama’s only secretary!”


“Chloe—turns out to be quite the tactician… I need to be more careful about her than the muscle-headed Milim-sama or Shion.”


The three rushed in while I was having tea with Chloe.

And like always, the noisy time started.

This also became regular day by day so I better come up with a solution soon.

Besides, if I were to decide on a legal wife, would they come asking to be my concubines next?

No, no, let’s stop thinking about that.

That would be too bothersome.



[Fufufu, master’s partner (legal wife) is me so—]


I feel like I just heard something but it’s probably better to not think too deeply about that either. And like always, I decided to postpone the problem.









Tempest also underwent a big transformation.

After tending to the hobgoblins under Rigurdo’s commands, we started reconstructing the city with Benimaru as the head.

With the help of Gerudo’s craftsmen, the city was reconstructed in the blink of an eye.

Ramiris was easily handling the reestablishment of the satellite city.

The adventurers also helped out and the empire’s soldiers were also mobilized.

What about their salary? That’s not for me to worry about.

Myourmiles-kun came clinging onto me saying ‘Rimuru-sama~~~’ in a crying voice so I instantly cheered him up with ‘Good luck! I know you can do it!’–so it should be fine.

It seems like he was also being consoled by Rigurdo, so it’s great that they are getting along well.

Thanks to his hard work, Tempest was reborn into an unprecedented, unique, super futuristic city.

I restrained myself and just gave ideas but Gerudo made it all happen.

He implemented the new technology from his research ungrudgingly.

There are also some which were used without testing in the celestial world.

While leaving the hot spring town in the side, the city of Tempest magnificently upgraded into a futuristic city.

And a multi-layered defense barrier was put up with the help of a huge scale magic circle.

The teleportation devices connected places within the city, making it easier to channel distribution.

The teleportation devices were set up in every division, so travelling and transport was very smooth.

The skyscrapers were set in a very functional way that the sunlight shone directly on the city’s center.

Surrounding that, the residents’ living space spread out in harmony with the forest.

Even a comfort zone was built, completing the mystical city.

By using magic and science in harmony, we were able to realise an extremely high level of efficiency way, way ahead of time.


And this probably goes without saying but the jobs for cultural exchange with other countries were also piled up.

The making of transit gates were pressing but there was also the need to finish the railroad system to use it together.

Thinking of it like that, it was decided to use the magic train as the transportation network between the cities.

By implementing various different kinds of magic techniques, the train was now able to travel at a speed of 300 km/h without impacting the surrounding or making noise.

The railroad tracks were made by the empire soldiers.

The western countries, Dwarf kingdom, Sorcerer’s Dynasty Sarion and the previous demon lords’ territory.

The transportation network between Tempest and the surrounding countries was advancing at a quick pace.

Between the Dwarf kingdom and The Empire, the dwarves were also constructing a rail.

By the way, the previous demon lords’ territory after Milim’s group left was still untouched.

It was a rich land, abundant with resources.

I am thinking of discussing with the kings of the surrounding countries on how to use it later on.



All these development will probably be completed in ten or so years as state projects.

No one objected to it.

When I suggested the construction under my name, all of the countries happily accepted.

As expected of the Great Demon Lord’s name who saved the world, it sure gives off a sense of sophistication.

It was also expected that all these new technology will lead to many people getting unemployed. This construction will give all these people jobs, so it’s not all bad.

Rather, they must have realized that this transportation network will lead to further development.

From now on, people who have information will be controlling everything.

I decided to restrain myself and there was no one to obstruct either.

If so, then the deciding factor will be how fast the other countries take in Tempest’s new technology.

The economic war was so intense now that directly going to war seems stupid at best.

And the factors supporting that are information and the citizen’s hard work.

If everyone in a country does not work hard, the country’s living standards will remain low and the quality difference will keep on increasing—is what Ciel-san’s future prediction chart says.

Now that I think about it, then am I not trying to control the world with economic and technological strength……?

No, no, I am probably thinking too much.

I did say that I would restrain myself but I didn’t say anything about not taking over the world.

Well, it’s fine as long as we all work hard and make it a better world together.








I established two more new cities in Jura Forest.

At present, they are under praiseworthy construction.

One for the high orcs, a mining city. And the other for the lizardman, a city on water.

High quality minerals will be produced from the mining city.

And these produced goods will be transported to the central city of Tempest.

The water city will be floating on the Cis lake and I also plan on building a station for airships there.

There’s also one at Tempest but not many can be stationed at once.

In that sense, as Cis lake is huge, it can station a lot.

Rigurdo is ruling as the prime minister in Tempest.

For the mining city, it will be Gerudo, and Gabil for the watercity. The kings of each tribe will be governing their cities.

I am a little worried on that part about Gabil but he is also maturing as he has made up with Abil.

He isn’t the Gabil he used to be so there shouldn’t be a problem.

And like this, a system which doesn’t require me to give orders was slowly being constructed.









Even otherworlders, who are being discovered at various points of the world, are now being protected safely.

The ones who decide on living in this world will be sent to a particular academy in Ingracia kingdom and will gain general knowledge about this world and learn fighting techniques and other things.

After graduating, they can work at any important organisation in any country.

If they choose to return, they will be sent to Mai’s ‘Otherworld Network Research Division’ where they will help her research.

Well, actually, I could send them back to their world by myself.

However, it somewhat felt wrong to be sending everyone of them to their home countries one by one, doing the philanthropic work.

Besides, now that I have confirmed that there are several different worlds, I can’t lump them altogether as ‘otherworlders’.

There will be otherworlders who are not from the world I am from.

I will provide them with information. And so, they will have to work hard themselves to develop a teleportation magic to cross dimensions–a dimension navigation method.

For that, they will have a strong driving force and a strong will.

Although, I am considering secretly sending them off if they fail even after trying for a few years… But I have a feeling that they can probably do it so there will not be a need for that.




Their hard work will bear fruit and the dimension navigation method will be developed.

And then–

A brand new story will start with inter-dimensional exchange.








Ramiris was upset.



“After all the trouble I went through to do some glorious work! Now I will have to be a child for a few thousand years again!”


She came complaining to me.

My honest thought on that is –’no point complaining to me about it’.

Even Trainee-san and the others were sad because they couldn’t see Ramiris’ true form.

But, really, just for a few years after waiting a few thousand? It’s weird that she can only be in that form for such a short period of time.

It seems she had awakened forcibly this time so she will have to start anew again.


“Well, it’s fine, isn’t it? Childs can play whenever they want and you won’t be given unpleasant work like Milim, you know?”


“Well, that is true. My work will be my beloved research and that is the best but…”


“Right? In the first place, there isn’t anything you would have wanted to do after becoming an adult, right?”


“Hmmm, now that you mention it…”



And so, after such a conversation, she went back to her normal cheerful attitude.

It seems like she just wanted to show her adult form to me and so Ramiris was easy to calm down.

And now, about the labyrinth, well, the difficulty level had gone too far up.

No matter how I think of it, no human can ever conquer it.

Even with cutting edge battle weapons or magic tools, it will probably be difficult for them.

So much that even the lower levels were now a place to test the newest weapons.

And as such, I made it so that they can get the passport to the elves’ city if they cross the 50th floor.

After all, if I don’t do that, the high quality relaxing area will go to waste.

Well, the royalties of each country and we use the VIP institution but just that feels too lonely.



Putting that aside, the labyrinth force which has Ramiris and Zegion as its head, just kept getting stronger and stronger.








And so, it was quite a busy year.

Even thinking back on it, it was a very rich time.

But, now that everything has settled down a bit, I am thinking of taking care of one of my regrets.









Skyscrapers stood in a line.

The surrounding was filled with hustle and bustle, shrieks and angry roars.

A patrol car’s siren could be heard afar.

It was a scenery so nostalgic it made me feel a bit dizzy.


“Senpai, senpai?! Please hold it together, senpai—!!”


A youngster who was crying with a ‘nice guy’ in his arms and a young woman looking at them in grief.

It was Tamura and Sawatari-san.

These guys, they really haven’t changed, huh?—Well, I guess that is pretty obvious.

I walked up to Tamura and pat his shoulder.


“Move aside, Tamura.”


“-?! Who… are you…? How do you know my name—”


“Now, now. Don’t sweat the details.”


He turned around to complain but lost his words seeing my beautiful face–that’s about it.

‘You will make Sawatari-san mad, you know?–is what I thought of saying but decided not to instead.

I pushed Tamura aside and held the jewel I brought out over the nice guy’s dead body.

The dead body and jewel seems to have fused properly so all that’s left is to send it to my ‘Multiple Parallel Existence’.

Ah, I almost forgot.

Human bodies feel pain so I should properly heal it.

Thinking that, I brought out a healing potion and poured it on to the dead body.

Seeing the wounds heal in the blink of an eye, I was satisfied knowing that they work in this world, as well.

If I hadn’t healed it properly, I would have had to restore it after taking it in and that’s a pain.

It’s a relief the healing potions work.

With this, the preparations are complete.

I concentrated my consciousness, and used ‘Multiple Parallel Existence’ on the jewel.



[It is a success. It seems like skills can also be activated here without any problem.]


Hmm, that’s a relief.

It seems like I succeeded in diving some of my consciousness to the nice guy–or in other words, my otherworld’s body.

Now then, before I—Mikami Satoru, wake up, I should get going.



“What exactly did you……”


“Oh, Tamura. From now on, properly respect your senpai and don’t think of showing off, alright? Also, I will do something about the PC myself so cancel that request!”




Giving a smile to Tamura’s confused and shocked expression, I left the place.

There’s no need to explain much.

After all, I–Mikami Satoru–will probably explain the rest.










I woke up.

On a hospital bed, in this nostalgic world.

In my accustomed thirty-seven year old body.

After a bit of checking, I also confirmed my ‘son’ was also in good health.

That’s good.

I thought from the bottom of my heart.

Although, I was a bit worried if it worked or not.

Eh, you say that I have never really used it so it’s probably fine? I will kill you, ya bastard!!

It’s only good manner to have it working anytime.

Preparations are important.

Well, leaving that aside.

The things until now weren’t a dream, right?

Spare me the pain of seeing all that as a dream for getting stabbed, alright……?

If all that was just a simple afternoon dream, I can’t even laugh…

However, seeing how peaceful it is, I might have actually believed it was a dream.



“Ah, senpai! You are awake!”


“…Tamura, eh? Is this the hospital?”


“Yes. The police had come just a while ago but it seems like they returned after the doctor told them you should rest a bit.”


“Police……? Why…”


“Please calm down. Senpai, do you remember almost being stabbed by a random attacker? The police had come to get some info on that attacker.”


“Ah, I see… Wait, did I not get stabbed?”



Hmm? Was it actually a dream?

If I wasn’t stabbed and that was all a afternoon dream after I collapsed then–


“—Well, actually, you might not believe this but… a mysterious woman–not of a model or celebrity level–an extremely beautiful woman–she, she brought you back to life. You might laugh saying I don’t know what I am talking about but it is the truth! As proof, please look at that!”


Tamura answered my doubts.

And I looked at the wall, where my suit was hanged. There was a small tear in the back and it was covered in red blood.

Seems like there’s no mistaking that that is my blood.

That means, that really wasn’t a dream and I–Rimuru–played a prank on myself.

That bastard–well, even though I say that, it is me but–to do that even against myself……

“Like I thought, you won’t believe me, will you?”


“No, I believe you, Tamura. Also, it seems like the police visited for no reason. After all–”




“No, nothing.”



Now that would be something he wouldn’t believe even if I were to tell him.

The attacker who killed me–I might have forgiven him but Diablo sure wouldn’t.

By now, the attacker is probably experiencing unlimited torture by Diablo and regretting being born.

There’s no way he would believe that, so I tried to dodge the topic.


“By the way Tamura–if I were to tell you that I went to another world after dying, would you believe me?”


To my whisper, Tamura’s expression looked bewildered for a moment.

He probably thought what in the world I was talking about.

That would be the normal reaction, or so I thought but—


“I would believe you, senpai. I just witnessed something very weird and besides, that woman felt strangely like you, after all. And now when I think about it, I feel like that person might have been you, senpai. I even thought of something as absurd as that, after all.”


“I see. Then it’s fine if I told you. You wanna listen?”


I asked with a smile and Tamura also answered back with a smile.







I see……

Well then, I shall tell you all about it.


—’About the time I was reincarnated as a slime’—














[1] 天魔族 「エンジェル」 – Tenmazoku. Pronounced “Enjeru” or “Angel”, compared to 天使 Tenshi, which is the Japanese word for ‘angels’. Since they are humans reincarnated as angels, and not pure angels, think of it at angels that are regarded as monsters now.


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