I don’t think there will be any but I would like to avoid any casualties caused from a lack of awareness.

“Haha, you are worrying for us, aren’t you?”

“There’s no need for your worry! There’s no way Magnus-sama will be taken off by lowly monsters!”

The girl who is always beside Magnus raged.

“Yes, yes. Well, either way, don’t let your guard down.”

I stood up as I said that.

“Yea, I know. Rosary, calm down.”

“I am calm!”

With that behind me, I left to tidy up.




That night.

Feeling the presence of a sleeping magic activate, I opened my eyes.

As this body is really close to a human’s body, it is possible for me to imitate sleeping by thinning out my consciousness but since I have no need for sleep, sleeping magic doesn’t work on me.

However, the target for the magic wasn’t me—it was the other female students sleeping in my tent.

Marsha, Aina and two others.

I was put in their tent. I told them I was fine with the boys’ tent but was rejected by everyone.

“But, I am a guy—”

“Even if you’re a guy.”

They told me they were worried more about me than themselves.

As I was also being persuaded by George and Mondo who didn’t believe me at all, I decided to bend since it was getting bothersome.

Or rather, since I am used to being cared by Shuna or Shion, this much doesn’t really disturb me.

And as such, I was in the same tent as the girls but–

This doesn’t seem to be a sneak visit.

“Satoru-dono, are you there?’

I could hear a small voice calling for me.

I was thinking of going to them myself but it seems they came contacting me first.

“Yeah, let’s go.”


I answered to the call and quietly exited the tent.

The one who greeted me by kneeling as if it was only normal was William Loaz, the elder magic instructor of Ingracia Synthesis Academy.

“You noticed?”

“Of course. I realized with one glance. However, Souei-sama said to keep it a secret in his message so…”

From what he explained while we were changing locations, it seems this elder William is one of Souei’s spies.

Even though I say spy, he is actually a subordinate of a subordinate of Souka.

It seems all of the spies lurking in each of the countries started moving as I gave the order to Souei to investigate the academies.

Even though I say that, these spies normally look for the country’s movements and so small stuff like investigating the academies aren’t included in their job.

They are people who deal with things on a much greater scale.

They normally gather circumstantial evidence of interior corruption or expose injustice. And it seems there were also people who were in the academies to investigate.

William was also one of them.

“I thought my heart would stop when I received the direct Thought Transmission from Souei-sama.”

He said, probably remembering of that time, as he trembled a bit.

That is true.

I understand his feeling—being directly contacted by someone who is like above the clouds.

It even seems he is more afraid of Souei than me.

No, that’s probably it.

Souei is—no, Souei and everyone in the information department are quite strict on their subordinates…

It seems they don’t have the expression ‘in the worst case scenario’ in their dictionary.

Failure=death — they are even feared by other sections.

I was lead to the tent made for the instructors.

As I entered, the instructors knelt down.

Brown, the guy who lost to Laplace at first, Pury, the doctor and Blum, the plump, old man.

There was also this other guy, called Heinrich, who seemed like an intelligent researcher. He is the guy who identified the mana storm covering the island.


Shaking in his boots was the instructor who gave me salt before, Instructor A—or as I came to know later, Peter-sensei.

“Oh? If it isn’t Peter-sensei.”

“Gyaaahh—! P-please forgive me!”

What a wonderful dogeza.

He went from kneeling to a jumping dogeza.

Really, this is my first seeing it… a jumping dogeza.

“I won’t do anything.”

“R-really?! Then, you will forgive me?”

I wondered what was there to forgive? —but his reactions are too suspicious.

“Before I decide on that, tell me what you did.”

I can’t think that he would be this scared just from treating me like that.

That’s what I thought when asking him but…

One after another came out, his evidence of neglect.

It seems even for the tents, it was just him choosing to not be bothered to tidying it up.

I was exasperated, listening to his trivial sins confessions.

“Got it. 3 months of salary cut.”

“Ha, eh? Hahaa!!”

“However, don’t slack off from now on, alright?”

“O-of course!”

“Then it’s fine.”

This is too stupid so I let Peter off the hook with a salary cut.

And then.

They introduced themselves formally once again.

All the instructors here are all under the supervision of the information department.

In other words, they are enthusiastic fellows who haven’t been corrupted.

All the three Tempest’s instructors in the island were here.

Actually, Peter here is also a battle type instructor from Tempest.

I am glad that there were no corrupted instructors in my home, Tempest.

Although I don’t know what is happening at the actual academy, since Souei should be entering there now. Either way, there doesn’t seem to be any here so that’s good.

And from the Ingracia Synthesis Academy were William and Blum.

Heinrich was the only one from NNU Magic and Science Investigation Academy.

These people were the collaborators.

Either way, I can trust these 6.

I decided to drag these 6 in this and started a discussion on what to do next.

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