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Slime 270

Rimuru’s Elegant Escape Play – 14

It was a tragic spectacle.

I didn’t think it would get like this.

I feel like I have been outwitted by Ciel-san.

Well, I guess it’s just the usual.

But about the mysterious organization which got involved—’Humanity Liberation Alliance’…

It’s quite brave of them to even aim for Tempest, which is directly under my care.

I might have overlooked the infiltration of a few spies in these few decades.

These people, who have taken important positions in fields such the economy, technology and even culture, are aiming for the moment when generations change to rise the movement of ‘Humanity Liberation Alliance’. They would slowly encroach like that and before long would have the state in their palms.

To make such a long-term plan–It seems it was made by someone who has a broad outlook.

Let’s say I didn’t become aware of the organization at all—I don’t think it would have affected me still, since I don’t have a life span… It would have been really bothersome to crush their plans one by one, by adjusting the course.

But now that I do know of that, all I need to do is get a well-qualified person and order them to deal with it.

It would also be easy to crush them.

If they are looking for a fight with me, I will just have to crush them in their own game.

Well, leaving that for later…

Even still–

That Magnus, it felt like he had strength left to spare even when dealing with a semi-demonlord class… isn’t that a bit abnormal?

Semi-demonlord class… to simplify it, they are as strong as Arch Demons.

Although, for what it matters, having seen the fight myself, it felt like the opponent was lesser than a just-born Arch Demon in terms of strength but their strength was very much similar.

That’s probably because Poison Tiger is reigning over this island’s ecosystem from the summit and has probably never had to fight seriously. On top of that, he’s probably not used to fighting against someone on the same level as him.

But either way, the threat he posed was real.

There aren’t many people who can go up against that alone.

Among the humans, it’s probably a handful of the high ranking Holy Knights.

If Magnus is of the same level as a high ranking Holy Knight, he is too strong for a student.

No, if he’s a spy, there’s a chance he has been lying about his age as well…

Well, either way, Magnus surely possesses unshakable strength which you can’t acquire with just weapon ability.

The way I am now—with powers of a human, can I win against him?

Of course I can.

It would be a piece of cake if I just had to win.

I only have the abilities of a human at the moment and my energy is low but my level is the same as before.

It wouldn’t matter if the opponent is a arch demon or a lesser demon lord. I would just dodge all their attacks with ‘prediction analysis’ and ‘teleportation’ and end them with ‘imaginary blow’, ignoring any kind of attribute and defense.

However, if I were to do that, they would know my location.

But if I don’t teleport and use as low energy as possible to stop—no, let’s not.

I even escaped to enjoy the ordinary life.

There’s no need to expose my identity intentionally and show off my omnipotent powers.

That’s right, it doesn’t have to be me who defeats Magnus.

There’s Julius and Karma and their friends as well.

I should give them the chance for revenge as well.

However, as they are now, they won’t be able to beat Magnus.

On the contrary, even Julius’ envoy Clad or Ingracia’s battle-type instructor won’t stand a chance.

As I thought, this is my time, the Rimuru-sensei’s time.

I thought that with a grin and gazed at the exhausted students as they slept.




First, I prepared for the meal.

One can’t fight with an empty stomach. Meals are important to revive one’s willpower as well.

As such, I started my work while everyone was still asleep.

I have an abundance of preys today.

That’s because monsters are lying everywhere around these areas due to the battle last night.

And among them, I chose the ones which were really lively and appropriate for eating and lined them up.

‘Appraisal Analysis’ is extremely useful in these situations.

And then, I processed a large amount of it which can satisfy all the students and started cooking and preparing them in a large cauldron.

I will go with a easily made soup this time using the wild grasses and vegetables we didn’t use yesterday.

I cut them in small size for easier digestion and made them soft by boiling. I also didn’t restrain in going the most optimal path drawn out by Ciel.

One might wonder how I know of all these cooking methods but that doesn’t really matter.

I can give whatever excuse I like if I get it done before everyone wakes up.

Once I was done boiling the soup, I lit the fire.

I put the cauldron on gentle heating.

While the soup was being done, I crushed some potato like food and made a paste by mixing it with a salted fruit.

Then I flattened it out like a pancake.

Now if I just stick it in a stick and roast it, it can act as an alternative for bread.

We do have a stove so it might be better to roast it on top of the net we used when roasting the meat.

And like that, I finished preparing.

All that’s left is to wait for everyone to wake up while the soup is made.

And in the morning, the soup was almost done.

A very savory scent spread from it.

I felt the presence of the comparatively livelier bunch waking up after smelling the scent.

I was using ‘Heat Operation’ to control the temperature but it seems it would be better to do it naturally about now. Otherwise, they would notice the abnormality immediately.

And just when I increased the fire by putting in more firewood, the first student woke up and came.

“Satoru-kun! You prepared everyone’s meal?!”

Marsha was surprised.

It seems the scent went all the way into the tents.

“Yeah. It was terrible last night and everyone must be tired too. And I wasn’t able to be of any use in the battle either. I could at least do this much.”

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