Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 275

Rimuru’s Elegant Escape Play – 19



Diablo doubted his ears for a moment.

He could not understand what this man in front of him was saying

No, he could understand the words, but he was so angry that he wasn’t able to process them as quickly as he would have otherwise.

After all, for Diablo, lowering his guard even a little could result in him allowing his emotions to run wild.

And he had been holding back. He wanted to know for sure that he hadn’t misheard or misunderstood what had been said…

But the answer he received was enough to blow every bit of reasoning out the window for him.


–The pompous slime who calls himself a Great Demon Lord–


At that moment, Diablo started to consider the ways he would execute Godama.


(Hehehe. It’s been a while since my emotions have been so heavily affected. To anger me like this… This man is rather impressive, in a way…)


The only reason he didn’t act on his urge this very instant, was because he had made a promise to Souei.

Diablo was managing a great feat by restraining himself once again as he began to stand up from his seat.

But in that moment, the floor beneath him disappeared.

Having to hold back this rage that exceeded his own capacity had caused Diablo’s attention to disperse slightly.

Godama smirked.

The floor in front of the chair he was sitting on had disappeared completely.

The table, chairs and the floor under Diablo seemed to be getting sucked into the ground.

This was not an advanced trap such as a magic teleportation trap. It was a simple hole in the ground–a pitfall.


“Ahhhahahaha–ahahahha! This room and the underground pit are ‘Absolute Magic Spaces.’ They are sealed by absolute magic protection, and no magic can be used within them. No matter how strong a demon you might be, you will be much the same as any powerless human once inside! This is the power of human intelligence!!”


Godoma was full of glee as he laughed loudly.

This was his declaration of victory.



As for Diablo, who had fallen to the bottom of the pit, he calmly and lightly landed on his feet.

He could hear the hideous laughter from above, but it only helped in bringing back his sense of calm.

His emotions had already returned to normal, and Diablo found that he was even able to smile now.


“Hehehehe. As a reward for making me angry, I allowed myself to get caught in your trap. Now…”


It was possible for him to react the moment the floor vanished, but he felt that he was in danger of killing Godama out of sheer anger, and so Diablo had jumped into the hole himself.

Now that he was down there, he saw that the space was as large as a school gym.

The ceiling above was about ten meters away.

Diablo could have easily flown back up there, but there was something that bothered him and so he looked at his surroundings.

There was a line of golems that were unfamiliar to him in shape.

They were barebones in design, but he could see that they were quite practical.

A very thick armor of magic steel covered their entire bodies and they had huge bodies that were three meters tall.

And there were thirteen of them.

They were very imposing.


“Oh, how wonderful. Lord Rimuru will be very happy upon seeing this.”


Diablo muttered to himself. Just then, an eerie voice entered his ears.


“Hehehe. Can you hear me, Diablo? I am sure that your eyes have adjusted to the dark now, so you must have noticed the golems in front of you. Yes, those golems will preside over your deathbed. This Absolute Magic space contains no mana, and yet they have inside of them, magic storage units. They are the strongest of executioners. Still, as long as you do not resist, you will not have to feel any pain or fear. It will be easy. I will give you just enough time to pray. Be thankful for my generosity.”


Of course, it was the voice of Godama.

He was confident that he was in an advantageous position and was completely safe. His voice was insolent and haughty.


“Oh? You mean to kill me? You tell the most amusing jokes.”

“What? I am not joking. I am quite serious. After all, I am going to tell that slime that you went missing after leaving us. I will be sure that the others corroborate my story, don’t worry. Everything should go very smoothly.”

“I see. So, how do you mean to kill me?”


Diablo asked again. Godama snorted with irritation.

Then, as if explaining to a particularly stupid student, he began to talk with much venom in his voice.


“I merely have to give the order to those golems in front of you. They will kill you very easily. The Accommodationist scum also died down there, screaming and pleading when they realized they couldn’t use the magic they were so proud of. You will die in the same way.”

“Hmmm.  Accommodationists? That’s very interesting.”


Diablo’s demon eye saw it. The traces of blood on the floor.

It was clear that it wasn’t just one or two people that had been executed here.

This was a holy place of education, and this was a crime worthy of death.


“Now, our conversation has started to get interesting, but it’s time to say goodbye. Do you have any final words?’

“Heheheh. Final? I have too many questions. Well then, since I have to cool down anyway, I think I will play along for a little while.”

“You arrogant little… Kill him! Destroyers!”


With Godama’s order, green lights appeared in the eyes of the golems.

–Immediately after, the underground space was filled with the sound of intense battle.




After giving the order to the golems, Godama sat deep into his chair.

He was biting back the cry of victory that was welling up inside of him.


I did it!


I beat that demon. That Demon Lord, Diablo!

Now that he has been caught in the trap, there is no mistaking it. He is finished.

One Destroyer was equal to an Arch Demon. And there were thirteen of them. Magic was the strongest weapon for a demon, and he would have to fight while this ability was sealed…He would definitely lose.

With this, his fate was decided.



Godama relished the excitement.

Arch Demons were feared for their strength and were seen as demons of disaster.

During the empire’s long history, there had been many times that it was threatened by an Arch Demon.

It was because of this history, that the people of the empire saw Arch Demons as the embodiment of fear.

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