“So you did? You idiot! You cannot even control them. How could you not understand that there are things you should not get involved in!?”


I was so exasperated that I could barely speak.

Ridiculous. That was all that was in my head.

According to her brief explanation, they had captured several Arch Demons and killed them.

Among them, one was chosen and sealed within Magnus.

They had thought it was safe, as they had made it so that it could only use as much power as a Greater Demon.

I’ve never heard something so ridiculous.

During the short time that I listened to Irina, the Demon Lord finished naming himself.

The incredible amount of energy was now stable, and I could tell at a glance that it was perfectly controlled.

Demons really were formidable beings.


“Kept you waiting, huh? I am ‘Bernaclad.’ You should all feel honored to have witnessed my birth.”


The Demon Lord introduced himself proudly. Bernaclad.

It pretty simple, just putting two names together. However, what was important was having a name. There was no use worrying about what it would be.

But the only people here who seemed to understand the significance of a name, was me and the teachers.

Now, what to do…

Perhaps I should no longer consider myself a spectator.

Because things had become much more complicated than I had been expecting.




The first one to move was the poison tiger.

It roared loudly and then fearlessly moved in front of Bernaclad.


“Y-you… Are you trying to protect us…?!”


The students looked confused as it faced the demon.


“Hahaha! This is an amusing joke. A mere beast thinks he can match me. Very well, I shall play along!”


Bernaclad laughed happily.

And then he approached the poison tiger.


“Everyone, concentrate and support the poison tiger!”


Karma shouted.

It was as if his voice brought sanity back to the group. They all looked serious again as they began to move.

They were starting to gain nerves of steel.

Not a single student was crying or looked afraid.

Numerous colors of light rained over the poison tiger, strengthening it.

Against Bernaclad, no human would survive a single blow. Regardless of how buffed they were.

And so they all understood that the poison tiger was their lifeline.


Now, what was I to do?

I was happy to see how much they had grown, but it was still very likely that they would all end up very dead.

The poison tiger would only buy them a little time.

What was important for me, was that we did not lose anyone else.

And that I had to save Magnus.

Even more, I wanted to defeat Bernaclad without revealing my identity, if it was possible.

The third one might be difficult.

Well, I would figure it out when the time came.


The students watched the fight.

Perhaps Bernaclad was still playing, because it almost looked like an even match.

But as I said, it really was just a matter of time.

Because I could see clearly the difference in strength between Bernaclad and the poison tiger.

Just then…


“I didn’t expect this to happen… I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to involve all of you. I won’t ask you to believe me. But you should all escape to the shore. Master Jujilas has sent a request for rescue, so a boat should be here soon. I will buy you some time to make up for what we did. Now hurry!”


Irina stood up and said.

Rozari was the first to respond to her.


“Miss Irina, I will stay with you. I cannot leave Magnus alone.”


And then she stood next to Irina.

Oh, what now?

She was probably telling the truth about Jujilas calling for a rescue boat, but I had a feeling that part of it was just a hope that she had.

In the first place, that man could not be trusted. It would probably be bad to put any faith in this boat.


“Hey, Irina. Do you also have a hatred for Demon Lord Rimuru?”
“Hate? Yes, of course. My friends were killed. Old friends from back home. At the very least, I wanted him to experience the same pain as me. I would ruin the academy that was so dear to the Great Demon Lord…”

“You couldn’t have. Not with such a soft personality where you can’t watch as the students are killed off…”

“Be quiet. You don’t know anything until you try… And what is wrong with you anyway? You keep calling me, Irina, Irina, as if you know me. It’s very annoying, you know?!”


She had answered my question, but was also a little angry to have a younger student treat her so casually.

Well, she didn’t know who I was, so it was no wonder.


“Really? Well, that’s not important.”


I ignored her grievances and thought about what to do.

If the poison tiger couldn’t do it, there was no point in even considering Irina and Rozari.

Even if the teachers joined them, it would be of no use.



“Karma. I got a telepathic message from the poison tiger! ‘I called my friends. You should all run!’ That’s it! It wants to help us…”


This report came from a teary-eyed beastkin student.

It seemed that they had bonded over a short period of time.

Still, this poison tiger was being very admirable.


A strange cry came from the sky above, and then a hedro griffin swooped down and attacked Bernaclad.

The friends that the poison tiger had called were the monsters of the island.

Bernaclad easily blocked the attack of the hedro griffin.

But then its feet were swallowed by the sand.

The sand scorpion had used its power to turn the earth to sand.

It then sunk into the sand, which was its domain, and when least expected, it appeared on the surface and fired off heat needles with its snake-like tail.

And yet, even that was not enough.

Bernaclad’s large hand emitted a hexagon-shaped magic shield that erased them.

There was too much of a difference in power.

Even the freezing dance of the ice naga was of no use.

Ice bullets shot out from all sides, leaving no room for escape. And yet Bernaclad’s barrier protected him.

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