“In order to return, We will have to reopen the Different Gate that is three-hundred meters above our heads, or create a new one. If we do make a new come, we should have no trouble setting the coordinates due to being connected to Rimuru’s Soul Corridor…”


Then Veldora stopped as if he wanted them to ponder this.

In spite of appearances, Ramiris was a quick thinker, and she realized what it was Veldora was saying.


“I see! Even if we make a new gate, we can’t get it to open without energy?”

“Yes, exactly. Regardless of what we do, we need energy. And so I think the quickest method would be to release my aura and fill the ground with energy. What do you think?”


Ramiris nodded as if in agreement.

Veldora was suggesting that he release his own aura. He had judged that with the immense amount of energy stored in his body, he could fill this world up with energy.


“Ohh! Good thinking, master. I know that you have a shocking amount of energy inside of you!”

“I see… It may be possible if you do it, Lord Veldora. However, won’t it be a problem if you just go around changing the laws of this world like that?”


Unlike the carefree Ramiris, Beretta’s observation was rather sharp.

And it was this point exactly, that had caused Veldora to hesitate.

If Veldora released his energy, there was a high possibility that it could mess up the ecological system of this world–this would be a breach of the rules that Rimuru had set in place when going to other worlds.

That being said, it would also be impossible for them to return without using a gate.

Veldora’s ‘Space Transfer’ would not let him travel to other worlds.


“Well, if it’s just me, I could just use Rimuru’s ‘Simultaneous Existence’ and return by being born again over there! So it’s no problem if I die here…”

“What!? But doesn’t that mean only you can return?”

“Is that so bad?”

“Of course it is!!”


Ramiris was furious.

Veldora wasn’t actually serious, but this suggestion was quickly dismissed.

Well, of course, it was.


“However, creating a new Different Gate will take a long time. I can prepare the necessary minerals, but I don’t have enough of the other magic materials I would need. And if I had to start from scratch, well, who knows how long it would take…”

“Yes… It took years just to make the prototype…”


Beretta said nonchalantly, which caused Ramiris to hold her head in frustration.

In fact, there had been quite a few mishaps back when they were still testing it.

And as they had no facility here, it was not very realistic for them to create an entirely new gate.

It wasn’t impossible, but it was exhausting just thinking about it.


“Right? And that’s why I think it would be the quickest to just reactivate that thing.”

“Yes… If that’s the case, we should have used a system that required you to infuse it with energy directly, and not have it gathered from the air…”

“Not only that, the storage type required extra magic circuits, which was a huge bother.”

“Yes. That’s true…”


Then Beretta said as if suddenly remembering something.


“Wait a minute. We don’t need to panic. As the ‘Soul Corridor’ is still connected, won’t Lord Rimuru notice our absence and call us back?”


However, Veldora and Ramiris’s reaction upon hearing those words—


“Hahh. Oh, Beretta, you really don’t understand anything. We don’t want that to happen. That’s why we are trying so hard to think of a solution!”

“So true. Don’t you see? Rimuru will be angry if he finds out about what we’ve been doing! And you are just as guilty. Rimuru won’t return until a week at the earliest, and so we have to return and destroy the evidence before then!”


And so they completely rejected Beretta’s suggestion.

Still, it was incredibly simple and easy for him to understand.

Basically, they were frantic because they did not want to be scolded.

Once he knew this, Beretta did not argue back. And so he quietly tried to think of what would be the best way to return.

At this point, Beretta was fully implicated.

Perhaps he was just too softhearted.


And so quite some time passed after that.

And then finally, all three of them looked into each others’ faces, but none of them had had a good idea.


“Well then, does that mean we can go with my idea? Then we can just move along…”


There were no signs of intelligent life in this world. So there was no point in staying long. And it wasn’t just Veldora who thought this, as Ramiris agreed with him.

As for Beretta, he was just following orders now, and so had no reason to complain.

He was a little worried that they might continue their experiments once they returned, but he would worry about that when the time came.

Ramiris and Beretta showed their agreement, and so Veldora nodded.

And then, just as he was about to release the aura he had been holding in—


–The thunderous sound of an immense explosion overwhelmed the ground’s surface, and they saw a mushroom-shaped cloud in the distance.




“That…is a sign of life…and it seems like they are fighting. Yes.”


Veldora and Ramiris looked at each other. They grinned and nodded.


“Our plan to return is temporarily on hold! Let’s go and see what’s happening!”

“Understood, master! I can’t wait to see what they are like!”


The two of them laughed over their shared interest in spectating.

Ramiris jumped onto Veldora’s shoulders.

And then the two of them, as if forgetting how depressed they had been a moment ago, began to move in the direction of the explosion.

This master and apprentice were of one mind.


The abandoned Beretta sighed deeply before he started to run after them at full speed.


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