She was not worried about that. The problem was with Veldora.

He may attempt to do a wide range, large-scale attack, supposing that Ramiris would use her protection magic.

That would be incredibly dangerous.

And so she had to say it now, or either herself or Beretta would get hurt.


“Hmm. Indeed. I have many methods of attack, but most of them cover a wide area. You really can’t make a barrier, Ramiris?”

“Actually, there is a very weak barrier up right now. But as there is no energy, I am worried about how much it can withstand…”

“You were always a weak one.”

“I’m not weak! It’s just that you and Beretta are strangely tough and way too strong!”

“Kaaa-ahahaha! Well, yes, I am the strongest indeed.”

“Hmm…hmph. I admit that you are amazing, master, but I think there is room for debate as to whether you are the strongest. I am quite impressive myself, when I care to try. If you want, I can show you my forty-seven special moves?”

“Oh? How interesting. Yes, let’s see how useful your power can be!”


That was Veldora’s reaction to Ramiris’s words.

It really wasn’t the time for Ramiris to start boasting, but her dislike of losing did her no favors in this instance, and she said something she shouldn’t have.

In the first place, it didn’t matter how serious she got. Ramiris could never win against Veldora, and there was definitely no room for debate.

Ramiris herself understood this, and her eyes swam over to Beretta for help.


“Lord Ramiris. Your many wonderful skills and secret weapons should be saved for another time.”


Beretta said in a calm voice.

Many wonderful skills—he had said, but the truth was that he had never witnessed anything of the sort.

But Beretta was perceptive enough to leave that out.


“Uh, um, yeah. Yes, yes! It would be a waste to show my special attacks in a place like this!”


Ramiris was simple.

And so she quickly switched gears and nodded at Beretta.

Beretta smiled gently and then turned to Veldora.


“And Lord Veldora, don’t tease her too much.”

“Uh, yes. But, Beretta. Aren’t you too soft on Ramiris? I have a feeling that it’s because you spoil her that she becomes so full of herself…”

“Maybe it’s just your imagination?”

“Yes! Full of myself? I would never be like that!”


I don’t know why, but Beretta is always so cold towards me… Thought Veldora.

However, he didn’t want to argue here, because it would be two against one.

In any case, it was indeed important that they think of safety measures while they were in this unknown world.

As Veldora agreed with this, he nodded and thought for a while before speaking.


“Alright. Alright. Then I will protect Ramiris. As for these special attacks you have, those can be saved for the very end.”

“G-got it. Yes, this attack is quite dangerous, so that would be for the best. Okay, so you can protect me then, master!”

“So Lord Veldora will guard Lord Ramiris and I will focus on attacking them.”

“Hmm. Perhaps it’s because I can’t sense any energy, but my ‘Universal Perception’ is not very sharp. Beretta, don’t let your guard down.”



When all was said and done, Veldora was also very soft towards Ramiris.

And so in cases like this where there was danger, it usually ended with Veldora protecting her.


Then the three of them encountered the battle.




I’m dead! Zaza closed its eyes as the fangs of the Murder Dog approached.

However–the moment did not arrive. There was only the sickening sound of hard metal scraping against hard metal.


(Hmm? What had happened?)


Zaza’s eyes opened cautiously. An unfamiliar figure stood there.

(Who is that…? The shape was strange… Was it an Automata or a Machine Doll that was made for combat? Or perhaps…it was also a Cyborg?)


Of course, it was only Beretta.

Though, it was no surprise that Zaza wouldn’t be able to tell what it was.

After all, Beretta was a Chaos Metalloid, which did not exist in this world. But he looked like a doll with spherical joints.

Of course, the body was formed of Adamantite, and Beretta could freely mold it as he willed. It was like a fluid metal that allowed him to look like any other human.


However, Zaza knew none of this, and had no idea if Beretta was a friend or an enemy.

But in the moment, Zaza decided that it was very unlikely that Beretta was hostile.

After all, it had saved Zaza from the fangs of the Murder Dog.


“Hey, I don’t know who you are. But thank you. Those things have fangs with a special magnetic current…”


Zaza said that much before suddenly realizing something strange.

Why, the person who stood in front of him had the Murder Dog’s fangs lodged in his arm.


The fangs were slowly being pushed out now.

Its arm was beautiful, like a work of art as the surface rippled like liquid, slowly pushing the fangs out.

And after it was finished, there wasn’t a single scratch left.


(Is this real!? I have never seen or heard of such a thing? What laboratory invented it!?)


Zaza was in shock.

And it didn’t end there.

Right in front of the Murder Dogs, Beretta began to calmly talk to Zaza.


“…Analysis of language patterns complete. It seems that I can use ‘Thought Transmission’ even without energy, as long as I read your mind waves directly. Also–I believe I detected some unknown electromagnetic wave lengths. It was I who interrupted the fight, now…man or animal. Which one should I aid… I would prefer it if we could stop the fight for now and talk. What do you think?”


Beretta had been saying things that Zaza could not understand, but suddenly, he started to talk very smoothly in his language.

There was a strong will behind it, and Zaza felt that the stranger was more human than robot.


Beretta looked at his own arm to confirm that it was in good order.

The Murder Dog’s fangs had really gone through Beretta’s armor. But that didn’t mean anything.

Beretta had transformed the shape in order weaken the impact, molding it the enemy’s attack.

As for the electromagnetic waves… Beretta wasn’t a precision machine, and so it had no effect at all.

It was a meaningless attack.


“Hey, you! This is no time to be talking like that! That thing is called a Murder Dog, and they are the strongest anti-human murder weapons. You can’t run from its numerous sensors. You have to kill it!!’


Zaza shouted. Beretta raised a hand for silence and then said:


“You must calm down. For now, I shall guarantee your safety. And in exchange, you can tell me what I want to know.”

“Alright. I’ll tell you anything. But we have to run away–what!?”


Once Zaza had agreed to it, Beretta moved before Zaza could even finish.

It was so fast that Zaza could not even follow his movements.

And neither could the Murder Dogs.


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