The elderly taught the young everything they knew.

It was believed that friendly rivalry would make this game even more fun.

A race where the winner was obvious was boring.

And so they praised each others’ skills while trying to raise their own…

In this environment, the children were able to achieve a high level of understanding in technology.

That day…

The children had gathered as usual and were making adjustments to their robots.

And then out of nowhere, Veldora appeared before them.





Veldora was sulking.

The reason was simple.

Ramiris and Beretta had been praised to high heaven while he had been abandoned.



After the talk with Sharma and the others, they had been led to the base.

It was not because they were trusted completely, but it had been decided that they could do no harm.

But more than anything, Ramiris’s abilities were very appealing.


“So, Lord Ramiris. You can control water?”


Sharma asked. Ramiris laughed haughtily.


“You could say that! You know, I’m just a woman of many talents, alright?”

“Ohh! Wonderful. Then we have a request we would like to ask you…”

“What? What? Well, let’s hear it. I am a gentle person, so I will at least hear you out!”

“It is really nothing for something as great as you, Lord Ramiris. At least, I don’t think it is?”

“Great!? Me? Why, you have a great eye for seeing people. I am impressed!”

“Hahaha. Oh, you flatter me. As for the request…”


As soon as it was known that Ramiris could freely control water, Rindo knew what Sharma would want, and acted quickly.

And so he raised Ramiris with flattering words before beginning to negotiate so she would listen to him.

The request was that he wanted her to fill their water tank.

It would surely not be possible for her to fill it completely, but even a little would be adequate. He asked with this desperate hope.

In this world, water was more valuable than anything.

Not only did it rarely rain, even if it did, the rain water was polluted.

And it took an incredible amount of time to filter it until it was no longer harmful.

This underground world where super beasts roamed was not friendly to humans. But the beasts and plants had evolved to be able to filter and store the water.

However, this stored water was at the watering holes of the beasts…and in order to steal water from them, the resistance—Light of Dawn—had to accept the possibility of casualties.

While some problems couldn’t be solved without making sacrifices, it was usually a last resort.

And then Ramiris had appeared. So it was no wonder that they would want to ask this of her.


“Leave it to me! Something like that could not be more simple!!”


Ramiris was the one that was simple.

She was happy at being praised, and so quickly accepted their request.

Now completely carried away, Ramiris was led to the water tank, where she filled it completely with water.

To this, Sharma, Rindo and Zaza could only stare with their eyes and mouths widened.

It was more than they could have expected… No, that was an understatement.

They believed that even if they used the bare minimum to survive, the water would not last another year. And now they had enough to live for three years even if they used it lavishly.


“This-this is wonderful, Lord Ramiris! You must have been sent here from the heavens. We are thankful from the bottom of our hearts to have met you!”

“Thank you so much! Now, if only the filtering of the water was smoother…”


After hearing Sharma and Rindo’s praise, Ramiris smiled and nodded.


“Filtering the water? That’s so easy. Beretta. Do it!”


She ordered Beretta.

While Beretta wondered if this would not create problems…he believed it was less harmful than what they had done with the food, and so he accepted.


“If that is your wish, Lord Ramiris…”


He said. Then he used the Ultimate Gift, ‘Mineral Manipulation’ from ‘Deus Ex Machina,’ to gather all of the metal and harmful substances inside of the water tank and then purifed the water.

And with this, Bereta was showered with praise as well.


“Th-that’s amazing!! You can not only fight, but do that as well!?”

“An all-purpose weapon…it is hard to believe such technology exists…”


And so it went.

Unlike Ramiris, Beretta finished the job silently and only when he was finished, did he open his mouth.


“I might as well tell you then. You wished for the water filter to be smoother, well, the problem is that the filtering device is not working well. Lord Rimuru once said that machines need maintenance. Has this machine been running for a very long time without rest?”


And he was right. The filtering device had not undergone any maintenance at all.

Turning the machine off meant turning off their water supply, so in away, it could not be helped…but it was also true that it was shortening the machines lifespan.

If that was all, then they would not have been so surprised…


“Beretta, can you fix it?”

“It’s possible, but…”

“Then you should fix it for them!”



Ramiris had fallen prey so completely by now, that she happily gave the order to Beretta.

Beretta was about to protest, but gave up and obeyed her.

And like this, Beretta not only pointed out the issue with the device, but even repaired it.


“Lord Ramiris, surely you must be a renowned scientist?”

“Well, yes!”

“Would it be possible for you to look at the other machines as well?”

“Okay! Leave it to me! Let’s go, Beretta!!”


They talked together like this, and left Veldora behind.


“Uh, what about me?”


Veldora muttered. But his voice only echoed in the lonely water storage room.





Not at all amused with how things had developed, Veldora returned to the base.

And that was when he met the children who were tinkering with their robots.

They would choose whether or not to help these people after learning more about the situation–that had been their conclusion just a moment ago, but Veldora was sulking. And so it no longer had anything to do with him.

He discarded that discussion into the farthest reaches of oblivion and became the king of these children.

And now, among the delicious smells and cries of admiration, even adults were starting to gather around Veldora.

This clamour of course eventually reached Sharma and the others.

And it did not take long for them to come running frantically back to Veldora.

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