“I don’t know what you mean by ‘new weapon.’ But it was I who killed the three dogs.”

“I see. Bingo. We’ve been quite lucky. And what is your name?”


“Hoho. Odd name. As you are no famous terrorist, are you a newcomer? Well, that doesn’t matter. I just want you to answer me one question—”


“It’s nothing, really. We used the Bunker Blaster with the intent of destroying this underground shelter… So why isn’t it destroyed? What little trick did you use? I am just curious.”

“Hmm. The answer is simple. Lord Veldora over there, he protected us…”


Beretta said honestly.

However, this only made Karman laugh.

According to the energy calculations, Veldora was nothing remarkable. The data said so.

And so he did not believe Beretta’s answer.


“I see. So you won’t tell me then. Well, fine. By the way…”


Smoke rose from his cigar.

It was just as the smoke was directed towards Beretta’s vision, that Karman moved.

He was fast.

The Powered Suits represented the height of their technology. In spite of its hefty appearance, they could go from standing still to moving at 1,000m/s in just ten seconds.

However, this action was not about attacking.

To Karman, it was merely a casual walk. A kind of greeting in order to witness Beretta’s reaction.

Karman’s hand was placed on Beretta’s shoulder.

The movement was so fast that a shockwave hit Beretta, but otherwise, he stood still as if nothing had happened.

It had been less than a light breeze to him.


“Oh? So that is not enough to phase you then. I am impressed. It will make destroying you all the more interesting. But first, I must listen to this order from Colonel Gratham. You should just surrender and tell us your secrets. Then you may be able to live in the city. I will give you ten seconds, so think about your answer!”


Karman said as he blew smoke into Beretta’s face.

He wanted to fight him, but he had to follow orders. And so he made this offer.


“Karman, was it? Do not give me orders.”


While his mask hid any expression, Beretta’s voice was oozing with irritation.

Inwardly, Karman was enjoying Beretta’s reaction.

He tightened his grip on Beretta’s shoulder and continued.


“Well, if you insist on defending these scum, you must be an enemy to me.”


And then he smiled viciously and tried to crush Beretta’s shoulder by applying more pressure…

But Beretta just lightly brushed his hand away.

The hand of a Powered Suit that was applying intense pressure. And with just one hand.

Karman lost his balance and fell back towards his troops.

His shoulders shook with fury and shame over this unbelievable reality. And then he let out a great roar.


“Kukuku-kahahahahaha!! Yes. This is very amusing. It’s been a while since I faced an enemy that was worth fighting, however…”


Karman paused here and inhaled from his cigar.

All the anger then dispersed and he regained his calm.

He continued.


“I will tell you about reality before we fight. It seems that you have an internal high-power reactor exceeding 100,000kWh. It’s your best feature, isn’t it? Indeed, it is rather impressive for something created outside of the city laboratories, but not quite good enough. The nuclear fusion reactors inside of our Powered Suits can output as much as 817,000kWh. Do you see? Do you despair at this difference? Do you see that there are five of us? You never had a chance against us. So I will say this one last time. Surrender to us!”


He said as if repressing his natural tendencies. He would obey the order from headquarters. Karman was like a problem child, but he was not an outlaw.

However, he was difficult to control once he started fighting.

This came from his intense hatred of the resistance and had nothing to do with his original personality.

And so it was not possible for him to stop himself.


“Surrender? I have no intention of obeying someone who is weaker than me. But more than anything, I already have a master. I do not like what you are saying.”

“Hah! Then be ready. You will soon know reality and regret this!!”

“Hmph. Don’t worry, I will not kill you.”


The cigar had now burned away.

That was the signal.


“Ridiculous! I know what you are capable of. I hope you won’t break on me?”


Karman shouted after laughing confidently.

There was no reason for Karman to doubt that he could defeat this enemy in front of them.

And yet…


“Hmm. Perhaps you will put up more of a fight than I thought. Maybe I will have to take this thing seriously.’


Was Beretta’s reply.

At this, Karman’s emotions exploded.

The suppression drug’s effects had ended.

Karman’s ability to reason was now gone. And the only thing to do was to unleash his anger.

The Powered Suit was a part of him and moved according to his will.

The heat and pressure that was usually sealed by the electromagnetic force field now lit up the nuclear fusion reactor. The resulting plasma stream rushed through his body like blood.

It was directly converted to electricity through the generator, giving Karman frightening strength.

The strength to go wild.

While he was human, he would become like the sun.

Exceed what he was as a cyborg and transform into a weapon.

At the same time, Karman’s subordinates finished preparing.

Like Karman, they embodied the sun and released their great power.

While they were a team, individually, they would have been able to fight a whole division of soldiers from one generation ago.

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