Super Beasts were created based not off of dogs, cats or other animals, but intelligent creatures. Humans.

Zaza and the others were speechless.


“But… These are Super Beasts…? Humanity’s enemy… But you say they used to be…human?”


Sharma muttered this as if she could not believe it.

No one else could say anything.


“I suppose it cannot talk. ‘Thought Transmission’ could be used with magic essence, but I do not like deciphering the actual thought waves.”

“Lord Veldora, that is something I am good at. I can tell that this woman has endless hatred towards humans. It seems that she was betrayed and abandoned by a lover and along with many others, became the subjects of experiments.”


“What kind of experiments?”

“Mutations, special…toxin decomposition… Her mind is not right, so it is difficult to read much of her memories…”


He could recognize her will and emotions, but even Beretta had trouble deciphering precise information.

Especially since he was a visitor from another world with a different language.

But even before all of that, it was likely that the Super Beast herself did not even understand what kinds of experiments had been performed.


“…However, the conclusion I have come to is that these Super Beasts were created by humans as creatures made to perfectly fit their environment.”


Beretta reasoned based off the information he was able to get.

Upon hearing this, the adults, especially Zaza and Karman, who had memories of the far past, instantly turned pale.


“It can’t be…”

“Man-made… If that is true, wouldn’t it be most likely that it was our homeland…?”


Even Karman’s men were muttering to each other in shock.

It was no wonder.

They had all thought of the Super Beasts as enemies up until now. However, the possibility had now surfaced that they were once people from their old home.

And Karman…


“From our homeland…? Lover…betrayal…? No, it couldn’t…”


–He was stunned. He could not look away from the thing that thrashed in pain in front of him.


“So, Master. What are you going to do with these Super Beasts?”

“Hmm. Look, Ramiris. These things had been inside of the purification barrier for a while now. Their skin keeps coming off and regenerating over and over again. Unfortunately, there are no signs of them returning to what they once were. Decompositioning the polluted substances takes away its power, but the once mutated cells will not return to normal.”

“…So, in other words?”

“In other words, it will be difficult to return them to normal. In that case, it would be best to put it out of its misery…”


Karman began to move just as Veldora said those words.


“Wait! Could you not just let them go? I can’t think of them as enemies once you brought up the possibility that they could be from home… At least give us some time to think!”


Karman said as he raised both hands and stood in front of the Super Beast.

Veldora nodded.


“I don’t mind. But…”


Something moved as if to interrupt Veldora’s words.

It was the Super Beast.

The human shape that grew from the red forehead had tried to bite Karman as his back was towards it.




However, it was not successful.

Veldora moved his arm and blocked the fangs.


“…You do know that these things are no longer human?”


Karman looked at the Super Beast as if he were frozen.

What Veldora said was true, it was not human.

Karman could understand that himself.

The long red hair was filthy and clung to her skin.

While she still looked like a young woman, the skin was covered in purple scales and it seemed more monster than human when you looked closely.

But what was the most grotesque, was everything under the torso.

Her body was united with the snake’s forehead.

It was a twisted sight. You could hardly believe she had been human.

And yet…


“…I found out much later, but the research that was conducted in the city that was our home, it had to do with the creation of special pluripotent cells. It would degrade toxins and pollutants. This research would give birth to people who could live in all kinds of environmental conditions. This fits with Mister Beretta’s theory!! And so it makes me think…maybe Brigadier Karaf and Charles were alive and…I…”


Karman watched as the Super Beast bit Veldora’s arm and moved wildly.

There were no tears. Karman’s modified body had no such function.

Still, a sense of forlornness he hadn’t felt in decades suddenly filled his chest. He felt it deeply.


“We are asking you as well!”

“I can’t help but wonder if one of my friends are in there…”

“Aye. Hell, this one could have been my younger sister!”

“Yes, please let them go. I’m begging you!”


Karman’s men all started to plead at once.

Veldora looked at them calmly and muttered that they were being foolish.


When a prisoner of such emotions as hatred and anger, you become unable to consider others and repeatedly act hideously.

And that’s what they were now. Were they still important because they were from home?

For those that were important, some would do anything without question.

Those with weak hearts and who were too foolish to see the whole picture were easily used and tricked.

This was the nature of humanity, and it was the same in this world as any other.

—However, that was precious in its own way. That was what Veldora thought.


“Kahahaha. Very well. You weak, little fools. I shall listen to your wishes.”


And then a wind started to blow around Veldora.

It blew gently between the people and then surrounded the Super Beasts.



“I will let you go this time. But don’t think I will have mercy if you bother us again, alright?”


He showed his will as an absolute being. And with that, Veldora cast the Super Beasts outside of his barrier.

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